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I just wanted to ask all of you a question but first, I want to show you something that someone wrote.

As a kid I remember thinking how rough it was some days that I was required to attend school, but now as an adult I see how much of an asset that education truly is in a life. It literally shapes the foundation that we grow on, and gives a platform with which to jump off of in an attempt to conquer the world.

Unfortunately for the children of Honduras the reality is simply that there are not enough schools. Of the 37500 school aged children living on the Island, only 1/4 of them are able to attend school not only due to family financial situations but also because there are simply not enough schools. Of those that do attend school, only 50% of them will finish their education to a grade 6 level.

At the orphanage these kids will get a chance to not only learn and grow in numerous different ways, but they will also have a chance to broaden their horizens by meeting those that visit and take part in sessions at the training center. Help us give these children more than they could have ever dreamed of! Please give generously

Most of you know that I went to Roatan, Honduras this summer for a missions trip. We (40+ students plus our instructors) spent 8 days there and what an amazing 8 days those were. The people of Roatan, and especially the kids, have a strong grip on my heart now. I told my mom that the only was to describe the trip in one word would be this: indescribable. There is no way to put into words what went on there spiritually. And I know for me personally, you all know that I have a soft spot for kids and seeing all of those kids there made me wish that I could help out more.

If you would like to see more pictures from my trip there, click on the following link:

Now, a couple of my classmates have started a campaign type thing. The goal is for $2,000 in 31 days. It has already been going for almost a week now. We have 25 days left and we have only $60 dollars raised. My question to you: would you all please pray about donating to Reach Roatan and to the churches in Roatan?

The link for the campaign site is:

There are different perks that you can get (a video of a concert by Covenant, the Reach Roatan Newsletter, a video of a normal church service in Roatan, etc) or you can just donate without claiming a perk.

It would mean a lot to me and I know it would mean the world to Pastor Malone, Pastor Jones, and Pastor Ponce if everyone could donate even just a few dollars. Pastor Malone, Pastor Jones, and Pastor Ponce are all very passionate about the work there. The work there is their life. The live for that work and it shows. There is an amazing revival going on there on the island of Roatan!

(Pastor Steven Jones and Sister Rachel Jones)

(Pastor Fidel Ponce and Sister Jessica Ponce)

(Pastor Steve Malone and Sister Deborah Malone with their youngest daughter Chloe)

Like one of my classmates said, “Please take a minute to donate, what is a moment of your time and a small donation to change the life of a child?” As much as these pictures can touch your heart, they do no justice for what you feel when you can actually hug one of these kids and when you can talk to them.

All I’m asking is that you pray about this. Just as with anywhere, God’s work requires 4 main things: 1) God’s involvement, 2) faith, 3) laborers, and 4) funds. I do know that God will provide. He always does. But He also uses His people to help. If you sacrifice in giving, God will reward in blessings. These kids are the present and the future. What they experience today will make them who they are to become. What is being donated will go towards bulding an orphanage for these kids so that they can get an education and grow into good, Godly, young people who will then change their world for the better for God.

God bless you all! Please keep the Malones, the Jones, and the Ponce families in your prayers and pray for God’s strength to be given to them daily as they continue reaching Roatan!

(Reach Roatan website:

Love you all and thank you for your prayers and your support of God’s work!!

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