Tokyo Skytree

Hello again!!

How are all of you doing? I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on the blog here lately. I’ll be sure to get caught up over the next week. Y’all will be having a lot of reading material so get ready! 🙂

So in August, I was able to go to the Skytree. Let me tell you something, if you thought the Tokyo Tower was amazing, this will completely amaze you! You know, when you’re standing in the Tokyo Tower and you look out and see how high you are, you sort of wonder if it can get any better than that. Then it does!

These pictures are completely unedited. Just wanted you to know that.

It looks big, but not bad, right?

Then we get closer…

…and closer…

…and closer! It almost looked as if it could disappear into the clouds. Well, the clouds were low that day, but you know what I mean. I was also secretly hoping that God did not look at this as the Tower of Babel because I didn’t know how to get home from there on the train 🙂

We had to wait in line to get our ticket telling us what hours to return to the area there.

So while we were waiting for the time to come, we went and had lunch at an Italian restaurant in a building near the Skytree. That food was good!

We got a seafood pasta and just a beef and tomato sauce pasta.

We got a cheesecake and a fruit tart for dessert. Can you say “おいしい!” (oishii! delicious!)

After the meal we headed back to where we had to get in line to get into the Skytree. Once we got up there, the view was worth every minute of the wait.

And like I said, none of these have been edited.

Bekah and I were talking about how the buildings look so small they look like Lego pieces.

I like the pictures with the clouds in them best.

Do you see that taller red tower on the left side? Yeah, that’s the Tokyo Tower…looks quite small from the first observation floor in the Skytree.

Then we went up to the special observatory deck.

I think these just look awesome!

It may look like a lot of buildings from the ground but when you see it from above, it looks even more packed!

And here is the glass floor. There was thick glass, 4-6 feet of space, and another piece of thick glass. No, I didn’t stand over it. I stood about 2 feet back and held my camera over the glass. There is no way I would stand over that.

That’s about it. Isn’t it gorgeous from up top? I’d love to go one day around sunset to watch the sky and then to see all the city lights after the sun has gone down.

I hope you all have enjoyed this entry and I hope you enjoy the coming entries.

Please continue to remember Japan in your prayers. God is doing great things here and I’m so honored that He is allowing me to be a part of this.

Much love from Japan,


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