Park Service in Ibaraki Sunday 16 September

Hello again!!!

2 weekends ago, we went up to Ibaraki for our Outdoor Park Service on Sunday. Normally we have a Bible Study on Saturday night but since everyone was preparing for the service the next day, we decided not to have Bible Study that night.

Since it was supposed to be a wet and rainy weekend, Brother Okunushi had gone up on Saturday night and hung some tarps up so all the seats would be dry and so they rain wouldn’t get us.

Brother Okunushi opened up the service for us that morning.

Sister Perlita was translating into Nihongo and Sister Cris was translating into Tagalog.

Sister Cris and Brother Vic got up and sang a special song for the service.

We had four visitors that morning,  three of which got baptized after services at the church.

Sister Perlita was at the front near Brother Lucas translating for the Japanese speakers and Sister Cris was to my right in the following picture translating for the Tagalog speakers.

Sister Cris.

Some of the kids were playing near the back. They all looked so cute!

This guy (I’m not sure of his name) came that morning. He somehow found out about the church and wanted to come. He came to the park service that week and also came the following week to church. He came wanting a place where they studied the Bible and he definitely came to the right place!


There’s nothing better to see than different nationalities all praising God in one place.

After the service, we had an American-style barbecue there at the park.

Brother Okunushi had taken a blow torch to start the grills with.

Reminds me of the song, “I wish somebody’s soul would catch on fire, catch on fire, catch on fire!”

All the men and women working hard preparing everything.

Chef Papa!

Some of the sisters preparing the corn and squash to be grilled.

Brother Lucas was entertaining the kids by playing the guitar and singing to them. I love listening to Brother Lucas play the guitar! He sang a couple different songs to them in Nihongo but the one I recognized easiest was “Jesus loves me”. I wish I could remember the words to it but I can’t.

These kids are all so cute!

When it started raining pretty good, Justin ran out into the rain. When I called his name, he said, “Daijoubu, daijoubu”. I could only laugh when he said that. He’s a little cutie!

Look at all that good food! And that wasn’t all of it. There was still quite a bit of meat on the grill and another table of food to my right.

After the fellowship, several of us went back to the church to baptize three people. Before we actually baptized them, my dad gave them a short Bible Study and then we all prayed with them.

All three of them were crying throughout the whole Bible Study and while we were praying.

I couldn’t get a good picture facing everyone who got baptized so I had to take the pictures facing the mirror on the wall.

And here is the third baptism.

After we got done with all three baptisms, we handed out the baptism certificates.

When we left the church, a huge storm had just left. This is what it looked like after the storm.

It always looks gorgeous right after a storm.

Please remember the JUPC this weekend as we start off our annual Japan United Pentecostal Camp Meeting. It will be from Saturday, 6 October and going until Monday, 8 October. Brother Tommy Bracken, missionary to Taiwan, will be the guest speaker. I’ve never heard Brother Bracken in person but I have read his book “The Saving of a U.S. Navy SEAL” ( I couldn’t put the book down! It’s an awesome book! It is definitely a MUST read!

Okay, I think that’s about it for now. I hope all of you have had a great week and I hope you have a great weekend.  I’ll work on getting more pictures up here soon.

God bless all y’all!!

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  1. Li Lin Says:

    Praise the Lord for doing a great work in the lives of the 3 precious souls!!! !!! !!! It was so cool to learn that all of you did an outdoor service too in the park!!! Thank you for posting this!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am looking forward to your update on the conference!!! 🙂

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