Roatan, Honduras: Part VIII

Okay! This is my last post from Honduras.

Where did I leave off? Oh yes. So on July 4th, we had a barbecue and a bonfire with roasted marshmallows and ice cream (the almost best icing to any cake figuratively speaking).

The next morning I woke up and when I went into the common room, I saw this cute little grasshopper sitting in the window. Actually, it wasn’t very little. No insect in Roatan is little except for sand fleas, which, by the way, cause a lot of itching.

I had told Juan Carlos, our bus driver, that I wanted to get my picture with him several days before. So finally on the last day, I said, “I can finally get my picture with you!” He just smiled and laughed.

Here is the first bus getting ready to leave with the first group of people flying out.

The guys were cleaning the other van for Pastor Malone and all of them to take later that night.

The only way I know how to know what this says is to look it up…other than that..any Spanish speakers out there?

Good bye all of my dear friends!!

Fernando was making himself a bagel with some cream cheese on it. Let me tell you something. That guy LOVES cream cheese. He just kept putting that stuff on there. Finally I said, “Umm, Fernando…would you like some bagel with that cream cheese?” He looked up and said, “I have a bagel….oh!” The last word he said with a smile.

Go, Jen!

Isn’t this just pretty! You can see God’s creativity EVERYWHERE!

This is quite pretty as well. I love it with the Hope Camp in the background.

Fernando and Shane.

That night we ate hot dogs for supper. When the shopping group got back from their shopping (and with the hot dogs) someone said, “Okay, lets go get the water boiling.” Someone else said, “Why boil them when we have a grill?” The first person said, “Does anyone know how to work a grill?” I said, “Oh! I do, I do!” Later, once we actually started the cooking, I looked at Fernando and Carlee, who were both back there with me, and I said with a huge grin on my face, “My daddy would be so proud!”

After we got done eating and while I was cleaning up the grill, I heard something over to the left of the grill. Fernando came out and went to look to see what it was. It ended up being only a couple of blue crabs. This dude is one unhappy camper, wouldn’t you say so? And he kept snapping that claw just a little too close to my face. Well, he probably wasn’t THAT close, it was just a little too close for comfort.

The next morning we stopped on the way to the airport so a couple other people could shop. I wasn’t feeling well (a result of taking my anti-malaria pill too soon after eating and after not eating near enough) so I stayed in the van. I looked up at one point and this caught my eye:

“Japan Technology”. My first thought: “Yay! Something from Japan!”

This was at the airport (in case if you can’t tell tell from the Delta, Regional, and TACA signs in the back 🙂 )

Yes, to leave Honduras, you must pay a $38.90 (USD) fee.

Well, that’s all I have from Roatan, Honduras. I hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the trip. The only way to describe the trip, as I told my mom while in Roatan, is indescribable. There are no words, at least not enough words, to describe what happened during that week. It was so amazing! To all of my new friends that I met while down there, whether you are from Roatan, US, or Canada, I love you all and you all hold a very special place in my heart. Roatan holds a special place in my heart. I will be back and I have a deep gut feeling that it will be more than once 🙂

Much love to you all,

God bless!


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  1. Sis. Blee Gonzalez Says:

    Very cool pics. Pastor Erskine, from Newport NC, was my Pastor for over 15 years. Very cool to see him, Charity and Max. Thank you for sharing!

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