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I’m almost done! Just a couple more entries and all of these will be done!

Coxen Hole Work Day

Every morning, there were a few of us who woke up pretty early (like 5:45 or 6:00 am) so normally we were outside after getting ready. This morning was like every other. We were sitting outside just talking and reading our Bible’s and discussing different things that had been happening throughout the week. On this particular morning, though, after our talks, Max and Logan decided to take a little nap before breakfast. O

We had 48 young people that were eager to work. We did everything from passing cinder blocks down a mountain, shoveling/mixing cement, carrying buckets of water up a hill to use to mix the cement, and the guys carried sand down the mountain in large sand bags.

Yes, that man is carrying 3 cinder blocks! I know one was a little on the heavy side so I know 3 blocks were heavy.

The guy in the middle in the next picture is Tony, the guy that I mentioned about in the previous entry.

At first we were just having the guys carry the blocks down. Then someone suggested to get in a line and sort of get an assembly line going. We could pass the blocks down the mountain. Instead of having 10 blocks going down at once, we could have about 30 or more going down. And besides that, no one fell by passing the blocks down.

Kevin (right behind me) is Filipino and was born at Yokosuka Naval Base here in Japan. Right behind him is Tony.

While we were passing the blocks down the mountain, we started singing a song that Pastor Ponce had taught us. I’m not sure how to spell it, but the basic English meaning is “Praise, praise, praise, praise the Lord”.  After a couple minutes we stopped because it’s quite difficult to sing a song as you’re running out of breath while passing the blocks down. So we stopped. But these kids kept singing it for us. It was so cute!

This is how we made the concrete. We would mix the sand and concrete together with a shovel and then make a hole in the center for the water. After doing that, we would go around the outside of our little mini-volcano and take the sand/concrete mixture and slowly (and carefully) put it into the water. It’ve never seen it done that way but it was SO cool to be able to be a part of that.

It took them a while but the guys finally let me help a bit. It didn’t last long, though. Shortly after this picture was taken, one of the guys came over and told me, “I will not let a woman do this type of work in my presence.”  I said, “Even if I want to?” He said, “No.” He had a tight grip on my shovel so I had to let him have it. But at least I got to work some.

All of the men that were there were such hard workers. They hardly ever took breaks.

The lady sitting down is Nancy. Nancy WAS a voodoo witch doctor. We were told that she had the power to levitate herself and to kill people, even those who she was not with. Nancy saw some of our people carrying cinder blocks down the mountain and wanted to help. Once we got done carrying the blocks down, she went over and talked to Pastor Malone and asked what we were doing there. So Pastor Malone started telling her that we were building a church and all that. She then started asking questions about the church. In the end, she wanted to be prayed for/with to receive the Holy Ghost. Within about 5 minutes or less of us praying, Nancy was speaking in tongues. Isn’t that amazing!! In the midst of a concrete floor being laid, someone was filled with the Holy Ghost.

Here is Nancy with Carlee.

And here is Nancy again with Lisa.

Tony, the guy that we had met the morning before, said, “If she can get the Holy Ghost, so can I!”

Pastor and Sister Ponce with both physical and spiritual work going on behind them.

We even had a devotional after praying with Nancy and Tony even with work going on around us. It was awesome!

At one point, Pastor Ponce took several of us girls down to get some water in some large containers to use for the cement. Down by where we got the water, we saw this. Pastor Ponce told us that it is where someone sleeps each night.

Here are two of our girls acting goofy with the water container. I wish I would have gotten that on video! :D

That afternoon after lunch, we went to see Moses Ponce who was in the hospital. Moses’s appendix either had ruptured or was getting ready to rupture and he was put in the hospital on Saturday night. Sunday he had the operation and on Tuesday we went to go see him. This was on the way to the hospital.

It is amazing to see this hospital. It’s a miracle anyone gets out of there alive.

Pastor Ponce told us Saturday night at church with tears rolling down his face that Moses told him one day that his dream was to become the pastor of the church there in Coxen Hole.

Not only did we pray for Moses while we were there, but we also prayed for/with two others that were in the same room as Moses.

Here is Moses (L) and Daniel (R). These boys are so cute!

This guy was right across the room from Moses and was in the hospital from a stab wound. Pastor Jones prayed for him as well.

On the way back to the church, we passed by this little shop that had some huge plantains sitting outside.

Cherry, Jenna, and I finally got to do some work! Towards the end of the day, we walked up to the top of the hill and started shoveling sand into the bags for the men.

That evening, after a much needed shower and rest, we ate supper then we had an evening service. Here is Pastor Malone.

That was the end of Tuesday. Only 2 more entries for go!

God bless you all and thank you all for your continual prayers.

Love all y’all!

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