Roatan, Honduras Part IV

Moving right along:

Sunday morning, we had an amazing breakfast (who am I kidding? Every meal was amazing!). Thank you to all of our wonderful cooks!

Sister Hylen and Cherry were making pancakes as Brother Hylen was making scrambled eggs.

Here are several of our cooks.

That morning we had a class before we headed out. We had an awesome move of God in that class.

Service in La Colonia!

That afternoon, we all loaded everything up (including ourselves) and headed out to La Colonia.

We were all praying that Max wouldn’t slide off the top of the truck. That would NOT be funny!

The blue cloud of Hope Corps students stuck out wherever we went.

The hike going up to where the church in La Colonia is was a good workout. I told someone “My calves are never going to forgive me for this. Oh well. It’s all worth it!”

The guys were kind enough to carry everything and not make (or ask) us girls to carry anything.

We were so close to the ocean. It was so beautiful!!

Aaron saw these two little ones walking up the mountain. Although they were probably used to walking like that, Aaron went over and picked them up and carried them up to the top.

From the bottom looking up….

…from the top looking down.

Poor Kyle! :D

The last part of the hill was the worst part.

These two boys gave me this little mischievous grin and when I smiled back and held the camera up, this is what I got:

Pastor Malone and Brother Baumeister.

Pastor Urskin and Brother Baumeister.

Pastor Buxton and Brother Baumeister. Brother Baumeister is fluent in Spanish so he was up there translating for several speakers.

This little girl is adorable!

So was this kid.

Max Otazu and Brother Buxton.

By the time we left, we were all like family. When you spend so much time in such close quarters together, you become VERY used to those people.

Pastor Steven Jones.

Pastor King and Pastor Young.

Pastor Young and Brother Baumeister.

These little girls were cuties!

Here is Reba and Kinley (I think that’s how you spell the baby’s name. I’m not 100% sure)

Ocean Baptism!

After service that afternoon, we all loaded back up into our vehicles and headed to the beach. First of all, I’ve never seen an ocean baptism. Second of all, it was amazing to be a part of it!

First, we had to wait for everyone to get there so we were just getting group pictures.

The scenery was gorgeous! I especially love the sunsets and sunrises! There is just something special and spectacular about it.

We had to walk a little bit down the road from where the bus stopped to where we had the baptism.

Seeing the vast ocean and the sky that seems like it has no limits and to think that God is so much bigger than even that really puts everything (even your mountainous problems) into perspective.

And when you see the storm clouds AND you can see past them as well…that can have a spiritual implication as well.

Pastor Young had a chance to relax before we started the baptizing.

It’s amazing the colors that God has made.

Another thing I thought was interesting: what happens when blood is mixed with water? The water turns a pinkish-reddish color. As we started baptizing people, I realized that the water was about the color of bloody water. We are washed by the blood of Jesus and buried into His name. It’s not coming out like I’m thinking about it in my head. Sorry.

This is Fernando and a friend of his from childhood. Fernando saw me with my camera and said, “I know you’re a photographer so will you get pictures of my best friend getting baptized.” I said “Sure…ummm…which guy is your friend?”.  :D Once I made note of which guy was his friend and told him that absolutely I would get pictures of his friend getting baptized. God is doing great things in Roatan!

Everyone was getting pictures after  the baptism that night.

We went to the Hope Center that night and stayed up for a bit talking and snacking and I think that night about 11 pm, or maybe midnight, we finally went to bed. But needless to say, we had an amazing day! There is nothing better than to see people be filled with the Holy Ghost and to be baptized in the Name of Jesus!

That’s all for this entry. Keep reading for more on Roatan!

Much love and God bless!


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