Roatan, Honduras Part III


Since the concert night took up one whole entry, this entry will be starting from Saturday morning. We took a walk to a water silo not too far from the Hope Center. First of all, I’d just like to say that Roatan is GORGEOUS!! The colors seems so much deeper and brighter. I just LOVE it!

Out for a Stroll

That little building down there at the bottom is the Hope Center.

And we were so close to the ocean. I know, we’re pretty close in Japan too but being that close and in the country at the same time just made it perfect!

Some of the people that were brave enough to climb the ladder. Why? Oh, I’ll show you that in a bit. :)

Shane had asked whose house that was in the distance and one of the locals told him that it was John Elway’s house.

This is why I wouldn’t climb the ladder. I know the view had to be awesome up there but there was almost no way I was going to climb that ladder.

Group picture!!

After we got back as several of us were just chilling outside (is that even possible in Roatan?), someone found a hermit crab.

Max let it crawl around on his arm for a minute or two.

Here are the musicians practicing that early afternoon.

And in the back, some of us (myself included) were just watching and enjoying the music and singing.

Church in Coxen Hole

A little while later, we all loaded up in the bus/van/truck and headed back to Coxen Hole for church.

A few of the guys had to ride with the chairs in the truck.

The watchie was looking out for us as we were leaving.

This is the view looking out from the Coxen Hole church.

Everyone coming up the walkway coming up to where the church and Pastor Ponce’s house are both located.

We had to carry the instruments, equipment, and everything else up to where the church is at.

These people can hustle putting all that equipment together!

Carlee and Ellie.

The rest of Pastor Ponce’s family (his brothers I think) lives in these houses.

“And everywhere that Hope Corps went, the crowd was sure to go.”

The sunset was beautiful that night. Well….it was beautiful every night, actually.

Okay…I know, I know..I’m a sucker for kids. I just love them to pieces!!!

Sorry this one’s blurry.

I think they told us that there was standing room only at this service.

Don and Richie checking the instruments out.

This is Pastor Ponce’s home. This family absolutely amazes me! There are 6 people living in this house.

Pastor Ponce, it was such an honor to be able to meet you and your family. God bless you and your family!

I asked Max if he would ask Pastor Ponce if I could get a picture with him. Pastor Ponce said yes and then turned to me and said something in Espanol….I looked from Pastor Ponce to Max and back to Pastor Ponce and said, “um…no habla espanol…” with a huge grin on my face. Pastor Ponce said, “But that was good!”

This is one of the kids that I was praying for during altar call. Isn’t he cute?

And this is Fernando. He is fluent in 5 language: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian. By the time I left, Fernando could say a couple things in Japanese and he said that he knows that within about 3-6 months time, he can be fluent in Japanese.

When we got back to PetroSun, Max was giving a Bible Study to one of the guys. That was cool to watch!

We took over that gas station!

On the way back to the Hope Center, we saw these two guys pushing a large van off of the road. Our guys asked if they could stop and help them. Our driver, Juan Carlos (who I got my picture with much later), said yes so we stopped. When all of the guys got out, one of the men who had been pushing the van ran into the bushes and stayed there until after we left. The other guy was drunk. And when our guys asked if he had a key, he said that he had lost the key. There was something else a little off that happened. Well, our guys helped get it off the road and then they all got back in the van. We finally came to the conclusion that our guys had just assisted in stealing a vehicle. Well…what do you say? :) At least they were willing to help!

Just a little while later, we arrived at the Hope Center and we were all so exhausted that, if I remember right, we all went straight to bed. Well, I know we all went into our dorms and we might have stayed up for a bit chatting but we were all laying in our bunks. We were tired!

Well, y’all know what’s coming next. I’m going to be like Adventures in Odyssey at this point. Instead of saying “You’ll just have to keep listening”, I’m going to say, “If you want to find out what happens next, you’ll just have to keep reading!”

Love y’all and God bless!

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