Roatan, Honduras Part II

Hola! Como estas?

I had to use a little Spanish since I’m talking about a Spanish speaking country. :D

Christian Concert in Coxen Hole

Continuing from where I left off: On Friday, we loaded up in the bus on our way to Coxen Hole. Not everyone had their shirts yet so we had to stop by the airport on our way in town. The bus was very full! We had 6 people on a row of four seats and people sitting on other peoples laps. It was crazy full!

After we stopped at the airport, we went down to meet Pastor Ponce and everyone from the churches.

This is the area we stopped at in Coxen Hole.

Pastor Ponce has a van that he recorded a short chorus and a message telling where and when the concert would be.

I understand “refrigeradoras y mucho mas”…that’s about it. Well, I also understand the “Su Mejor Alternativa”….but not much else.

Once everyone got there, the van started going and we started through Coxen Hole.

This is Pierre and Kimberly.

I’m so sorry if I forget your names, Hope Corps. I’m trying to remember everyone’s name that was there.

Pierre was excited to be getting attention from so many girls at once. :)

Pierre and I.

Charity and Pierre.

Pierre didn’t know how to do the fish-lips so Jenna taught him. :)

We were told that 9 out of 10 children in Roatan are sexually abused….You walk through the streets and see a hundred kids and you can know that statistically 90 of those kids are being or have been sexually abused at one point or another.

Group pictures were being taken left and right that night.

I don’t know the names of the two boys on the left but I know Daniel (the taller one on the right) and Moses.

Jenna, Charity, and Carlee.

Aaron was playing with the kids the whole time. It was so cute to see the kids playing with Aaron.

Dariela and Carlee. Dariela was SO cute! I love that girl!

The sunsets/sunrises were absolutely gorgeous!

If I remember correctly, from back left to front right is: Logan, Nick, Aaron H, Alayna, Whitney, and Brookelyn.

We had some amazing musicians that night.

Here’s that Ellie girl! Isn’t she a cutie? Both her and Chloe are adorable!

Cody Chestnut…or otherwise known by Carlee as Mayor Chestnut.

Brother Myles Young and Pierre.

Charity and Pierre.

Pastor Malone.

Our musicians, who are part of the group Covenant, during the actual concert.

The kids were a little uncertain at first if they wanted to get up but once we told them they could get up and motioned for them to come up to the front, they all (well, the majority of them) came up with us.

Pastor Young and his wife.

Every single seat was occupied.

The kids and women from the churches got up and sang a few songs for us. It was the sweetest thing to watch those kids up there singing.

Who says you can’t have an altar call at the end of a concert?

Friday night was amazing! But, as it is with God, the best is yet to come! Yes, keep reading!

God bless!

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