Roatan, Honduras Part I

Konnichi wa!!

FINALLY I am getting to the Roatan pictures!! Y’all don’t know just how EXCITED I am to be finally getting to this part.

So how I’m going to be doing this is I’m going to take several small sections (or if it’s a larger section I’ll do just one) in one blog entry. That way I can knock out several birds with one stone.

Houston to Roatan

So, on my way out from OKC, we took a small plane. I’m not too fond of smaller planes only because they are so small. Larger planes in my opinion can take just about anything. Smaller planes…ehhh…not so much.

When I got back to my seat, I was in the row where there was only one seat. I initially trying to figure out why I had SO much leg room. I had like 8-10 extra inches of leg room.

Then I saw this…

One of the things I love about flying is looking at the sky and the sunsets. There is just something spectacular about the sunsets. Shows just a small portion of God’s creativity.

That night, a classmate/friend, Jenna Peterson (from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada) and I stayed in Houston, Texas in a room not too far from the airport. The next morning, as we walked up to the line to check-in, we met 3 other fellow Hope Corps travelers. Oh yeah, the last 3 lines furthest from us were headed for Narita.

When we got back to our gate, we saw about 20+ other people back there that were all headed to Roatan.

I think this picture is amazing of the clouds and the atmospheres. Once again, everywhere you look you can see the greatness of God! I love it!

I don’t know it y’all can tell, but you can see some of the reef barriers here.

I was sitting next to one of the girls from Hope Corps and as we were approaching this island, we said, “Maybe this is it…”

Uhhh….nope! Not that island!

The water is GORGEOUS!!!

As we were landing, it looked like we were going to land in the trees. You could hear the voices of the Hope Corps students, especially the girls, saying, “Oh Lord Jesus! Please help us!”

When we landed, we were literally right next to the ocean. It was awesome!

Yokoso Aeropuerto De Roatan!

The customs and immigrations hallway was packed.

Our bus was I think we counted a 24 seat-er…..we fit 44 on at one point.

First Night at Hope Center

This was on the way to the Hope Center.

Here’s our bus. This was taken right after we arrived at the Hope Center.

And here is Hope Center!

Before I go any further, I just want to say a great big thank you to Pastor Malone, Pastor Jones, Pastor Ponce, and all of the men that helped with building the Hope Center, who helped build all of the bunks, and who helped with everything else that went into getting the Hope Center prepared for us Hope Corps students. It was  very much appreciated! Thank you all so very much!

The men there made all of our bunks by hand.

For our football fans, this is John Elway’s house back in the distance. I’ll show more on that later.

This is the common room/dining room/chill out room.

If I understood correctly, all of these branches were cut down by the locals to make this. It’s pretty much like a gazebo. They told us the actual name for it, but I can’t remember what it was. That was almost a month ago.

Once again, everything was built by hand.

Our bunks were built 3 high. I didn’t chose a top bunk because 1). I’m scared of heights. Getting up there wouldn’t be the problem…getting down would be and 2). My knees aren’t the best in the world. Those were my excuses…*cough cough* I mean, reasons. Those were my reasons. :D

Mine is there in the very center with the small black suitcase on it.

That afternoon before orientation, everyone sat in the cool air conditioned building just getting to know everyone else.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, the ladies (well, the other ladies) were cooking us supper. We had homemade tortillas every day and they were oishii!! Sorry if the picture is a little fuzzy. My camera lens fogged up when I went into the kitchen.

Brookelyn and Dariela.

The bugs in Roatan are HUGE!! This is a moth.

Just to show you how big it is, look in the top right corner right above the window…

I would have gone insane had I met up with one of the larger spiders or other very larger insects!

We also came across a hermit crab on our first night. These things are so cool!

Then we had orientation.

Here is Brother Johnny King.

We had 31 female students and 17 male students there in Roatan.

Brother Myles Young.

Pastor Malone, Sister Malone, and their youngest daughter Chloe.

There is just something refreshing about being part of a group of young people that will worship God no matter where they are at.

Sister Rachel Jones, Pastor Steven Jones, Pastor Malone, and Sister Malone with Chloe. Ellie (their other daughter) was there as well, but she was playing with Dariela, Pastor Ponce’s daughter.

Here is my bed all made up and ready to climb into.

After orientation, we had our first meal there at Hope Center. The ladies had made enchiladas and fresh tortillas for us. Talk about good food!

Back at the room, the girls that had chosen the top bunks were discussing how NOT to sit up in the mornings so there wouldn’t be a trip to the urgent care.

If I remember correctly, that evening we took a walk to a little inlet close to the Center. Pastor Jones took a good sized group down there. We found out once we got there that the dock we were sitting on is normally the resting place of a large alligator that lives in those waters. Thank God it wasn’t out that day!

It’s hard to believe that just down the road from this house is a guy that lives in a box…..

I may have tried to climb this IF: it had had been over dry land OR if I could swim….neither of which were possible.

Max Otazu said “Hmm….so you think I can climb this?”

Well, that’s all I’m going to be putting on this entry. Continue reading for more about Roatan!

God bless!


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