Mata ne, Haijima!

Hello again!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been on here, but at least now I have plenty of pictures to give y’all some reading material for a little while. 🙂

So, as most of y’all know, we have been helping out at the church(es) in Ibaraki and Nakameguro. Brother and Sister Lucas wanted to give a going-away party (they actually called it a farewell party) for us since we would no longer be attending Haijima on a full-time basis (we will be visiting!) Here are some pictures from the farewell that day.

I wasn’t able to get very many pictures of the rest of the service. And what I did get, I moved and they pictures were blurry. Anyway, after the service, we went to a Community Hall and we had a fellowship. There was so much good food there! We had American food, Ghanaian food, and Japanese food. It was so good!

And Hiro came up that weekend so he was there for the farewell party, too.

Everyone was just having a good time eating good food and enjoying the company of everyone there.

Sister Mateo made a cake and some cupcakes for the fellowship. It was so pretty! She does an amazing job on cake decorations.

Here is little Isaiah Shahid. He is SO adorable! He was dancing to the Ghanaian music that was playing. Actually, his mom just had a baby girl, Bethannie Bella (she’s also adorable). Congratulations to the Shahid family! Isn’t he SO cute!?!?!?!

My dad took his Ghanaian shirt to wear after church. They all went crazy seeing him in his Ghanaian shirt.

Sister Lucas got up and made a speech.

Towards the end of the fellowship, we got groups pictures, first all of the guys and then all of the ladies.

And then all of the females. The newest baby in the front is the Lotsu’s baby, Elom (I’m not sure if that’s spelled right or not).

I had been holding Isaiah and when I set him down for the picture, he walked back up to us. So he got to be in the picture, too.

And here is Isaiah, Rebekah, and Hiro.

So, to all of the Haijima church members: We miss you all SOOO much!!! But you haven’t seen the last of us yet. We will be visiting. We love each of you so very much and we are so very happy that we got to know each of you as well as we did. We hope all is going well at Haijima and we hope to see you all again very soon. Love all y’all so much!!!




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