Singapore!!!: Pictures from Dennis Datsomor


Okay, so this is going to be my last post for at least a week maybe 2 but I wanted to go ahead and get these on here before I forgot. These are all pictures that I were given to me by Dennis.

Behind us in this picture is the CBD (Central Business District).

This is at one of the train stations Saturday late morning, early afternoon. In here is Brother Jovencio (with the camera), Li Lin, Ranice, and Zhiyi.

This one is much better than the one I got. Elvin and Darrel are looking in this picture.

Awww!! Sister Alma and Brother Rowell. How cute!

Mark (sometimes called Marky) and Darrel.

Unposed-for pictures are sometimes the best. Elvin and Mark.

Brother Jovencio and Sister Mary Joy.

And both of them with Justine.

Mr. Koh from the restaurant ( told us in this picture “Hands up everybody!”

Pei Ting, Zhiyi, Rebekah, Ranice, me, Darrel (behind me), Shu Qiao, Li Lin, Sister Alma, Dennis, and Mark. Rachel, my mom, my dad, Brother Jovencio, Sister Mary Joy, Brother Rowell, Justine, and Elvin.

This hotel was beautiful but I think they said quite expensive.

Here is our wonderful tour guide, Ranice!!!!

This guy was at the mall that we went to Saturday evening. He was juggling and playing the piano at the same time.

These, if I remember right, I think these were people dressed up and painted. They would stay still for a bit then move very slowly. You can tell they (and Dennis too) switched positions from the two pictures.

Here is the Esplanade Theater. Pei Ting told us, I think it was this place, some people thinks it looks like a fly’s eyes but the buildings were built to resemble the shape of a durian, which is a fruit that has a very strong, and interesting,….I don’t know whether to call it an odor or a scent, that is well known. I actually tried it while in Singapore and no I do not like it. 🙂

CBD again!!

Milo truck!!! Yay!! And it was cold, that’s even better!


I want to know how long it took to make this.

At McDonalds after an hour of chillin’ and playing games.

This is funny. Once we got to this particular mall, we decided to meet at an area where they were having a Barney meeting. A Barney character was up on stage singing “I love you, you love me.” Once everyone found out that Dennis doesn’t like (it’s a little stronger than that) Barney AT ALL! Once Li Lin found that out, and several others (including me), we started saying Barney sayings to him. That was also funny!

Huh? I thought we were in Singapore, not Egypt!

Singapore Flyer!!!!

This is the place where you can experience all four seasons in one day.

I think this is CBD all lit up. Pretty, pretty, pretty ( 🙂  Daddy!)

Heading to church!

I was so happy to step into this place. Hugs were flying left and right and so were low screams .

How many have ever gone to Ikea to hang out? We have!!! And it was super fun!!

And now, camp time! I’m not for sure which night, or if it even was night.

I actually think these were taken during morning prayer.

And these maybe Wednesday night.

This is Dennis’ group members, minus himself.

Yes, during camp everyone was broke up into groups. And like, of the 8 people at camp from Japan, there were no two of us in the same group. My group consisted of: Rachel Lee, Phoebe, Su Fern, Cheryl, Abbey, me, Carissa, and Marissa. I love you guys!!!

These were the boxes for the Angels Unaware game.

This was during the last night of camp, Thursday night.

Here is D.B. (Duane Black) and Dennis.

And some of the guys playing the Singapore version of hacky-sack (yes, I have that info from a trusted source. When asking Sam what it was, he was trying to explain it. I asked if it was like the Singapore version of hacky-sack. Barak said yes it was.).

And here we are saying good-bye to the Brother Joel and Sister Kate Wright.

This was also Thursday night, but while we were playing the games. I volunteered for the sharp-shooter game….and I didn’t get it. I was supposed to know over 3 playing cards held up by a clothes pin (one card per clothes pin).

The moon was beautiful that night. Actually, there was a eclipse that night that about 10-15 of us girls stayed outside to watch. It was so cool!!!

And here is another photo that Dennis sent me today of his group. I don’t know everyone’s names here but that’s okay. I know Wen Qi and Stellar are the two girls. Dennis is right behind them and the Kheng is on the far right.

And I just received some pictures from Rachel Lee.

This is myself, Rachel (making the face), and Marissa.

And this is while we were eating Friday night. Okay so Friday morning I tried frog porridge and found out the frog really does taste like chicken; a little more chewy, but same basic taste. The second odd thing (well, odd for U.S.) is pig intestines. I am SO serious!! And, more amazing,….it was actually good!!! They probably weren’t going to let us leave without tasting it but it was actually quite tasty. Here is one picture with all four pictures that Rachel took, then I break them down so you can see them better. Look at it this way: top right, top left, bottom left, bottom right. Narration: 1)”Let me get this over with. Is it going to be good?” 2) “Do I really like this? I think I do.” 3) “I really do like this.” 4) “This is pretty good!”

Dennis and I were both thinking the same things. How do I know? Afterward Tat and Peter, who I was standing next to (Tat’s head is in the bottom two pictures) were asking what we thought and we were both saying the same things and then looking at each other and saying, “Yeah exactly!!” So yeah, I now like frog porridge and pig organ-something. Not to bad!!!

Okay, that’s all the pictures I have from camp for now. I probably won’t be doing another blog entry for another 3 weeks or so, unless something really huge comes up.

Thanks so much to everyone in Singapore for going out sightseeing with us and just hanging out. I had a blast and I know everyone else did, too! I love and miss all y’all and I can’t wait to come back. To everyone, Ranice, Cheryl, Rachel, Li Lin, Grace, and EVERYONE else there, thank you and we appreciate everything!!

Will write again soon,


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