Happy Birthdays, Church Service and Updates

Konban wa!!!

Okay, so it’s morning in the states so for all y’all there, it’d be ohayo gozaimasu time.

First of all, I’d like to say once again happy birthday to everyone that had/has a birthday this month. I know Micaleah, Courtney, Jordan Smith, Dennis, Alina, Rebekah, Amma, Bernice, Brother Marty, and Brother Mike Williams all had/is having a birthday this month. Actually, as I’m writing this, it’s Alina’s birthday and it will be Beck’s, Amma’s and Bernice’s birthday in about 4 hours. So o-tanjoubi omedeto gozaimasu to you all. Happy birthday!!!

Now, I’m going to show you a picture, and when I get to the end of the entry, I’ll tell you what it is.

So here’s the pre-picture.


Now, I’ll let you think about what that is while I finish the rest of the blog.

Now, these are all from church today, January 23rd, 2011.

This is from Sunday School. These are of my dad.





And these are all from the worship service later this morning.

Here is my dad on the drums while we were singing “God is God”.


And here is Sister Yokoyama and Sister Victoria.


And here is my dad and Brother Daniel.


And more of my dad during the preaching.





And here is the Lotsu family. First there was just Brother Ephriam, Vivi, Kofi, and Makofi.


And here Sister Felicia came in as well. So we have Kofi, Brother Ephraim, Vivi, Makofi, and Sister Felicia.


Now, back to the first picture that I showed.



This is our Japanese convection oven that we got.

And my mom was SO kind and made us a pineapple upside-down cake. Oishi desi!! Tottemo oishi desi!!

Delicious!! So delicious!!

And here is what was left when we got done. It’s was a small cake pan, I promise!! It was one of those small 3 x 6 or something like that. It was a small pan. Really.


Now for the last thing. I know I sent some of you an email telling you this, mainly the people from Singapore since all y’all from there asked me to let y’all know.

I don’t know if all of you know, but at my last appointment with my orthopedic doctor, Dr. Bull, I was told that I had chronic regional pain syndrome and that there was no cure for it. My mom got online after that and was looking and what she found was not very…positive, for lack of better words. She read that it doesn’t get better, only worse. Each time something happens to the knee, it would hurt for longer periods of time and each time would get closer and closer together and can even get to the point where it is crippling to a certain degree. And basically, I was at the crippled point. I couldn’t put even just a tiny bit of pressure on my toe because it hurt so much. I couldn’t do schoolwork because it hurt to sit in my chair. So I tried to sit on the couch and that didn’t work either. It was just too painful to do anything. But that’s the last news we heard.

Fast-forwarding to January 13th when I had my bone scan. By then I was walking on my own again with no pain at all. And on Friday, the 21st of January, I had my follow-up appointment withDr. Bull. We were led back to the exam room and I sat on the bed/table thing and a few minutes later, Dr. Bull walks up to the door and looks at me (from the doorway) and says, “How are you doing?” I smiled, kicked my leg out several times and said, “It’s great!” No kidding, Dr. Bull came over and gave me a one-armed hug and said he was so thrilled that I was doing better and that I wasn’t in pain any more. Then he said that he had been beating his head against the wall ever since my last appointment with him because every test was coming back good and he didn’t know what was wrong. He also told my dad and I that he had spoken to the radiology people, pain management, and at least one other group, maybe two groups, but that they had all gotten together and come up with this plan for when I came back if I was still in pain when I went in. But when the bone scan came back (which when he showed it to me, looked real cool), Dr. Bull saw that my left knee was lit up as well as my left ankle. They also found that I had something called hyper-patella something syndrome. Basically, instead of my knee socket having the regular socket that it is supposed to have, I have a very shallow knee socket. This is caused from: 1. being a female (it has something to do with how the pelvis is made) and 2. I just have an extra shallow knee socket. So what Dr. Bull did during the exam was move my knee cap to the left and right and he said that it was moving 75% to each direction. He also said he could lift it up to what they called the “lift-off” position. He said knee caps aren’t supposed to do that. But, I’m an exception to the rule. So, what happens when I hurt my knee is that when my leg is fully straightened out, and I accidentally hit something (last time it was a chair) it pushes my knee cap out of socket and then it pops back in (which is why I hear the popping sound whenever I hurt it) causing inflammation in my knee causing so much pain. So then he had me stand up on my left leg (the hurt one) and stay that way. So I did and after about 15 seconds, my leg was shaking and I had to hold onto the bed to stay up. Dr. Bull said that that is because I didn’t use my leg for so long, that the muscles became weak, which is probably why my ankle also showed up on the bone scan, because it was still weak from being on crutches for so long. But other than that, I have the bones of a young, healthy person. So, he is going to send me to physical therapy for a while and he gave me some two stronger knee braces that have this thing that go over the knee cap to keep my knee cap in place. I have to wear the brace on my left leg during physical therapy and I wore it today when I wore heels, but when I’m playing sports, he said to wear a brace on both knees so I won’t hurt my other knee. And to add to that, I said something to Dr. Bull about having Brother Datsomor pray for me and having prayer at church, and he ended up calling it a “miraculous recovery”. And he even said that “this isn’t the same girl I saw a month ago”.

So, to end all that, all I have to say is thank God it’s not chronic regional pain syndrome. All I have to do is watch what I am doing and be cautious of my leg. And to add to the sentence before last, I had looked online to see if I could find something that was causing my knee/leg pain and the only things I could find that had the same description was a ruptured tendon/ligament or osteosarcoma, which is bone cancer. Yeah, I was nervous. I felt a bit better when he said it was the chronic regional pain syndrome, because at least I wouldn’t have to have surgery and at least I didn’t have cancer. But then when he said it wouldn’t get better, that it would only get worse, that didn’t help at all. I could only picture myself being 20 and not being able to do anything because I was always in pain. Not cool at all!!

Anyway, I thank God for what he has done!! Yesu-sama arigatou gozaimasu!!!!

Love and miss all y’all and thank you all for you prayers!!

The Pounders family

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