Ja Mata Kujo…and a trip to Aeon Mall

Hello everyone!!!

I know I just put a blog entry up (actually a couple), but I don’t want get behind on all the pictures so I want to go ahead and do an entry, even if it is short. So, I only have a couple subjects for this entry.

First of all, this was Kujo’s last service, for this time, until he comes back from France again in the summer. So at the end of service Thursday night, Kujo asked for prayer before he leaves Sunday night. So Kujo walks up to the front of the church and when he got up there, my dad told him to turn around and that he wanted to commend Kujo and that how right before Kujo left for France, he was just drinking in everything that my dad was teaching about holiness. My dad’s words were, “When everyone else was saying, ‘Brother Pounders, it’s getting late. We need to get home because we have work in the morning’ Kujo was saying, ‘Come on Brother Pounders, keep preaching. I want to know more!!'”. This was during that time.


And here, my dad was telling Kujo that God had His hand over his life.


Okay, that is all I have of that. Kujo, we’re all gonna miss you and we’ll be praying for you. We had fun when we all went to hang this past Monday (the 3rd of January). I won’t be able to forget you rushing to try to get tickets in about 30 seconds, so we could get on the train that was there, and the look on your face when that first train pulled out and we weren’t on there. Until Amma and Sally told you that we were supposed to miss the first train or else we would get there too early. Yeah, that was funny!! Or the new name we (or Lynda) came up with for you. “Pastor Kujo”. So, “Pastor Kujo”, we’ll be praying for you while you are finishing up in France and we will see you when you get back!! “Ouais!!!!!”

Now, this is especially for my nephew Bryce. We went to the Aeon Mall tonight and saw this little “train station” set up. The further we walked around the corner, the more we started laughing. It was cute!! Look at the train conductors!



And here, the train conductor was smiling for the camera.




Also, I want to let y’all in on a little secret. Actually, it’s probably not a secret. Since we have been back from Singapore, Beck and I have both been like obsessed with watching/listening to videos and audio messages from Bishop Willoughby’s church, Tabernacle of Joy, in Singapore. If you go to http://tabjoy.org, then scroll down about halfway, look on the left and click on the tabTV button. You will have to make an account on there, but there are some AWESOME message on there!!! You will just have to watch and listen to them. Beck and I have been listening to messages from Bishop Willoughby and Pastor Tim. There are some on there of Brother Lee Stoneking and several other people. But you will not regret signing up. I know I haven’t!!

Okay, that is all I have for this entry. Sorry it is so short, but I don’t want to get too far behind!!

Alright that’s it. Please send this website to all of your friends and family about this website and what all is going on in Japan. We want everyone to know what God is doing world-wide. The more people that know, the more prayers get sent up.

Thank you all for you prayers!!

We love and miss you all!!

The Pounders Family

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