Tomodachi Outing

Konban wa!!!

Well, here it is about 7:00 pm so it is “konban wa” time for us, but for everyone in the states, it would be “Ohayo gozaimasu” time. Anyway, let me get on with the blog entry.

So for this entry, it will also be short, but not as short as the Christmas and New Year entries.

Today we went downtown to Roppongi with Amma, Sally, and Kujo to meet Misa, Lynda, and Dennis. Actually there were a couple more people there, but I’ll just have to tell you the story. So yesterday, Misa asked if we wanted to go down to the resutoran, (did you get that? Yes, that’s restaurant) where she works. So we said yes. We got up this morning and my parents went by the Amoabeng’s house to get Amma, Sally, and Kujo to take us to the nearest station, the Kumegawa eki (station) and from there we were off. We took the train about an hour to Roppongi. It was SOO much fun!!! When we got to the Roppongi eki, we waited till Misa got there, then we went to find Dennis and Lynda and one of Kujo’s friends. So we walked a bit toward the resutoran, and when we got there, it was this huge building, way big for Japan, but it was really neat inside.

This was looking out from the second floor of the resutoran, which, by the way, was called Gonpachi, which had some really good food. You can see where we are supposed to be sitting. Misa had wanted to take us on the tour of the restaurant so we went towards the bathroom, the long way, while getting a tour.


And this is not such a close up view.


And this was taken from the second floor. Me, Beck, and Sally.


And then the three of us and Misa.



And this is looking down at our group. You can see Kujo’s friend on the far back left, Kujo, Dennis doing something goofy, and then Jo-jo. In the front is Lynda and Amma.



And this is Beck in the bathroom. The whole place looked very country, rustic looking. But the bathroom beat it all.


And this is me, Beck, and Sally.



And here is the final group picture. From the far left to the far right: Misa, me, Beck, Sally, Tomo (in the red hat), Amma, Lynda, Kujo’s friend (gomen nasai!!! I don’t remember his name!), Kujo, Dennis, and Jo-jo.


I will try to see if I can get some of the other pictures that were taken, but for now this is all I have for now.

Also, I would like to thank everyone for their prayers. I am now able to walk pretty much perfectly (if that is possible to walk perfectly). Last Tuesday, the 28th of December, when we met Brother and Sister Datsomor at the New Sanno, Brother Datsomor said he was going to pray for my knee before they left. So after we got done with everything, and they were getting to leave, he got out of their van, got his oil, walked over to where I was standing, and said, “I did not forget my promise”. So, right there on the side walk, the four of us and Brother and Sister Datsomor got in a little circle and prayed just for a minute and when we were done, Brother Datsomor said, “You are done. This pain will not come anymore”.  Then we went said good-bye, went inside, and went to bed. The next morning, my leg was not hurting at all to walk, just when I stretched it out all the way. Today, I was able to run across the street when we were trying to catch the train, and go up many sets of stairs. Yesu-sama arigatou gozaimasu!!! Thank you Jesus!!  Also, Sunday one of the brothers in the church came over and prayed for my leg “for a complete healing” and for the pain to not come back anymore. So as of now, I am not using my crutches and am walking as smoothly as before. Well, except for when I walk for too long then sit for a bit, then my knee locks up a bit, but it is SO not what it was 3 1/2 weeks ago!! Also, to everyone in Singapore, from Tabernacle of Joy, and everyone that said prayers for my leg while we were at DCD, thank you all as well! It is VERY much appreciated!!!

Okay, that is all I have for now. Thank you for coming and checking this out!!

Ja mata ne!!!!

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