Around “town”, Special Events & New Year’s Service

Hello everyone!!!

I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Starting off, I want to give you our weather report. It has been about 65 degrees, maybe high 50’s and we have no snow.  Fuji-san has snow, but not where we are.  Haley, Beck and I were talking a week or so ago, and one of us said something about really singing, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”.   All y’all in the states may be wishing for a green Christmas, since most of y’all got snow. We are really wishing for a white Christmas. Oh well…maybe it’ll be like last year, and Beck and I will have snow for our birthdays.

Now, this is when Sister Megumu Kawaguchi, Brother Michael Addai’s wife, got baptized, on the 19th of December. Sister Megumu and Brother Michael have the cutest little girl, Alicia. She is so adorable!! I’ll have to see if I can get a picture of her one day.





And this is for Brother Phil Roudeski. Beck and my parents went to a recycle shop and saw this awesome looking guitar.



And this is from the 26th of December. Sister Victoria got up and gave a little gift to my mom and Sister Yokoyama. They (a lot of the chruch) had gotten together and they wanted to honor the leaders wife’s.



And there they all are again. Sister Yokoyama and my mom both looked like they were about to start crying up there.



And my mom up there speaking. Let me tell you all something, my mom has REALLY come out of her shell since we’ve been here. This was the THIRD time she actually got up to speak in front of the church.



And Sister Yokoyama speaking.


And this was during the worship service. In the first picture, you can see (from left to right) Brother Ephriam holding Kofi, Brother Kwarteng, Brother Ofori, my dad, and Brother Thomas.  In the second picture, Brother Kwarteng has the paper held up, then Brother Ofori, my dad, and Brother Thomas.



And here is Sister Victoria, Sister Jackie, and Sister Pauline. And then you can see Sister Pauline holding Pricilla’s hand and Dixon walking behind Sister Kwarteng.



And here Dixon is watching my dad. Then Pricilla and Dixon.



And here is Sally. She is back home from Canada for Christmas break.


And here is my dad praying for Brother Wisdom.


And now going back in time a bit, here is Beck playing the piano at the Thursday service before Christmas.



And here are the christmas lights down by the Fussa station. It’s so pretty.




And this, my friends, is a small piece of home. WAL-MART!! Actually, it’s actually a place called Seiyu, but several years ago, Wal-mart bought it out and now Seiyu sells Wal-mart stuff. My mom has decided to just start calling it Wal-mart.


And what is this?? Yes, a Wal-mart “eco-friendly” bag.



And Beck posing with the Wal-mart bag.


And this was taken at the Aeon Mall. Y’all like our hats?


Look at this HUGE bow!!! It was as long as my head. Well, not that my head is that long…but…the bow was huge anyway. I’m not making sense.


And this was at the New Sanno, when we went down there to meet with Brother and Sister Datsomor. I love the chandelier!!


And here is their Christmas trees and Nativity set. I was surprised that they even had a Nativity set since it was on government property.



And here you can see the chandelier above the Nativity scene.


And this is on a street that Brother Datsomor took us to in Shibuya. It was very pretty with all the lights everywhere.



And look at this Hummer stretch limo. Nice!!


And this goes for my sister-in-law, Rachel. I heard from a little bird that you have been craving pickles with the pregnancy. This pickle was only half but it was about as long as my hand and half as wide.


And while the New Sanno had a Nativity set, they also had a Santa set.



And this is looking at the whole back of the entry way.


And here is the Nativity set.


And by the Nativity set, they also had a Menorah.


And here are they angels they had set up on the sides. From far away, the angels almost looked like gargoyles.


And this was at the Amoabeng’s house. That was SOO fun!!! We loved it! And while we were there, Kujo taught us all how to say “yeah” in French. It is not the “oui” that sounds like the English “we” but it sounds more like “whey”. I have no idea how to spell it. From what I’ve found online, I think it is “Ouais”. Anyway, we were all singing songs to the French “yeah”. It was so fun. Then at the end, when we took this picture, we all said “ouais”! And now, all of the Amoabeng kids were home. Amma, who is 23, is in the green sweater, Sally is by Beck, Michelle is on the far left, and Kujo, who is now 21, is on the far right next to me. It was so fun at their house and the food was tottemo oishi desu…very delicious!! Amma, Sally, Kujo, and Michelle cooked it all.


Now, bringing you back to the present. This was at the joint service that we had today, on the January 2nd, 2011. Here Kujo is translating as my dad is opening the service up.



And here you can see Sister Ikeda on the far left, Yoshiki on the guitar, Brother Arai and Brother Daniel at the pulpit.


And here is Sister Yokoyama, Sister Victoria, Sister Ikeda, and Yoshiki.



And here is Pricilla and Dixon.


And here is Brother Kwasi and Brother Yokoyama. Brother Yokoyama was preaching while Brother Kwasi was translating.




And here you can see Brother Yokoyama praying for Brother Barima Gyamfi.


And this was at the restaurant Big Boy. We got some dessert there today and we wanted to show you how it looked EXACTLY like the picture on  the menu.

This is the “aisu tera misu” or the ice tira-misu. This is the actual thing.



And this is the “mishishipi choko keki” or in Eigo, Mississippi Chocolate Cake. See how it looks just like the picture.


And the cheesecake.


And here you can see how even the sauce looks like the picture on both the chocolate cake and the cheesecake.


And on the way home, we saw this awesome looking police car. It was a Mazda RX-8. It was a NICE looking car.



And they even had helments on!!



Okay, that is all I have for now. I have no more picture to put up. But as soon as I get some, I will be doing another entry.

Also, I would like to thank everyone for helping us get over 1,000 hits. Please send this web address ( ) to anyone and everyone. I want as many people as possible to know what is going on in Japan.

As I said in the beginning, I hope everyone has had an awesome Christmas and New Year.

Oh yes, I would like to say Happy Birthday to everyone that has a birthday in January. I don’t remember everyone’s birthday from Dayton, but I will say who all’s birthday I do know. If I miss your birthday, please email me, and I’ll put your name on the next blog entry.

So, o tanjoubi omedetto gozaimasu, Happy Birthday, to Micaleah, Courtney, Aunt Darlyne, Dennis Datsomor, Alina , Rebekah, Bernice, Brother Marty, Brother Mike Williams, and ME!!!!

Once again, I’m sorry if I didn’t add your name. Like I said, just email me and I’ll add you in the next blog entry.

Okay, that’s all I have for now. Please email this to anyone you know to help spread the word about what’s going on in Japan.

Thanks so much!!

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