DCD Conference III


Ok. Here is hopefully what will be the last of these three DCD entries. I’m trying not to make them all too long.

Before I continue, I would like to ask everyone if they know what this is.


And maybe this will clue you in just a bit more.


I will tell you at the end of this entry.

Now, I’ll be telling about when Brother Woodward was teaching on Thursday.

Brother Woodward didn’t title this message (I don’t think) but he basically talking about the name of Jesus.

This is what Yahweh, which is the Old Testament name for God, looks like in Hebrew. This name was only reserved for God.


And that the Hebrews read from right to left. And these are how to say the Hebrew letters.


So moving those switching those around to read like we read in English and doing the switch from the “V” to the “W”, which was applicable, gives us this.


And this is how the word was pronounced.


And when you pronounce that, you get Yahweh.

And when Jesus was put on the cross, and Pilot wrote, “This is Jesus King of the Jews”. But he also said that what the Jews did was tell Pilot to change the wording to, “This is Jesus, who says he is King of the Jews”. But Pilot said basically that I have written what I have written and it is not going to change. And this is what “This is Jesus King of the Jews” looks like in Hebrew.


But what made the Jews mad was what they saw and what stood out to them from that phrase that Pilot had written down. They saw the name that was reserved for God only. That was why they wanted Pilot to change it. They did not want that up there.


Yes, we all learned so much from Brother Woodward in his sessions that he did.

Moving right along, this was taken at the altar call Thursay evening.


And here is Pastor Tim. Sorry Pastor Tim. Between the times that I had zoomed in and when I snapped the shot, Pastor Time had pulled his phone out. Sorry!


Altar call. Barak is on the far left in the striped shirt.


In these pictures, Brother Allen Shalm is on the far right.



And this is where Brother Woodward was telling about his trip to the Rome. He started out by showing some picture of the biggest Colosseums in Rome and that that was where many of the emperors had all of the gladiator fights (is that what they are called?) and ended the story by saying that where the emperors used to sit to put their thumb down for people to die, many, many, many Christians died, that now a cross stands, put there by Pope Benedict XIV. This website tells a more detailed story about it, http://www.sacred-destinations.com/italy/rome-colosseum.

Anyway, here is where the cross stands; where the Roman emperors once stood.



And this is where the Mamertinum prison where both Peter and Paul were imprisoned.


I don’t remember exactly what this is.



And this is what some people think Peter look like. And he is holding two keys in his rights hand. The tour guide told Brother Woodward that is was the key of political power in Rome and spiritual power in Rome. Brother Woodward said he wanted to laugh because he knew what the keys were, but he didn’t. But he did say, “We know that the keys were not the keys of political and spiritual power of Rome, but the keys of the kingdom.


And this is a statue of Peter.  Brother Woodward showed us that, where the feet are supposed to be, they are not there anymore because people rub them and kiss them so much, that the feet are rubbing away.


And this was at the altar call.




And one of the brothers praying for Bishop Willoughby.


Looking out over the congregation.


Several of the brothers praying for each other.



Here Brendon is praying for Barak.


And several of the sisters praying for each other.




Pastor Tim praying for one of the sisters.


Sorry this one is blurry. it is of Bishop Willoughby talking to Prophet Archovio.


And here is a close up from the ordination service the night before.


And this is just a close up of Bishop Willoughby from when we got our picture with him.


And Brother Stoneking again.


And this is Brendon. He is from Canada. And then D.B.


And here we are with Mikayla. I don’t really care for the first one as much, but Beck likes that one best so I’ll just put both of them on here.



In this picture, I don’t know if Mikayla didn’t want her picture or if Barak was just messing around with her, but in here (from left to right) is Mikayla, Barak, Celinda (not my mom, although is does look like it is my mom), and then Meghan.


And here we have Beck, Mikayla, Barak, Meghan, and me. I really like this picture. I have this picture for my background on my ipod.


Ok, now this is kinda of funny. Everyone thought that Brendon and Barak looked JUST alike!! And they really do. Someone had the same glasses on that Brendon wore most of the time at DCD and then someone let Barak put on a pair that looked very similiar to Brendon’s. And when they both put them on…WOW!! They look just a like. Almost like twins. Even Brother Woodward got them confused. I looked at them after I took this picture and was like, “Brendon, Barak, y’all look so much alike, it is almost scary”. And they don’t even know each other. They just met this last week.


And here they are again with the serious face on.


And here they are doing the “Rapture Stance”. It is something that Brendon and some of his class mates from, I think, Bible College. Brendon wanted to teach it to Barak, and we wanted their picture in the middle of them doing it. Yeah, it was hilarious. We were all laughing.


And here is Mikayla and Beck.



And then me and Mikayla.


And this was the last night, during and after eating Domino’s pizza.

In the first picture, Bridgett is on the far left, then Beck, Mikayla, and the Sister Angie Clark.


In the second picture, you have D.B. and Hannah. And you can see a little bit of Meghan.


And here you can see Meghan, Celinda, and half of Barak. Sorry you can’t see Brendon. He was sitting right next to me. I tried to get a picture of Barak and Brendon, but all I ended up doing was getting Barak looking at me while he was taking a a bite like, “Are you taking a picture of me eating?” and then Brendon had his head hidden, accidently, by a cup.


And here is a close-up of Mikayla, Barak, and Meghan. This was Thursday night after the service, but before the pizza.


And this is a little different. Something I have never seen before, but this answers my question to you in the beginning of this entry. You know how, like, the Muslims I think, once during their lifetime have to travel to Mecca. Well, also, every day when they pray, the have to face toward Mecca, sort of how Daniel faced toward Jerusalem to pray. Anyway, in all of the rooms, there is an arrow pointing toward Mecca, so that everyone will know in what direction to pray.



And this is the prayer rug. There is a story behind this. My parents walked into their room and opened the drawer and my mom saw this really pretty rug. My mom was like, “Oh, what a pretty bathroom rug.” And when Beck and I walked into our room and Beck opened the drawer and and was like, “Oh!! Look at this really pretty rug!!” So we put it in the bathroom in front of the tub. The next day, our housekeeper took it up, and put it back into the drawer, while at the same time, my parents housekeeper took theirs and did not even put it in the room anywhere. So, that is the religions of the world lesson for the day!!


And this was leaving Malaysia entering into Singapore again after we passed through the immigrations building.



And this was once again in no-mans-land in the middle of the river.





And this was at the Changi Airport.



And here you can see where we were at in Johor Bahru for the conference and then where the airport was. Johor Bahru is up toward the upper left  and the Changi Airport is where the red letters are in the center of the screen.


And this is pretty much the last thing that we saw of Singapore.



And here are just some of the pretty clouds.



And here is the sunset that we were flying into.



And here you can see some of our flight path (the total flight was about 6 hours, 30 minutes).


And here is what we saw coming into Haneda Airport.




Here are a couple more picture that I got today as I was finishing this entry up. Instead of trying to remember when they were taken, I’ll just put them all here.

This was at Haneda Airport.


And this was at the Changi Airport in the cafeteria. This is what we look liked after being up for 46 hours with only about 2-3 hour nap during that time frame.


And this is Nalani (in the red shirt) who is 18 years old, Beck who is 14 years old, and then Nalani’s sister, Vijaya, who  is 23 years old. Then there is a close up of the three of them.



And this Sister Selvi with my mom.


And this was at the Changi Airport as well. I really didn’t want to put this on here, but my dad is going to if I don’t so….I really have no choice. So we are walking around the Changi Airport (well they are walking, I am hopping) and finally they ask if I want a wheelchair. My leg was real swollen by this time after being up on it for most of the days the rest of the week, and I first said no, but I took a few more steps, trying to be brave and just make it to the gate, and I am getting slower and slower. Finally after about 3 steps, my mom says, “Rachel, let us get you a wheelchair.” So I agreed and let me tell you, that sure beat walking. It felt so good just to sit and relax. Before we got to the actual gate though, we had to put the wheelchair up, and I just hopped the short distance to the gate. After sitting down for about 10-15 minutes, they told the 4 of us and Brother Yokoyama we could go ahead and get on. That was a lot easier since I didn’t have to dodge feet and bags and people getting back to our seats. My dad was able to ask an attendant if they could have a wheelchair waiting for us at Haneda airport since my leg was so swollen. Anyway, this is what my parents and Beck wanted. I really tried to protest, but since I was the weaker one at that point, I really didn’t have much of a choice.


And that, my friends, is all that I have for this DCD entry. Actually that is all I have for the whole conference. Until next year!!! Or at least until LTD!!!

To all of my new friends, I would like to say that it was so awesome to meet you all. I loved every minute and enjoyed myself so much during the time that we got to spend with each of you. I can’t wait to come back.

To Bishop Willoughby, Meghan, Barak, and Mikayla, I would also like to say that it was absolutely so awesome to meet y’all, too. I will never look at Bishop Willoughby’s book the same now that I have actually met you. Y’all most definitely set the example that many others need to follow, including myself. Thank you.

Please come back again to read more entries. I’ll do another entry as soon as I possibly can!

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