Rachel’s First Entry

Welcome To Japan!

Ok, well, here I am finally getting to my blog entry. We’ve been sorta busy, and then sorta not. We don’t really do much during the day, but then sometimes it does seem like we’re busy.

Well, everything here is going really good. The church services have been going really awesome. We baptized our first person last Sunday so that was good. And there was a lot of people there too. More than I thought was there the first few weeks.

Well most of y’all know about how everything happened so I won’t go into that right now. I will have another entry with the whole story on it. But I will tell you everything else going on.

We’ve been playing a lot with our neighbor’s son, Kouhei, who is 5 years old. He likes playing tag, or touch, as he calls it, and soccer. We enjoy playing with him. He does speak English but is very shy around me and Beck, so he only speaks Japanese. But since I do know some, thank God, I can understand a little of what he says. But when he does say something and we don’t know, we just shrug and then we all start laughing. And today his dad, Kamata-san, took us to the river not far from where we live. Probably not much more than 10 minutes drive away or so. And we, Kamata’san, Kouhei, their dog, Aki, and Beck and me, all stayed there about an hour. That was fun. We were catching tadpoles, and little baby fish, and we skipped a couple rocks each, and then just threw some rocks, and then just splashed around a bit. Then on the way home, Kamata-san stopped and got us some ice cream. Then we came home and played with Kouhei some more. But it’s all very fun, and I enjoy myself a lot. And Kamata-san tells us that on days when we don’t make it over, Kouhei is always asking, “Daddy, when is Rachel and Rebekah going to come over. Are they going to come over today, Daddy? Huh, are they?” And when we do go outside, he goes to the door, and then he just grins when he sees who it is.

And then when it’s just us, we go walking together, either all four of us, or just me and Beck, and we’ll go walking to a cheap shopping mall about a mile from our house, called Tokyu, or we’ll go the opposite direction to a little hundred yen, or a dollar, store roughly about the same distance away from the house.

But I’ve have had so much fun here and I’m enjoying myself a lot. This is better than any vacation ever. And the people are wonderful and everything is going great. This is the greatest experience ever!!!

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  1. Rebekah Says:

    Japan is a blast!!! ( IF anyone ever gets a chance to go somewhere over seas, you should choose Japan):)

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