Sunday July 4th, 2010

Konnichi wa!!!

First, to everyone in America, I’d like to say…


Now, I have just a few pictures from church on Sunday, but not many.

First off, here I am with my twin sister. Oh really?!?!? You didn’t know I had a twin sister. Oh wow. Well, you’ll just have to look and see!






Yes, Sister Pauling calls me her twin sister since my middle name is Pauline. She call us the twin sisters that look nothing alike. Love ya Sister Pauline!!!

Now here is Brother Gaze and my dad.


And Steven. I think he was trying to do the peace sign but only his index finger got in the picture. Ooops!!


And here are several church group pictures that were taken. I’ll put up most that I have because in some of them, there were different people in them getting pictures or some that were just getting in.




And here is another of one of the sweetest babies in the world, Dixon. He’s so sweet!!! I just love him to pieces!!! His cheeks just make you want to squeeze them!


And after church, we went to the Amoabengs house. There was the four of us, the three Logans, the four Amoabengs, and guy name Kofi that the Amoabengs know from Ghana.

We had SO much good food. It was awesome!!! Everything was great Sister Victoria!! Thank you so much!!

So on the way to the Amoabengs house, we passed by a fire station and saw this outside.


And this was after we ate (except for the watermelon) while we were talking with Brother Kofi. You can see my mom and Sister Logan talking and Beck eating her watermelon. Sister Victoria is taking the picture, Michelle and Jeremiah are off to the far left while Brother Kwasi is to the immediate left and Kujo is to the right. Brother Kofi is in the middle between my dad and Brother Logan



And here is Michelle and Jeremiah.


And here is Jeremiah while he was drawing with Kujo. I kind of caught Jeremiah off guard. Sorry!!


And one thing I found out on Sunday was that Kujo can play the piano!! And he plays GOOD!!! No, make that GREAT!!!! AWESOME!!! My dad said, “Who is that?” then when he saw who it was, that is was Kujo, he said, “Now I know who I can call on when Sister Yokoyama can’t make it”. Kujo just laughed. Well, so did the rest of us. Here are a couple pictures from Kujo playing. Actually, I videoed Kujo and took these pictures from the videos.


Sorry this one is blurry.


In this next picture, we are all laughing because Jeremiah wanted to play with Kujo. It was funny!



And Jeremiah trying to be like Kujo and playing the piano


And here are several group pictures from there. In the first couple, Kujo is taking the picture, then Sister Victoria took a couple.





Okay, that’s all I have for now. Sorry there is no more. I don’t know how long it’ll be before I get enough pictures to make another post but I hope it is soon!!

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