Tokyo Dome!!!

Hello everyone!!!

Yes, I know, I have been doing quite a few blog entries these last couple weeks but we have just so much going on. But it is all so much fun!!! So here is all about our day at the Tokyo Dome!!

So here is where we started. We met the Logan’s at their house and drove to Cainz, which is sort of the Japanese version of Lowes. We parked our cars there and walked to the Akishima train station. We took the train I think 3 stops, then switched trains and took that train 10 stops. When got got off the train at the 10th stop, we walked for about 5-10 minutes and we were at Tokyo Dome City. It was so much fun!! I had a blast!! (I love you Thunder Dolphin!!)

The first thing you see when walking into Tokyo Dome City is the Tokyo Dome Hotel. This hotel is HUGE!!! We thought it was about 25 or so floors. My mom looked online and there are rooms from floor 9-41 and the cheapest room starts out at about Y 19,00 yen, or about $190, and the most expensive room was about Y300,000, or roughly $3,000.



And here is just some art that was outside of the Dome area.


And here is a guy juggling outside of one of the shops. We were all like, “Wow!!” And Jeremiah was so cute when he was watching the juggler.


And here is a waterfall type thing but it looks like steps.


And these are signs pointing to where different things are, but I loved them because they looked like huge pencils.


And here is part of the most wonderful roller coaster EVER…..THUNDER DOLPHIN!!! Me and Beck and Sister Logan re-christened it about 5 times. First we called it the Thunder Shark, but that’s because we didn’t remember the name. Then we called it the Dolphin of Terror, after we remembered the name. Then we called it the Scary Shark of Terror. And there was one more that I don’t remember but the last one we named it was the Thunder Shark. We came to the conclusion that dolphin wasn’t really a good name to give a roller coaster that started off going uphill and went through a building AND a Ferris wheel! And that hill right there, the ride STARTS on the right side. And I screamed till we got to the indention and the force took my breath away, literally. After that first hill, I laughed the WHOLE time. I was still laughing when I got off. I yelled back at Sister Logan during the roller coaster, “This is totally awesome!!!”




And this is just one of the signs going into the shopping area.


And here you can see where the Thunder Dolphin/Shark of Terror/Thunder Shark/ Scary Dolphin of Terror went through the building. They told you not to put your hands up so you wouldn’t hit the building, that’s how close you were.


And here is Jeremiah smiling. He started off smiling at me then he turned to Beck.



And Sister Logan and Jeremiah.


And here is what the kids meals came in at Bubba Gumps, which by the way had some AWESOME food!!!


And then Jeremiah again. Isn’t he ADORABLE!!!


And here is where the Thunder Dolphin went through the Ferris Wheel. (Yes, Thunder Dolphin is the actual name. Not our name)


And here is Jeremiah on the Merry-Go-Round. Then Beck on the Merry-Go-Round. And I got on there too. It’s been almost 4 years I think since I ‘ve been on a Meryy-Go-Round and before that I think it was in 2000 when I was on one.



And this is a waterfall that was out front but I thought it was really pretty.


And here is Jeremiah while we were looking at different bags and backpacks.


And believe it or not, we got to see, although not meet, some of the baseball players from one of the Japanese teams, the Yomiuri Giants. There was another Japanese team there that the Giants had been playing against, but we didn’t see any of them. Then I got a close up (sort of) of their mascot.



And here is one of the signs that was out front. You’d think there might be a little bit of, what would you call it, pride (for lack of better words) for their team? And here is a little shop that was focused on just the Yomiuri Giants.



And here is a small section of Thunder Dolphin again. We go up on the left and down on the right. Notice the small indention…there you feel like you aren’t attached to the tracks anymore and  that you’re just flying.


And this is just one of the other rides at Tokyo Dome City. We didn’t do this one, though. It looked almost like a Drop Zone at Six Flags or Kings Island.


And another ride. We didn’t do this one, but it almost reminded us (well, me) of a hot air balloon but you stand up in this thing (it almost looks like a cage) and then it takes you all the way up, the a little faster than it brought you up, takes you right back down. I’m guessing you can see quite a bit of downtown Tokyo from up there.


And here you can see two sections of Thunder Dolphin. The part of the track closest to the building, no kidding you were within 3-4 feet of the building, maybe 5 feet tops but no further than that.


And this might be when we were going through the hole in the building, but I’m not entirely for sure. But look at how close we were to the building. Almost scary close!!


And some more of the Tokyo Dome Hotel. It looks huge from these angle!!!!



And poor little Jeremiah sleeping after the long day.


And here you can see Thunder Dolphin, hugemongous Ferris Wheel, and the Drop Zone/Pillar of Terror (Pillar of Terror is my name for it).


And here is your’s truly, the Pounderrs family!!! Sister Logan took these for us on the way out.



And on they way out (well, it was on the way in too, I just didn’t get it on the way in. I was too excited for the roller coaster!!) there was this awkward looking architectural art that I grabbed a shot of. Please don’t ask me what it is because I have no absolute idea


And I thought this was cute. This was coming out of the train station.


And here’s a cutie with his baseball bat. Love ya Jeremiah!! We’re gonna miss y’all!!!



Well, tomodachi, that’s all I have for this blog. Please come back to read the next entry and the entries to come!!!

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