Matthew 5:38 Turn the Other Cheek :D

Konnichi wa tomodachi!!!!!

Yes, I know this is kind of early for another entry, but I do have a short one to do.

First, I would like to announce that….(drum roll please)…..I AM OFFICALLY A SENIOR!!!!

Okay, now that that is over with and I got that out of my system, I will say that if you have weak knees, or if you get sick at the sight of blood, please do not read this entry below this next paragraph or look at the pictures. We do not want you vomiting on your computer! That would not be good!

Several weeks ago, my dad noticed something on his cheek but they thought it was a pimple type thing. But a couple weeks later it was still there and it was growing. So finally, last week or the week before, my dad went to the doctor and they did what they call a shave biopsy, and they sent it off to the lab for testing to see what it was. And last week my dad got a call saying that it was squamous cell carcinoma, which is basically a type of skin cancer. But thankfully they caught it early enough and they said that if anyone was going to get a skin cancer, that would be the one to get. So, today, July 2nd, he went in, and the doctor cut down into the skin to get below to make sure they got everything and they didn’t give the cancer any room to spread. We stayed home, but the doctor let my mom take some pictures. My mom told the doctor that one of her kids would think it was cool (that would be me) and the other wouldn’t want to even look at the pictures (which would be Beck). But yes, I do think this type of stuff is cool!

Okay, so now I’ll skip a few lines so y’all won’t see the pictures if you’re weak-kneed.





Ok so here they are. This is right before the surgery. I don’t think they had him marked, but I could be wrong.


And this one is I think right after they had marked him. Doesn’t it look like an eyeball of sorts? She circled it where the growth was and then went around it so they would know where to cut around and down under it. She went around it out to the sides like that to make sure it didn’t “dog ear”, which I think is where it puckers on the sides a bit.



This is after they cut him open (sort of).



And this is the thing that they cut out. I’m not for sure how big it was but by looking at the picture of the side of his face, it looks like it was a decent size.


And this is after he was sewn up.


Well, that’s all I have for now. Hopefully here in the next couple days I’ll have some more pictures for all y’all (yes Bernice ALL Y’ALL!!!!! Say it with me now “ALL Y’ALL!!)

Please come back and read more!

We thank you all for you prayers and ask that you would please continue.

Love and miss all y’all!!!

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