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Bricktown, OKC

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Hello again! 

This will be my last entry before I start with my Roatan entries. I’m excited about all of that because I want y’all to see what amazing things happened while we were.

Anyway, one of the days that I spent with my Aunt Darlyne, she took me downtown to Bricktown. That was pretty cool, too! It was very vintage in some parts and more modern in other parts.

Aunt Darlyne took me to Toby Keith’s “I Love This” Restaurant.

You talk about tasty food! I got the fish fry sandwich.

After lunch, we went on a riverboat ride down what possibly may be the Canadian River. That was cool too! There is so much history in OKC. I love it!!

I love the mosaics!

 Down one particular street, there is a brick  wall that is painted. It’s so pretty!

These are what some of the old postcards looked like that were made in I think 1955 or somewhere around that time.

Sonic HQ?!?!? I told Aunt Darlyne, “I need to go drop a note off inside the door asking them to go worldwide….more specifically to Japan.”

This is down by the Oklahoma Centennial Land Run Monument. You can learn more about that here: ,




 I tried to remove the pole in the background but I wasn’t making enough progress in the short amount of time that I wanted to make progress in so I stopped for the time being. I will work on it more later.


We went into a little shop right there along the river walk and when we saw this, I told Aunt Darlyne, “Rebekah would probably LOVE this!!”

Down one of the streets in Bricktown, there is a wall that is painted down the entire street (I think I might have mentioned it previously). Here are some more shots of that.

Bricktown is full of old(er) buildings throughout the entire area.

The entire Thunder team. GO THUNDER!!

In case if y’all haven’t noticed, Oklahoma is very dedicated to it’s sports teams.




I like this picture. I think maybe it’s the coloring. I took it through a tinted window.

I had a lot of fun with Aunt Darlyne those few days we went out. To Aunt Darlyne, thank you so much for allowing me to stay with you those couple days and for taking me shopping and down to Bricktown and to the Zoo. I had a blast with you! Love you so much!!

To everyone else, come back to look at what all happened in Roatan!

God bless you all!!


OKC Memorial

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Hola, mi amigo!

How are all y’all doing? I hope everyone is well.

Before I go into detail (much detail) about my trip to Roatan, I want to finish about my time in OKC. When I was staying with my Aunt Darlyne, she took me downtown to Bricktown and to the OKC Memorial. This entry will be about the Memorial and the next one will be about Bricktown.

The OKC Memorial is a memorial set up after a bombing in April of 1995. I don’t know all of the details of the bombing, though. Sorry.

Here is where everyone has posted notes and other things in memory of the people that were lost in the bombing.

Here are just some random things that were posted on the gate.

There won’t be a lot that I can say, but I will try to tell you what little I know about the Memorial.

The each empty spot in the wall is representative of one person that was lost during the bombing. There is a candle sitting (or was sitting) in each spot as well.

It seems a bit crazy to me how that many Americans are trying to get Christianity out of America YET when something significant happens (i.e: OKC 1995 bombing, 9/11) we (America as a whole) want God as close as He can be. Why is it that we won’t let Him close even when everything is going all right? Why is it that we have to wait until something so terrible happens to ask God to for help? Just a thought.

In the center of the Memorial is the reflection pool.


You can see the damage to the top of the building on the left.

There is also a chair for each person lost during the bombing. There are smaller chairs for the children that were lost and larger chairs for the adults.

I think the time frame from when the bomb first went off until everything was over was from 9:01 am to 9:03 am

You can see here how part of the fire escape was torn away from the building and how what is left is twisted and bent in many places.

How close the government and church got during those days….

Here is the path going to the Survivor’s Tree. This tree was hit partially by the blast, as you can see by the lean of the tree. Once you get a bit closer to the tree, you can see how the bark was stripped away by the force of the blast. But, it still survived.

The rest of the following statement says “We will not be defeated”

The following picture tells about the building right across the street from where the bombing took place (the one shown above):

“The south wall of the Journal Record Building directly faced the blast’s impact and was heavily damaged by the April 19, 1995 bombing. Parts of the south wall were separated from the floor beams, and the arched section of the building’s roof was lifted up by the blast and fell to the ground.

The jagged brick edge across the top of the wall shows where the roof brake away from the building.

Structural repairs were made and a new roof installed. However, the south face with its broken bricks and mangled fire escape were left very much as it looked following the bombing. The black brick window openings and dark glass windows help leave a sense of void created by the blown out glass following the bombing. The  fresh angular mortar joints you see were repaired during the buildings rehabilitation, but provide a look at locations where portions of the were lifted up by the explosion then settled back without collapsing.

The Oklahoma City National Memorial Trust chose not to repaint this historic south wall. Rather, structural repairs were made and a protective sealant applied to help retain the look of the wall following the 1995 bombing.”

 “Children were a significant part of the worldwide response in April 1995, responding with words of encouragement and messages of hope — for Rescue Workers especially — and Oklahomans in general.  Thousands of ceramic tiles were sent to Oklahoma in 1995. A sampling of these tiles is now is now a permanent part or the Oklahoma City National Memorial.”



Here is one of the Catholic cathedrals in OKC. This one was HUGE!

The OKC National Memorial was amazing and very thought provoking. It just makes you really think about how short life is and how soon your life can be taken away from you.

That’s all I have for this entry. I’ll be working on putting some more up here in a bit.

God bless you all! Much love and many thanks for all of your prayers!


OKC Zoo Part II

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Hola again!

I hope all of you are doing well.

Before I go into how well the trip to Roatan went, I’d first like to finish from last time. My last post was about the OKC Zoo and I only got about half-way done. So I’ll start from where I left off.

As we were leaving the elephant pavilion, we saw this sign. Aunt Darlyne said, “Hey, you would feel at home, wouldn’t you?”

I love the coats of all the species of big cats. And they all move so gracefully.

This cat was a skinny little thing.

Yes, I like country. The lake was so pretty.

I like nature, too…just in case y’all haven’t noticed 😀

Two of the tigers were playing in the water with a ball.

This is one large fowl. Wonder how much it weighs…hmm?

The entire city (and probably state) was buzzing during the finals. Oklahoma is a very dedicated and devoted state.

Aunt Darlyne and I had lunch there at the zoo. We had taco salads.

They were huge! Yeah, I barely made the half-way mark in eating this thing. But man, was it good!!!

Outside of the restaurant at the zoo was this blue frog. I love the color.

After we ate, we walked around the zoo for a little longer. Our first stop was the flamingos.

I had a lot of fun with my Aunt Darlyne! Thank you, Aunt Darlyne, for letting me stay with you and for taking me around shopping and to the zoo and to the Memorial. I really had a good time! I love you!

Well, my next entry will be about the OKC Memorial. You HAVE to check it out!

God bless you all!

This little feline was cute!