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桜 が きれい です!!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Hello again!!!!!

I hope everyone has been having an AWESOME week!!! My dad has taken this week off and we’ve been sightseeing (well, we’ve only gone out one day so far but I know the other days will be good, too!) so our week has gone really good.

These last few weeks has been the time of the Sakura, or the cherry blossom trees. Around this time of year, they have sakura tea, sakura treats and snacks (ice creams, jello’s, cookies, and many other things). Anyway, so while I was at Camp Zama, I walked to Vet clinic (where I volunteer) and I was able to get a lot of pictures of the Sakura trees. They are GORGEOUS!!! This entry is going to be all about the Sakura trees.

I love the contrast of the sky, the bushes, and the cherry blossoms!

The colors are so contrasting that the pictures almost look fake.

I REALLY like this picture!!

This is overlooking the running track on base (oops! I forgot. It’s post. Army calls it a post not a base).

This part of Zama is up on a hill so you can overlook the city and see all the mountains. That in addition to the color of the cherry blossoms and the sky…well, it’s just really pretty.

This is looking out over the golf course. I stuck the camera lens through the fence thing so I could get a clear shot of the area.

After that, I went over the the library for a little while. While I was there, I got some pictures of the cherry blossoms there.

My mom really likes this little blue panel truck. It’s kinda cute!!

This is walking down the road by the vet clinic. There is a whole bunch of cherry blossom trees on the left side.

This is back up by the towers. I went on two separate days so I got several different pictures.

That is all I have for this entry. I’m gonna start working on another entry here soon. I hope y’all enjoy the cherry blossoms even though you can’t be here in person. 🙂

God bless y’all and we love all y’all so much!!


(P.S. By the way, the title says “Sakura ga kirei desu!!” which means “The cherry blossoms are beautiful!!”)



Welcome to Japan, Brother Bourn!!

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Hello again!!

How are all y’all doing? We are all doing well here in Japan. How many of y’all from Dayton remember Brother J.J. Bourn? Well guess what?!?!? He is here right now!!! This last weekend he preached at Haijima UPC. So Friday we had one service at 7:00 pm, on Saturday, we had a service at 2:00 pm and on Sunday we had a service at 10:00 am and one at 2:00 pm. It was SO awesome to be able to see Brother Bourn again. We got to spend a little bit of time with him and that was awesome, too.

So, anyway, the first night (Friday evening), we started the service by walking around and praying for each seat and asking that God would bless and touch every person that would sit in each seat.

Brother Daniel and Sister Yokoyama led the song service. When we have a joint service like that, we have one leading the songs in English and one leading the songs in Japanese.

So, since I have so many random pictures of the special services this last weekend, I’ll not be writing too much, only on certain pictures will I write a lot.

Sorry a few of these are a bit blurry.

Moving on to the Saturday services.

I just wanted to say how absolutely WONDERFUL it was to see everyone from Haijima again and to have everyone together again.

By the way, the lady on the far left is Sister Kim Hatch. She is an AIMer that is working with the Lucas’s for the next 6 months.

If you have not heard Brother Bourn, you HAVE to hear him one day!!! He is absolutely AMAZING  and he has some of the greatest stories to tell.

Also, although this is sort of off topic, I just wanted to say how good it was to see Brother Paul Apedo and he was walking almost perfectly normal. For those who don’t know, Brother Paul broke his foot a couple months ago and he was in a cast for a while and now, although he was in a walking cast/boot (I think), he’s walking pretty good now.

Brother Bourn’s main message for the weekend was on Miracles. Basically that we don’t have to beg God for miracles (or the Holy Ghost). We are God’s children and all we need to do is tell God what we need and He will give it to us when the time is right.

This is Silas Coker. His dad, Brother Mark Coker, is the chaplain at Atsugi Naval Base. To me, Silas looks a lot like Dylan Brock. Sister Brock, please give your boys a hug for me and let them know I miss them bunches!! 🙂

Anyway, Silas was talking to Brother Bourn and I thought he looked just adorable so I got a shot of him.

Brother Perry, Brother Ephriam, and Sister Omorefe were praying for Naomi Omorefe.

Here is Brother Lucas closing out one of the services with Brother Matsui translating for him.

Brother Lucas asked for all the people that didn’t have the Holy Ghost, and if they wanted the Holy Ghost, to go up to the front and we would pray with them.

This is Allie Coker in the blue. Isn’t she a cutie?!?!?

Here is Brother Doan praying for David Bryant. The Bryants (David’s parents and sister, Jaliah) had come with the Coker’s.

Sorry I don’t have a lot of captions on here. This is one of those times when a picture speaks a thousand words. Not really anything else you can add to some pictures.

Steven Agyare was also up at the front getting prayed for.

This is Jaliah Bryant (a picture of her older brother, David, is up a bit).

Here is Dennis Datsomor and Zion Omorefe.

This is Jemima Kwarteng.

After church, Rebekah and I were playing with Isaiah Shahid. He’s so adorable!!

Brother Bourn was speaking about claiming what we want (in terms of miracle(s) or things that we want to happen). He turned to Brother Yokoyama and told him to start claiming what he desired.

During the service on Sunday, Brother Lucas walked past Naomi and she was moving around like she wanted to get out of her wheelchair so Brother Lucas and one of the other brothers helped her up out of her chair. She had some help standing up, but she was moving her legs and walking on her own. No one was moving her legs for her. She was doing it all on her own. So we prayed for her for a while and she ended up walking from the alter to the front pew. In the end, she was very tired and just wanted to lay her head on Sister Omorefe’s lap.

This is Michio Javier from the Ibaraki church.

Brother Lucas had asked for all of the pastors (Brother Matsui, Brother Datsomor, Brother Yokoyama, and my dad) to get up and greet the church.

I’m not sure if my dad was looking at me or not, but it does look like he is.

After the Sunday service, everyone wanted to get their picture with Brother Bourn. Here is Brother Doan and Brother Datsomor with Brother Bourn.

Here is the majority of the Ibaraki church with Brother Bourn.

Sister Yokoyama, my mom, and Brother Bourn.

Rebekah wanted to get her picture with Brother Bourn. I’m kind of sorry (okay…really sorry) that I also didn’t ask to get my picture with him, but…

…We did get a family picture with him. I guess that just means that I have to see him again to get my picture with him.

And that, my friends, is all I have from our (Japan’s) time with Brother Bourn. Brother Bourn, we really enjoyed having you here in Japan with us and we hope you can make it back over here very soon. God bless you!!

And to everyone else, God bless you all, too!!!

Much love,








TWT Fellowship March 2012

Monday, April 2nd, 2012


Good evening!!

I hope all of you are doing well. We are doing well over here. Last Sunday, March 25th, 2011, we went to Tokyo Worship Tabernacle in Nakameguro for their monthly fellowship. There was SO much GOOD food!!!

Anyway, enough talk about how good the food was. It’s time for the pictures. So first off, Sister Mary Joy started the worship off.

My dad got up and spoke for just a few minutes to open the service up.

Here is part of the Praise Team.

Brother Datsomor spoke about Naaman that morning. He was saying that even though Naaman was so high on the social ladder and even though he had money, that still didn’t take care of the fact that he was a leper.

This guy is Japanese but he speaks very good English. He learned his English while he lived in Israel quite a few years ago. Because he learned his English in Israel, he doesn’t speak with a Japanese accent, he speaks with an Israeli accent. And he speaks and reads some Hebrew! He was showing us some of the Hebrew letters and how like in the phrase “the land of milk and honey”, it comes out to mean the land of the blood and the water covenant. It was so cool!!!

Lynda was posing for the picture here. I love how she can be playing for a service and still pose for a picture.

After church, we had a jam session. Well, Lynda, Nat, and Dennis had a jam session. I was watching. Nat was playing the keyboard, Lynda was singing and Dennis was doing the bass.

And that’s all I have from our last fellowship. I will be putting more pictures up here soon so y’all keep an eye out for them!

God bless y’all!!!


Yokoso Fukushima!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Hello again!!

How are all y’all doing?  I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been on here. In between volunteering at the Camp Zama Vet clinic and school, I haven’t been on my computer near as much and I haven’t taken so many pictures here recently either. So sorry!!! But I will show you what pictures I do have.

So last week, I went to Fukushima to see my boyfriend.

So anyways, last week, on the 15th, I left Yokohama station at 11:00 pm and I began the 6 hour bus ride to Fukushima prefecture…NOT Fukushima City. I slept the entire way, waking up about 20 minutes from Fukushima station.

Once I got there, we went and got some breakfast and then we went sightseeing. After driving around for a while, we stopped and got some lunch. We stopped at a place called “Gusto”. It was really good!

I’m not sure if Hiro was posing or if I caught him off guard.

Hiro ordered this tasty fruit and yogurt dessert.

The mountains up there were gorgeous!! It was a warm sunny day and there was snow on the mountains making it picture-perfect. 🙂

This is at Hanamiyama.

This lady in the picture is one that we met while walking up one of the roads going up the mountain. She walked up the road with us a bit pointing different things out.

I think Hiro told me that this is a plum tree.

Then after talking for a few minutes, this lady asked if we would like for her to get our picture together.

The sun shining off of the mountains was SO pretty!!

One of the parks we went to had this cute little creek running through it.

Sorry my reflection was in the glass.

This is St. Anne’s Wedding Chapel.

Later that night, after eating at an Italian restaurant (which was delicious!!), we went bowling. I was able to snap a couple pictures of Hiro while we were at the bowling alley.

After this, we went and waited for my bus.

Although this wasn’t in Fukushima, I thought it was worth sharing. We saw this on Sunday on our way to Ibaraki for church.

Funny, isn’t it? 🙂

Oh!! I also have some AWESOME information!!! How many of y’all from Dayton (ALC to be specific) remember Brother J.J. Bourn? Guess what?!?!?!? He is going to be coming to Japan ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!! We are ALL SO happy to be able to see him again. Actually, Brother Bourn prophesied to my parents that we “would have your answer in 45 days of less.” My parents had been trying to decide whether we needed to stay in Ohio and retire there or for my dad to stay in the military. 45 days later, we (my parents) signed the contract on a house there in Ohio. To be more specific, the house was on Eagle Watch Way in Huber Heights, Ohio. Anyway, because of that, we stayed in Ohio for 8 more years, which in turn led to us having my grandparents come visit us in June, and that’s when my dad’s truck broke down. Because of that, we had to leave the truck in Amish Country. When my parents went back to pick the truck up, they met with Sister Lucas. All of that led up to us coming back to Japan!! How AMAZING is that?!?!?!? It’s awesome!! Anyway, so Brother Bourn is going to be here IN JAPAN and is going to be in some special services with several of the churches here on mainland Japan (it will be held at Haijima church and I know the Ibaraki church and Tokyo Worship Tabernacle churches are invited). I am SO excited about seeing Brother Bourn again! I can’t wait!!!

Okay, that’s all the new pictures that I have for now and all of the new information. I’ll try to get some more over these next couple weeks, especially while Brother Bourn is here.

God bless you all!