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Church: January 30th, 2011

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Konban wa!!!

I just wanted to put today’s church pictures up. So here they are!!!

Here is my dad.




And here is Sister Yokoyama and Sister Victoria.


And Brother Daniel.



And here is my dad praying for Sister Jackie.


And my dad again. He was saying something about getting on our knees before the alter and before God.



And this is when my dad was using Brother Perry, Brother Kwasi, Brother Daniel, and Brother Wisdom as he was describing something about how when Jesus was in the crowd (in Matthew chapter 9) and the woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. He was saying that when the disciple’s said to Jesus, basically “Why are you asking who touched you when you are in a huge crowd of people” (I paraphrased that, but you get the point).



And this was while my dad was singing these words to the tune of “Draw me close to you” (I think these were the words):

“Draw me close to food,

He’ll never let us go.

We’d lay it all down again,

To hear you say that it’s the end.

Food’s all I want,

Food’s all I’ve ever needed.

Food’s all  Iwant,

Help me get to the end.”

Yes, we were all laughing, especially Brother Daniel’s boys. It was SO funny!!!

And this was just sometime during the service.


And this is Sister Megumu praying during alter call.



And here is Sister Megumu with her’s and Brother Michael Addai’s daughter, Alicia.


And here you can see all the younger boys standing behind Brother James, who is in the brown jacket, kneeling on the floor. Steven, Paul, Harrison, Zion, and Jun are all in that little group of young men.


And here is Brother James again.


And here is Brother Ephraim praying for Brother Ofori.


And Brother Ofori again.


And here is Sister Vastina praying at the alter.


And here you can see some of the congregation.


And here you can see Brother Tony and Sister Blessing Omorefe. You can also see Sister Lourdis in there.


And here is a close up of Brother Tony and Sister Blessing.



And here is Sister Perlita’s daughter who went up to get her son prayed for. I don’t know the daughter’s name, but I do know that her son is SO cute!!


And here is Sister Perlita’s daughter again holding her son. He is SO cute!!


Sorry if some of these pictures don’t look the best. I’m trying out some new things but I’m trying!!

Ok, that’s all I have for now. Thanks so much!!!

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Well, this is my third consecutive entry in about a week and I will be doing one more entry in addition to this one.

First off, I wanted to show you these pictures I got of the clouds above our house. Yes, I know that clouds aren’t always that interesting, but I thought these were pretty the way the sun was shining down on them. I like the second picture with the sun shining down the way it is.



And here is the restaurant that we went to for my birthday. It’s called the Chinese Dragon and the food was AWESOME!! I had sweet and sour chicken with some white rice. For everyone in Dayton, this food was SO much better than the Chinese food at the Fairfield Mall. This food put that food to shame!!!



And this is just a sign on the side that I thought looked kinda cool. Sorta rustic looking.


And here are the pictures that Beka took.



And here are my mom and dad.


And here, I think I look just a bit like my brother, Justin.


And last of all, here is the group picture.


Also, today I remembered that I share the same birthday as Sister Barbara Willoughby. I would like to ask everyone to remember Bishop Willoughby, Meghan, Barak, and Mikayla in your prayers. I know it has to be hard for them because today was hard for me. Every year, ever since I can remember, my Paw-paw would call on our birthday’s and sing the most off-key, off-tune version of “Happy Birthday” and every year, the song had a different tune. I really miss that. It will take several years to get used to him not calling. I love and miss you, Paw-paw!!!

Well, that is all I have for this entry. Thank you Dah and Nana for calling today and thanks to my family for everything. And since DCD was part Christmas and part birthday, I want to thank my parents for taking us to one of the best (if not THE best) birthday place ever and to everyone that I met at DCD, thank you for giving me the greatest Christmas/birthday gift ever: your friendship. Meeting all of you had to be the greatest gift ever (next to God of course!!)!

Love and miss all y’all. Thank you all for everything.


Happy Birthday, Rebekah!

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011


Yes, I know I just did a blog entry, but this is an important entry. Today was Rebekah’s 15th birthday!! Yay!! And Amma’s and Bernice’s birthday. I know Berncie is 20 but I don’t know how old Amma is for sure, if she just turned 24 or 25, but you get the idea. So, tonight at the house, we had our little party for Rebekah.

Here is the plates and napkins that my mom got for Rebekah for tonight.


And here is her cake that my mom made for her. It was a strawberry something cake. It’s oishii desu!!!



And then with the candles lit. I like that candles, with the different colors.


And here is the birthday girl blowing out her candles. I like how my camera got the fire on the five going out like that. It looks kinda cool!!


And that is all I have. Thanks so much for coming to look at the blog. As always, please don’t hesitate to send this link out to anyone that you know. We’d love as many people as possible to know about this website.

Thanks for all your prayers, and we love and miss all y’all!!

Happy Birthdays, Church Service and Updates

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Konban wa!!!

Okay, so it’s morning in the states so for all y’all there, it’d be ohayo gozaimasu time.

First of all, I’d like to say once again happy birthday to everyone that had/has a birthday this month. I know Micaleah, Courtney, Jordan Smith, Dennis, Alina, Rebekah, Amma, Bernice, Brother Marty, and Brother Mike Williams all had/is having a birthday this month. Actually, as I’m writing this, it’s Alina’s birthday and it will be Beck’s, Amma’s and Bernice’s birthday in about 4 hours. So o-tanjoubi omedeto gozaimasu to you all. Happy birthday!!!

Now, I’m going to show you a picture, and when I get to the end of the entry, I’ll tell you what it is.

So here’s the pre-picture.


Now, I’ll let you think about what that is while I finish the rest of the blog.

Now, these are all from church today, January 23rd, 2011.

This is from Sunday School. These are of my dad.





And these are all from the worship service later this morning.

Here is my dad on the drums while we were singing “God is God”.


And here is Sister Yokoyama and Sister Victoria.


And here is my dad and Brother Daniel.


And more of my dad during the preaching.





And here is the Lotsu family. First there was just Brother Ephriam, Vivi, Kofi, and Makofi.


And here Sister Felicia came in as well. So we have Kofi, Brother Ephraim, Vivi, Makofi, and Sister Felicia.


Now, back to the first picture that I showed.



This is our Japanese convection oven that we got.

And my mom was SO kind and made us a pineapple upside-down cake. Oishi desi!! Tottemo oishi desi!!

Delicious!! So delicious!!

And here is what was left when we got done. It’s was a small cake pan, I promise!! It was one of those small 3 x 6 or something like that. It was a small pan. Really.


Now for the last thing. I know I sent some of you an email telling you this, mainly the people from Singapore since all y’all from there asked me to let y’all know.

I don’t know if all of you know, but at my last appointment with my orthopedic doctor, Dr. Bull, I was told that I had chronic regional pain syndrome and that there was no cure for it. My mom got online after that and was looking and what she found was not very…positive, for lack of better words. She read that it doesn’t get better, only worse. Each time something happens to the knee, it would hurt for longer periods of time and each time would get closer and closer together and can even get to the point where it is crippling to a certain degree. And basically, I was at the crippled point. I couldn’t put even just a tiny bit of pressure on my toe because it hurt so much. I couldn’t do schoolwork because it hurt to sit in my chair. So I tried to sit on the couch and that didn’t work either. It was just too painful to do anything. But that’s the last news we heard.

Fast-forwarding to January 13th when I had my bone scan. By then I was walking on my own again with no pain at all. And on Friday, the 21st of January, I had my follow-up appointment withDr. Bull. We were led back to the exam room and I sat on the bed/table thing and a few minutes later, Dr. Bull walks up to the door and looks at me (from the doorway) and says, “How are you doing?” I smiled, kicked my leg out several times and said, “It’s great!” No kidding, Dr. Bull came over and gave me a one-armed hug and said he was so thrilled that I was doing better and that I wasn’t in pain any more. Then he said that he had been beating his head against the wall ever since my last appointment with him because every test was coming back good and he didn’t know what was wrong. He also told my dad and I that he had spoken to the radiology people, pain management, and at least one other group, maybe two groups, but that they had all gotten together and come up with this plan for when I came back if I was still in pain when I went in. But when the bone scan came back (which when he showed it to me, looked real cool), Dr. Bull saw that my left knee was lit up as well as my left ankle. They also found that I had something called hyper-patella something syndrome. Basically, instead of my knee socket having the regular socket that it is supposed to have, I have a very shallow knee socket. This is caused from: 1. being a female (it has something to do with how the pelvis is made) and 2. I just have an extra shallow knee socket. So what Dr. Bull did during the exam was move my knee cap to the left and right and he said that it was moving 75% to each direction. He also said he could lift it up to what they called the “lift-off” position. He said knee caps aren’t supposed to do that. But, I’m an exception to the rule. So, what happens when I hurt my knee is that when my leg is fully straightened out, and I accidentally hit something (last time it was a chair) it pushes my knee cap out of socket and then it pops back in (which is why I hear the popping sound whenever I hurt it) causing inflammation in my knee causing so much pain. So then he had me stand up on my left leg (the hurt one) and stay that way. So I did and after about 15 seconds, my leg was shaking and I had to hold onto the bed to stay up. Dr. Bull said that that is because I didn’t use my leg for so long, that the muscles became weak, which is probably why my ankle also showed up on the bone scan, because it was still weak from being on crutches for so long. But other than that, I have the bones of a young, healthy person. So, he is going to send me to physical therapy for a while and he gave me some two stronger knee braces that have this thing that go over the knee cap to keep my knee cap in place. I have to wear the brace on my left leg during physical therapy and I wore it today when I wore heels, but when I’m playing sports, he said to wear a brace on both knees so I won’t hurt my other knee. And to add to that, I said something to Dr. Bull about having Brother Datsomor pray for me and having prayer at church, and he ended up calling it a “miraculous recovery”. And he even said that “this isn’t the same girl I saw a month ago”.

So, to end all that, all I have to say is thank God it’s not chronic regional pain syndrome. All I have to do is watch what I am doing and be cautious of my leg. And to add to the sentence before last, I had looked online to see if I could find something that was causing my knee/leg pain and the only things I could find that had the same description was a ruptured tendon/ligament or osteosarcoma, which is bone cancer. Yeah, I was nervous. I felt a bit better when he said it was the chronic regional pain syndrome, because at least I wouldn’t have to have surgery and at least I didn’t have cancer. But then when he said it wouldn’t get better, that it would only get worse, that didn’t help at all. I could only picture myself being 20 and not being able to do anything because I was always in pain. Not cool at all!!

Anyway, I thank God for what he has done!! Yesu-sama arigatou gozaimasu!!!!

Love and miss all y’all and thank you all for you prayers!!

The Pounders family

More recent events

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Hello everyone!!

Well, this will also probably be a short entry as well, but I have some extra pictures to show you all.

First of all, one of my friends from Tabernacle of Joy in Singapore, Abbey Lee, one of Pastor Timothy Lee’s daughters, took these pictures from DCD. She is a wonderful photographer and she’s only 15.

This is Bishop Willoughby during one of the evening services.


And here is Brother Stoneking also during one of the night services.



And here is one of the sisters praying for Beck during one of the services.


And Brother Stoneking again.


And here is when everyone was praying for Bishop Willoughby. It was SO amazing to see Meghan, Barak, and Mikayla praying for Bishop Willoughby. Mikayla is the one standing up in the blue dress, Barak has the blue shirt on, and Meghan is one in the reddish shawl. There were so many people around Bishop Willoughby that time. I think everyone that was at the conference was up there praying for him. It was awesome!!


And this was during, I think, the last night. Brother Stoneking asked anyone to go up to the front that needed healing, and since I was on crutches (well, I had hobbled up to the front to pray for Bishop Willoughby with everyone else without my crutches) I turned around and the next thing I know, I feel SO many hand on my back and arms as so many of our new friends come over and are praying. Those girls were on their knees laying hands on my knee praying. For all of you that read this, thank you all so very much. It means so much. I really appreciate it.


After we got done praying, a couple of the girls helped me back to my seat. I don’t remember who they were, but I want to thank y’all as well.

Okay, that is all I have from DCD, and actually these weren’t mine. As I said in the beginning, all these pictures above are from Abbey Lee. Thanks Abbey!!!

Now, skipping ahead to the end of December, I have some pics from when we went to the Outback Steakhouse with the Datsomor’s, Nat, and Brother Perry.

I don’t remember if I put these pictures on here that Beck took at Outback, but here they are anyway.

Lynda wasn’t looking when, I think, Brother Perry (or maybe it was Dennis), took the picture.


And the three of us again.


And here is Brother and Sister Datsomor.


And here are some pictures that Lynda gave me (thanks, Lynda!!!).

Here are the boys. Well, Dennis said he’d rather that we call them the gentlemen or the guys. So, here are the guys.

We have Nat, Dennis, and Brother Perry. And what is funny is that they are all roughly the same age. I think Nat is older by a year or something, but they are all still very close in age.


And here are the three ladies again.


And here you can see Brother Datsomor, and my dad, and you can partially see Sister Datsomor and my mom.


Next, I would like to thank everyone for praying for me while everything was going on with my knee. I have run across a four-lane highway (using the crosswalk of course), I have run up the steps in our house, I have been able to do pretty much everything normal that I was doing before I hurt my leg. Except for boxing on the Wii. I WILL NOT EVER box on the Wii again. Even sitting down. I won’t do it. We still do not know what is wrong, but I went for a bone scan on Thursday and I go back to my orthopedic doctor on Tuesday. Hopefully by then we will find out what is wrong, or was wrong. I’m hoping/praying that God healed it permanently and that nothing will ever happen to it again.

Now, this is from when we went to Tachikawa for my bone scan. We had to go off-base because the base didn’t have what they needed to do it. So, we drive down there and we walk in…..feeling VERY out of place. We are almost an hour away from the base and when we walk in the doors, it feels like everyone is just staring at us. Oh well!! So we go to the referral desk and they take us back to the X-ray place. We sit there for a few minutes and then a guy comes out and takes us back to the MRI/something-else place where they actually take the bone scan. So we sit there for a few minutes and then this really nice lady comes out and (in Japanese of course) tries to tell us that I needed to change clothes and that they are going to give me a shot first. So we said “Hai, hai” and she takes me back to this room. I change into the scrubs that they give me and then when I get back there, I lay down on this little table that is about 2 1/2 feet wide and then this guy comes in and in English (I was surprised) asks me where all the pain was, how long it was there, when I originally hurt my knee, and then started pulling out these needles. I looked at the one needles and just stared at it. That thing was at LEAST 2 inches long!! Yeah, that thing was going in my arm!! I was just staring and staring. When the guy saw me, he just laughed. It didn’t really hurt that much, but the fact that there was a two inch needle in my arm, was a bit scary!!! Yeah!! So he put this radio-active material stuff in my blood system and then they took some initial pictures. After about 10-15 minutes, she told me I could get up, go change and to come back at 1:00 pm. So I left and when I walked out, Beck was like, “Are you gonna start glowing with that stuff in you?” I asked my mom if I would blow myself up if I took a picture with my camera with all that stuff in me. She was like, “No, I don’t think so.” So we left and went to Bic Camera for a while, then we went back to the hospital. When we got back there, once again, EVERYONE was staring at us as we were laughing at the fact that everyone was staring. So we walked back to where we needed to go and we waited for about 20 minutes and then the lady called my back again. I had to change into the scrubs again and then sit back there for another 15 or so minutes, then I went back into the room and layed down on the table again and I had to lay there being REAL still for 20-25 minutes. Then they did a full-body scan. That was funny because I had to look at the ceiling. And the thing doing the scan was about 1 1/2 – 2 inches from my nose. And I was like, “If this thing drops, I will probably break my nose again, and I might have a concussion.” Anyway, it didn’t drop and when we were done, they gave us the CD and we left.

So, this is what was on my papers that I had to turn in to get to the back. That says (in the bold print) “Paunda-su Reicheru”, which is “Pounders, Rachel”


And here is the name of the hospital that we had to go to.


I asked my mom when I heard that it was called Disaster Medical Center, if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She said it was a good thing because that means that if there is an emergency, that is the place you would want to go.


And we thought this was cool. This is the CD that they put all my pictures on. We liked how they put my name on there.



Now, fast-forwarding to today, Sunday, January 16th, 2011. This is when Sister Blessing Omorefe was testifying about how God reached out to her from a Muslim family and about how God gave her a job here not too long ago. She walked in expecting an interview, but the boss looked at her and said, “I need you to change into your work clothes. You can’t work in a suit.”



And this is something cool. There was a church that Brother and Sister Lucas went to where some of the ladies made some baby blankets to send to our church. So we passed those out today.

This is the the parents waiting/listening while my dad is telling them about it.


And here is Brother Tony and Sister Blessing Omorefe receiving their blanket.


And Sister Charity holding their blanket and you can barely see my dad giving Brother Paul Apedo their blanket.


And here are most of the parents. The only one not there was Sister Blessing Apedo and that was because she wasn’t at the church yet.


And here is my dad giving Sister Vastina Asante her baptism certificate.



And here is my dad giving Sister Kawaguchi Megumu her baptism certificate. Her little girl, Alicia, is SO cute!!


And here is Peter. Isn’t he adorable?








And here we have all the moms and dads and all the babies. We have from left to right in the back: Brother Paul Apedo, Brother Daniel Agyare, and Brother Tony Omorefe. In the front we have (also from left to right): Pricilla, Peter, Sister Blessing Apedo, Sister Charity Agyare, Dixon, Sister Blessing Omorefe, and Alice.


And last, but CERTAINLY not least, I have something REALLY important to tell y’all. Okay, so y’all know how we were supposed to be coming back in November, then it got scoot up to May. Well, in November, Brother Datsomor and my dad met and went out to eat and talked for a while. While they were talking, Brother Datsomor asked my dad a question. He said that he had talked to Brother Lucas about this and Brother Lucas said to go ahead and asked my dad so…Brother Datsomor asked my dad if he would think and pray about coming to help him at the Tokyo Worship Tabernacle in Nakameguro. Brother and Sister Datsomor may to go back to Ghana around December of 2012, if that is what the Lord’s will is. So my parents talked and prayed about it and around Christmas, my dad said he had to tell Beck and I something. The first thing Beck and I did was look at each other and say, “Oh Lord, what now?” Then my dad told us all about the meeting with Brother Datsomor. By this time, my dad had spoken to Pastor Smith and Brother Lucas and chatted with them about the whole thing. So the Tuesday after Christmas, while all this is going through my mind and Becks’ mind, we went down to the New Sanno so my parents and Brother and Sister Datsomor could talk about everything they needed to talk about.

So basically, what I am saying in all of this, is that we will be staying in Japan much longer than May of 2011. We will be staying for several more years. I will have to come back, though, in at the longest, 2 years for college. I can only take so much online before I will need to go back to the states for the rest of my schooling. But everyone else will be here MUCH longer. And honestly, at first, Beck and I were not too hot about the idea of us staying. We were HIGHLY looking foward to coming back home. My mom says that we were frigid toward the idea. But we are warming up to the idea. We really are. So, when Brother and Sister Lucas come back, we will be moving closer downtown so that we will be closer to the Tokyo Worship Tabernacle in Nakameguro. But we will be coming back to the states sometime late this summer to visit for a bit.

And another cool thing about this is that while we were in Singapore, there were so many people that come up to my parents at different times and told them something about us staying in Japan. One night, Brother Lynden Shalm went to my dad at the SAME EXACT time that his wife was going to my mom and they both said basically the same thing!!! And Brother and Sister Shalm had not even talked to each other about it. Yeah, most definitely had to be God! And then the night that we met Bishop Willoughby, we were telling my dad that we wanted to go to their youth camp in June, LTD, and my dad was all like, “So girls, does that mean that y’all want to stay in Japan longer?” and we were like, “Um, I might have to think that through again.” Then Bishop Willoughby looked at us and said, “Give it up girls. Just give it up. If God wants you in Japan, He’ll find a way to make you stay.” I think that was really the first time that I thought, “Oh Lord, do you really want us to stay. Oh no!!” But after that, I really didn’t think about it. But a couple weeks later, when my dad told us, it all came back to me. So even through someone that we had just met, and had only been talking to for a few minutes, God basically told us we were staying. But now we are all good about it. Or getting close to being all good about it. One thing that Beck and I have decided that will help, is that now we will be able to go and see our friends in Singapore a little more often!!

So…that’s all that is going on in our lives. Not much at all!! 🙂

Well, that is all I have for this entry. Sorry it’s not a long entry, but that’s all I have for now.

Thank you all so much for your prayers. We really appreciate all the prayers.

The Pounders family

Ja Mata Kujo…and a trip to Aeon Mall

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Hello everyone!!!

I know I just put a blog entry up (actually a couple), but I don’t want get behind on all the pictures so I want to go ahead and do an entry, even if it is short. So, I only have a couple subjects for this entry.

First of all, this was Kujo’s last service, for this time, until he comes back from France again in the summer. So at the end of service Thursday night, Kujo asked for prayer before he leaves Sunday night. So Kujo walks up to the front of the church and when he got up there, my dad told him to turn around and that he wanted to commend Kujo and that how right before Kujo left for France, he was just drinking in everything that my dad was teaching about holiness. My dad’s words were, “When everyone else was saying, ‘Brother Pounders, it’s getting late. We need to get home because we have work in the morning’ Kujo was saying, ‘Come on Brother Pounders, keep preaching. I want to know more!!'”. This was during that time.


And here, my dad was telling Kujo that God had His hand over his life.


Okay, that is all I have of that. Kujo, we’re all gonna miss you and we’ll be praying for you. We had fun when we all went to hang this past Monday (the 3rd of January). I won’t be able to forget you rushing to try to get tickets in about 30 seconds, so we could get on the train that was there, and the look on your face when that first train pulled out and we weren’t on there. Until Amma and Sally told you that we were supposed to miss the first train or else we would get there too early. Yeah, that was funny!! Or the new name we (or Lynda) came up with for you. “Pastor Kujo”. So, “Pastor Kujo”, we’ll be praying for you while you are finishing up in France and we will see you when you get back!! “Ouais!!!!!”

Now, this is especially for my nephew Bryce. We went to the Aeon Mall tonight and saw this little “train station” set up. The further we walked around the corner, the more we started laughing. It was cute!! Look at the train conductors!



And here, the train conductor was smiling for the camera.




Also, I want to let y’all in on a little secret. Actually, it’s probably not a secret. Since we have been back from Singapore, Beck and I have both been like obsessed with watching/listening to videos and audio messages from Bishop Willoughby’s church, Tabernacle of Joy, in Singapore. If you go to, then scroll down about halfway, look on the left and click on the tabTV button. You will have to make an account on there, but there are some AWESOME message on there!!! You will just have to watch and listen to them. Beck and I have been listening to messages from Bishop Willoughby and Pastor Tim. There are some on there of Brother Lee Stoneking and several other people. But you will not regret signing up. I know I haven’t!!

Okay, that is all I have for this entry. Sorry it is so short, but I don’t want to get too far behind!!

Alright that’s it. Please send this website to all of your friends and family about this website and what all is going on in Japan. We want everyone to know what God is doing world-wide. The more people that know, the more prayers get sent up.

Thank you all for you prayers!!

We love and miss you all!!

The Pounders Family

Tomodachi Outing

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Konban wa!!!

Well, here it is about 7:00 pm so it is “konban wa” time for us, but for everyone in the states, it would be “Ohayo gozaimasu” time. Anyway, let me get on with the blog entry.

So for this entry, it will also be short, but not as short as the Christmas and New Year entries.

Today we went downtown to Roppongi with Amma, Sally, and Kujo to meet Misa, Lynda, and Dennis. Actually there were a couple more people there, but I’ll just have to tell you the story. So yesterday, Misa asked if we wanted to go down to the resutoran, (did you get that? Yes, that’s restaurant) where she works. So we said yes. We got up this morning and my parents went by the Amoabeng’s house to get Amma, Sally, and Kujo to take us to the nearest station, the Kumegawa eki (station) and from there we were off. We took the train about an hour to Roppongi. It was SOO much fun!!! When we got to the Roppongi eki, we waited till Misa got there, then we went to find Dennis and Lynda and one of Kujo’s friends. So we walked a bit toward the resutoran, and when we got there, it was this huge building, way big for Japan, but it was really neat inside.

This was looking out from the second floor of the resutoran, which, by the way, was called Gonpachi, which had some really good food. You can see where we are supposed to be sitting. Misa had wanted to take us on the tour of the restaurant so we went towards the bathroom, the long way, while getting a tour.


And this is not such a close up view.


And this was taken from the second floor. Me, Beck, and Sally.


And then the three of us and Misa.



And this is looking down at our group. You can see Kujo’s friend on the far back left, Kujo, Dennis doing something goofy, and then Jo-jo. In the front is Lynda and Amma.



And this is Beck in the bathroom. The whole place looked very country, rustic looking. But the bathroom beat it all.


And this is me, Beck, and Sally.



And here is the final group picture. From the far left to the far right: Misa, me, Beck, Sally, Tomo (in the red hat), Amma, Lynda, Kujo’s friend (gomen nasai!!! I don’t remember his name!), Kujo, Dennis, and Jo-jo.


I will try to see if I can get some of the other pictures that were taken, but for now this is all I have for now.

Also, I would like to thank everyone for their prayers. I am now able to walk pretty much perfectly (if that is possible to walk perfectly). Last Tuesday, the 28th of December, when we met Brother and Sister Datsomor at the New Sanno, Brother Datsomor said he was going to pray for my knee before they left. So after we got done with everything, and they were getting to leave, he got out of their van, got his oil, walked over to where I was standing, and said, “I did not forget my promise”. So, right there on the side walk, the four of us and Brother and Sister Datsomor got in a little circle and prayed just for a minute and when we were done, Brother Datsomor said, “You are done. This pain will not come anymore”.  Then we went said good-bye, went inside, and went to bed. The next morning, my leg was not hurting at all to walk, just when I stretched it out all the way. Today, I was able to run across the street when we were trying to catch the train, and go up many sets of stairs. Yesu-sama arigatou gozaimasu!!! Thank you Jesus!!  Also, Sunday one of the brothers in the church came over and prayed for my leg “for a complete healing” and for the pain to not come back anymore. So as of now, I am not using my crutches and am walking as smoothly as before. Well, except for when I walk for too long then sit for a bit, then my knee locks up a bit, but it is SO not what it was 3 1/2 weeks ago!! Also, to everyone in Singapore, from Tabernacle of Joy, and everyone that said prayers for my leg while we were at DCD, thank you all as well! It is VERY much appreciated!!!

Okay, that is all I have for now. Thank you for coming and checking this out!!

Ja mata ne!!!!

Around “town”, Special Events & New Year’s Service

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Hello everyone!!!

I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Starting off, I want to give you our weather report. It has been about 65 degrees, maybe high 50’s and we have no snow.  Fuji-san has snow, but not where we are.  Haley, Beck and I were talking a week or so ago, and one of us said something about really singing, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”.   All y’all in the states may be wishing for a green Christmas, since most of y’all got snow. We are really wishing for a white Christmas. Oh well…maybe it’ll be like last year, and Beck and I will have snow for our birthdays.

Now, this is when Sister Megumu Kawaguchi, Brother Michael Addai’s wife, got baptized, on the 19th of December. Sister Megumu and Brother Michael have the cutest little girl, Alicia. She is so adorable!! I’ll have to see if I can get a picture of her one day.





And this is for Brother Phil Roudeski. Beck and my parents went to a recycle shop and saw this awesome looking guitar.



And this is from the 26th of December. Sister Victoria got up and gave a little gift to my mom and Sister Yokoyama. They (a lot of the chruch) had gotten together and they wanted to honor the leaders wife’s.



And there they all are again. Sister Yokoyama and my mom both looked like they were about to start crying up there.



And my mom up there speaking. Let me tell you all something, my mom has REALLY come out of her shell since we’ve been here. This was the THIRD time she actually got up to speak in front of the church.



And Sister Yokoyama speaking.


And this was during the worship service. In the first picture, you can see (from left to right) Brother Ephriam holding Kofi, Brother Kwarteng, Brother Ofori, my dad, and Brother Thomas.  In the second picture, Brother Kwarteng has the paper held up, then Brother Ofori, my dad, and Brother Thomas.



And here is Sister Victoria, Sister Jackie, and Sister Pauline. And then you can see Sister Pauline holding Pricilla’s hand and Dixon walking behind Sister Kwarteng.



And here Dixon is watching my dad. Then Pricilla and Dixon.



And here is Sally. She is back home from Canada for Christmas break.


And here is my dad praying for Brother Wisdom.


And now going back in time a bit, here is Beck playing the piano at the Thursday service before Christmas.



And here are the christmas lights down by the Fussa station. It’s so pretty.




And this, my friends, is a small piece of home. WAL-MART!! Actually, it’s actually a place called Seiyu, but several years ago, Wal-mart bought it out and now Seiyu sells Wal-mart stuff. My mom has decided to just start calling it Wal-mart.


And what is this?? Yes, a Wal-mart “eco-friendly” bag.



And Beck posing with the Wal-mart bag.


And this was taken at the Aeon Mall. Y’all like our hats?


Look at this HUGE bow!!! It was as long as my head. Well, not that my head is that long…but…the bow was huge anyway. I’m not making sense.


And this was at the New Sanno, when we went down there to meet with Brother and Sister Datsomor. I love the chandelier!!


And here is their Christmas trees and Nativity set. I was surprised that they even had a Nativity set since it was on government property.



And here you can see the chandelier above the Nativity scene.


And this is on a street that Brother Datsomor took us to in Shibuya. It was very pretty with all the lights everywhere.



And look at this Hummer stretch limo. Nice!!


And this goes for my sister-in-law, Rachel. I heard from a little bird that you have been craving pickles with the pregnancy. This pickle was only half but it was about as long as my hand and half as wide.


And while the New Sanno had a Nativity set, they also had a Santa set.



And this is looking at the whole back of the entry way.


And here is the Nativity set.


And by the Nativity set, they also had a Menorah.


And here are they angels they had set up on the sides. From far away, the angels almost looked like gargoyles.


And this was at the Amoabeng’s house. That was SOO fun!!! We loved it! And while we were there, Kujo taught us all how to say “yeah” in French. It is not the “oui” that sounds like the English “we” but it sounds more like “whey”. I have no idea how to spell it. From what I’ve found online, I think it is “Ouais”. Anyway, we were all singing songs to the French “yeah”. It was so fun. Then at the end, when we took this picture, we all said “ouais”! And now, all of the Amoabeng kids were home. Amma, who is 23, is in the green sweater, Sally is by Beck, Michelle is on the far left, and Kujo, who is now 21, is on the far right next to me. It was so fun at their house and the food was tottemo oishi desu…very delicious!! Amma, Sally, Kujo, and Michelle cooked it all.


Now, bringing you back to the present. This was at the joint service that we had today, on the January 2nd, 2011. Here Kujo is translating as my dad is opening the service up.



And here you can see Sister Ikeda on the far left, Yoshiki on the guitar, Brother Arai and Brother Daniel at the pulpit.


And here is Sister Yokoyama, Sister Victoria, Sister Ikeda, and Yoshiki.



And here is Pricilla and Dixon.


And here is Brother Kwasi and Brother Yokoyama. Brother Yokoyama was preaching while Brother Kwasi was translating.




And here you can see Brother Yokoyama praying for Brother Barima Gyamfi.


And this was at the restaurant Big Boy. We got some dessert there today and we wanted to show you how it looked EXACTLY like the picture on  the menu.

This is the “aisu tera misu” or the ice tira-misu. This is the actual thing.



And this is the “mishishipi choko keki” or in Eigo, Mississippi Chocolate Cake. See how it looks just like the picture.


And the cheesecake.


And here you can see how even the sauce looks like the picture on both the chocolate cake and the cheesecake.


And on the way home, we saw this awesome looking police car. It was a Mazda RX-8. It was a NICE looking car.



And they even had helments on!!



Okay, that is all I have for now. I have no more picture to put up. But as soon as I get some, I will be doing another entry.

Also, I would like to thank everyone for helping us get over 1,000 hits. Please send this web address ( ) to anyone and everyone. I want as many people as possible to know what is going on in Japan.

As I said in the beginning, I hope everyone has had an awesome Christmas and New Year.

Oh yes, I would like to say Happy Birthday to everyone that has a birthday in January. I don’t remember everyone’s birthday from Dayton, but I will say who all’s birthday I do know. If I miss your birthday, please email me, and I’ll put your name on the next blog entry.

So, o tanjoubi omedetto gozaimasu, Happy Birthday, to Micaleah, Courtney, Aunt Darlyne, Dennis Datsomor, Alina , Rebekah, Bernice, Brother Marty, Brother Mike Williams, and ME!!!!

Once again, I’m sorry if I didn’t add your name. Like I said, just email me and I’ll add you in the next blog entry.

Okay, that’s all I have for now. Please email this to anyone you know to help spread the word about what’s going on in Japan.

Thanks so much!!