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Friday, November 12th, 2010

Hello everyone.

Well, in this entry, I’ll show y’all picture from when we went to Yokosuka for my SAT. We did go there last November, maybe, with Brother and Sister Logan and Jeremiah (WE MISS Y’ALL!!!) and then again in January for my SAT. But there is a story behind this trip.

So we leave sometime mid-afternoon on Friday and we get down by I want to say 4 or so. We went to the mall that is right down the road from Yokosuka and just chilled for a while, then we met Brother Perry at this Mexican restaurant that we heard about from the Logan’s. It was really good. This is the first Mexican restaurant that we’ve found in Japan.

So we go eat with Brother Perry and on the way back to the base where we were going to drop Brother Perry off, we tell Brother Perry about how the first time we came to Yokosuka, we were able to get on base. The second time we went, we couldn’t get on because the Navy doesn’t take the Air Force base pass and we couldn’t get a rental car with my parents international license. So we already had a place that we were going to park the car: at the church where the Pastor had let us park before. Then Brother Perry said that sometimes it just depends on who is the gate guard. Some of them are nicer than others. Well, maybe just a little more picky. I can’t remember Brother Perry’s precise words, but that was the basic intent of what he said. So we go up to the gate and Brother Perry said as we were pulling up, “Oh yeah, this guy is nice.” So my dad goes up, shows his I.D. card, and the guard says, “Welcome aboard” and my dad drives on. My mom was like, “Can we keep driving?” My dad was like, “Well, they let us on.” So my mom says, “Don’t speed. Don’t do anything to attract attention to ourselves and we are not leaving the base till tomorrow.” I was so happy because that gave me a couple extra minutes of sleep the next morning.

While we were at the mall that afternoon before we met Brother Perry. The back side of the mall was right on the water. It was a great view.

Here are two subs that were in.



And here is some other type of ship. I just don’t remember what it was. And then you can see both the ship and the subs.





And this was at the mall as well. They had the front of the mall all decked out for Christmas. I think it looked pretty. the little house type thing at the top of the steps was just so you could get your picture in front of it.



The next day was tremendously long starting at about 6:30 am and lasted till about 2:30. So after my test, I walked over to the NEX to the Starbucks there and told my parents about the test. Basically just about how long and tiring it was, then my parents took me over to where they had seen something kinda cool that they wanted to show me. And this is what it was.

This is the closest I have EVER been to a submarine. I only could have gotten closer if I had walked up to it to touch it.




And here is another huge ship. This might even be the same one that we saw from the mall the day before.



And this might even be the same one as the one I just showed you, but from the other side. I don’t know for sure.


And here is a little patrol boat (I think) in the front.



And here is the sub again.


And that is all I have of pictures. After this, we went and picked up Brother Perry and went to eat. Then we started heading back to Yokota. When we got in the van, me and Brother Perry went pretty much right to sleep and Beck was just quite. I persuaded Beck to let me have the whole back seat so I could stretch out and sleep. We slept the whole 3 hours back to Yokota. And then I dozed for a few minutes on the way back to the house from Yokota. That felt so awesome. But since the next day was Sunday, and we had church. I was struggling just a bit. I asked my mom if she thought my dad would mind if I just stretched out in the pew if I told him I was resting in the Lord. She pretty much just laughed at that.

Ok, well that is all I have for now.

Please come back to read more entries. Thanks so much!!

Downtown Tokyo

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Konnichi wa!! Hello everyone!!

This entry is all about while we were downtown at the New Sanno and doing some sightseeing, which you can never do too much of while in Japan. So I’ll have to tell you all about it.

Oh, yeah!! First, I have to show you this picture that was taken in church a couple weeks ago. It was during worship service and while we were just all singing, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.


It was Alice, who is in the front, with Pricilla and Dixon coming up behind her. They were all three doing their own little juke to the music. Then Brother Kwasi came up to get them, but only Pricilla and Dixon went with him. Alica went back a couple minutes later. My dad said, “Look, even the young children are showing us how to worship.” It was really cute.

And here is Alice.


So now, here we have pictures from when we went downtown.

Here we have the Tokyo Tower. This is not the new tower, which is still being built. This Tokyo Tower is 333 meters tall. It looks even taller from the ground.


And they had a tree lighting ceremony thing and they had brought in a band (two-man band). There were SO many people there.

Here is the tree.


And here is the walkway to get to where the tree and the band were.


And here, you can see one of the legs of the tower. It is hard to imagine that there are only four of these holding up a 4,000 ton metal structure. I looked up and suddenly saw myself standing on the special observation deck at 250 meters up and the whole tower collapsing. Sorry, didn’t mean to scare y’all!


And here is the two-man band. The guy on the left was sitting on this box type thing that I think had string on it, but I couldn’t tell. I don’t know what all he had around him, but he was really getting with it.





And this is funny. I remember the last time we came to the Tokyo Tower, I stood not 10 feet from this window. I would not go up to it. I could just picture myself stepping onto it and falling (yes you guessed right. I DO NOT like heights!!) But this was cool because we could see all the kids kneeling on top and peering through the glass. I like this view much better than being the one looking down.


And the tree again.


And here is what I think might be a tiger. Maybe not, but I’m about 50% sure that’s what it is (not very sure at all). I think he/she had to look out the mouth to see. I could be wrong on that too. I don’t know. I’ll call it the teddy tiger!!


And here is where we got our picture with Teddy Tiger.



And this is from the the second or third floor of the bottom of the tower. This part of the tower was actually fully on the ground. I felt safe here!!


And this was at the beginning of the Wax Museum. It’s those mirrors that make you look all out of shape. I don’t like the first picture, but I definitely like the second one!!



And I was on the Titanic. Except this Titanic was only about 7 foot long and about 6 foot wide.



And this is from the wax museum. I won’t show you all of what was in there. Only the really cool ones. This first one is of the founder of the Tokyo Tower.



And this is Anne Frank. I read a book form of her diary and it was awesome.


And I knew that Mother Teresa was a real person, but I didn’t know what she looked like. But now I know. And look at how huge her hands are. They look like man hands!!!


And here is Mahatma Ghandi, a.k.a, Ghandi, with Mother Teresa by his side. I wonder if they actually ever met each other.


And this was pretty cool. They had an area just for the Last Supper set up. It was cool. I like that they did the names in both Katakana and English





Yesu-sama!!! Jesus!!!


Sorry Phillip. I got the light’s reflection across your face. Gomen!


These three are in DEEP conversation.


And here is Leonardo da Vinci with Mona Lisa.


And I don’t know what this has to do with. I couldn’t read what was written. It was all in Japanese. I’m trying, and have been trying since I saw this, to figure out what the poles are for. Are the sharp or does it just hurt to be hit with? Are they trying to force the horse to buck the man off, or are they trying to kill the horse? Hm. Such a mystery!



And here are the Beatles!!!


And here are some more pictures of the Tower itself. I am SO glad that we didn’t get up to the Special Observatory



These angles make it look even taller.



And this is just a cool building. I like how they have the bush type things are growing on the side of this bulding. The Japanese are so space-effieient.




And for all the teen girls, I have something wonderfully awesome to tell you. We FINALLY found and went to Forever 21!! It is SO awesome!!! I like this Forever 21 better than the one at the Green in Dayton. This one if 5 stories, plus a basement!!! Yeah, Beck and I were definitely in heaven there!!!

So before we got there, we had to take the train to get to Harajuku, where Forever 21 is, then we walked for a while.

Here we were, right outside the train station. Look at all the people just chilling waiting for the light to change.



And although this is a bit blurry, you can still see all the people walking through this narrow street. I don’t think they allow cars through here, but there wasn’t room for any cars to get through anyway.



And this is from Forever 21. When Beck and I saw the front doors, we took off at a brisk walk to get there as soon as we could.

Anyway, I took this picture from the 3rd floor of Forever 21.


And look at these shoes!!! The color is okay. I like that. But look at the heel!!! Beck is holding her hand up to the heel so you can get a good idea of how high they were.



And here is the long awaited sign. I told Beck, ” I HAVE to get a picture of this sign.” So I snapped a shot of the sign. We (Beck and I) have already made plans to go back downtown in January for our birthdays so we can go back to Forever 21 to do some more shopping!!


And the rest of these were taken on the way back to the New Sanno. This was called the Pink Plane or something like that. There was actually a part of the building that looked like a plane.


And here are some boots that have an even higher heel and platform than the shoes we saw at Forever 21.


And this was on the train on the way back. There was SO many people on there. We were all packed like sardines in a can. But then again, that’s normal for Japan about that time. I think it was like 6 pm maybe. Yeah. I told my dad (or maybe it was Beck), ” We don’t need to hang on to the handles or the bars. Just hold on to each other. We are all so packed that when the train shifts, we don’t move.”  As soon as I said that, (I was only holding onto Becks arm, to try to prove my point) the train shifted. There was just enough room between me and the next person behind me that I started to lean back. Right quick I reached up to grab the handle bar, smiled and didn’t say a word. So much for proving my point.


And here we were at the train station in Ebisu, if I remember right.



And that is all I have for now. I’ll try to hurry up and get the next couple entries done soon.

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