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“Who is What…What is Who…”

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Hello Everyone!!

First off, I want to say that it was great having Brother Shalm here with us. Brother Shalm, if you ever get to see this, it was really awesome having you here. We really enjoyed all the stories that were told during church and during the rides to and from the hotel. They were awesome!!

In this entry, I’ll be telling some stories that Brother Shalm told us when he was here for the camp meeting. I will try to remember them as close to what he said as possible.  So I’ll tell you the first story, which has to do with the title. I’ll try to tell these as good as Brother Shalm told them. It might be a little difficult since Brother Shalm told them in his Indian accent.

So the first story goes something like this.

Brother Shalm was telling about when he was little and they were living in India, I think. Brother Shalm and his brother had been traveling and had sat down under a tree to eat their lunch that their mom had packed. He said that in India, since they do not see very many Americans in India, when they do see one, they all just stare. And two of the first things that a person will ask in India is “What time is it?” and “Who are you?” So Brother Shalm and his brother were sitting under a tree when two of the Indian people came over and decided try out their English. So they walked over to Brother Shalm and his brother and said, “Who is what?”. The second guy jabbed the first one in the ribs and said, “No, no, no. What is who?” Brother Shalm and his brother just laughed. It would really be funnier if you could hear it in the Indian accent!!

Now for the second story.

There is a missionary friend that Brother Shalm knows in South America that told him this story. There was a lady in the church of this missionary friend that received some things from the States, but she couldn’t read English, so she had this missionary and his wife to translate the instructions for her. This lady had received things like soup packages in the mail and other things like that. So one day, this lady received a package in the mail that didn’t have any instructions with it; it was just a container with some powder-type stuff in it. So she decided to make the powder into some soup. So she made the soup, and it tasted okay. A few days later, this lady received a note in the mail, and I don’t remember if it was translated, or if it was in her language, she read, “Grandma’s ashes…did you receive them?”. Yeah, we were all grossed out by that story. We were all thinking, “How did the lady and her family feel after the found out they ate the mother’s/grandmother’s ashes?” It is a gross story, but funny at the same time.

And for the third story.

Brother Shalm and his wife were leaving one of the few countries where they were missionaries to go back to the states for deputation and the church where they were pastoring had a little going away party for them. When it was almost time to go, one of the sisters came up and was giving them a gift and she looked at Brother and Sister Shalm and said these words with tears in her eyes, “We lav you from de hart of our botom!!”. In case if you didn’t catch that, she meant to say, “We love you from that bottom of our hearts”. We laughed so hard. He said that her English wasn’t very good but she was trying her best to speak in English and she was so sincere.

My mom asked Brother Shalm, “How do you keep a straight face when all this is happening?”  He said basically that he just keeps a straight face the best he can while the incident is actually happening and when he is telling others about it, he keeps a straight face until others laugh. When other people laugh, then he laughs, but not until then.

Brother Shalm, as you can see, is very funny. Every time we picked him up from the Palace Hotel (wouldn’t that be a great place to stay. It really is nice!!) in Tachikawa we laughed and then when we dropped him off we laughed all the way there. And even after that. We are still laughing about all the stories and telling them.

Once again, thank you so much Brother Shalm for coming to be with us. We all enjoyed it very much!!

And, while I’m on here writing, I may as well give you a weather update on Japan. Where we are, it is pretty during the day: not warm, but not freezing either. you may not know that my looking at Beck and I. We come downstairs in the morning with blankets and two pairs of socks on. The other day I had a t-shirt, a zip-up hoodie, and a pull over hoodie on top of that, along with my blanket and two pairs of socks. But outside, it really does feel good. As for the evening and night time, it is a whole different story. It (to me) has been COLD!!!! The rest of my family thinks I’m sick, but I’m really not. I just can’t help that my feet are freezing all  the time!!! Anyway, that is weather report from…me I guess!

Okay, that is all I have for now. As soon as I get something else to put on here, I will as quickly as I can!

Thanks so much!!

Happy Birthday, Haley!!!

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Konnichi wa!!!

Well, this entry is going to be all about Haley’s 16th birthday party, as so noted in the title. So, without saying anything else, other than….


And maybe is it appropriate to say, “Go Haley, go Haley, it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday. Go Haley!!!”

We’ll go right to the pictures!!!

Actually, first I will say that we all had fun in the bounce house, which looked like a car, since this was Haley’s 16th birthday. Well, we had fun till the guys (well just Angelo and Codi) started trying to jump to the top so they could climb out. Yeah, we (me, Haley, Beck, and Asia) were a little nervous that the bouncy house would collapse, although the air was still being pumped into it…so we got out with the quickness!!!

Now, first of the pictures, here is the cake that Sister Mateo made for the party. Isn’t it pretty!?!?!?!


And here is the birthday girl.


And then Haley and Beck.


And here is Sister Mateo and Angelo.


And here is group picture as we were all listening to Sister Mateo explain the “Bean Game”, which by the way is a fun game. Haley has the yellow cup around her mouth, then Aysia (pronounced Eyesha), Codi, Obediah, Trenton, and the guy in the red, who you can see in the first but not the second picture, is Ryan. And the girl sitting down is Asia.



And here we have everyone playing musical chairs to Casting Crowns, Michael W. Smith, maybe and Britt Nicole. Yeah it was good! Oh yeah, and no hands allowed!!



And here is everyone that got out. From left to right: Angelo, Aysia, Mrs. Stepanie (I didn’t talk to her much. Mostly all the kids hung out together), Christain, and then I think that is Trenton walking by in front.


And more musical chairs.




And here are the last two people on the floor!!!


And here is Haley once again with Beck and Asia in the background.


And Haley with her birthday Princess crown on and Codi and Angelo in the background. Princess Haley…hmm, I’ll have to see how that sounds out loud. In my head it has a special ring to it.


Then Beck and Haley with Codi and Angelo in the background.


And here is Haley after Sister Mateo pushed her cake in her face. Princess Haley with cake in her face! Also in the background is Asia and Codi.


And a close up here of Haley.


And Sister Mateo after Haley tried to get her back by wiping icing in her face. In the background, Ryan is on the left and Trenton on the right.


And here is Haley, Beck, and Christain sitting on the couch while we were all chatting and eating.


Okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with Haley’s birthday party, but we did this after the party.

This was at the music practice for the joint service on August 29th.

Here we have one of the Philipino sisters leading the song, Lynda on the piano, and Dennis on the bass. I can’t tell if Lynda is looking at me, wondering why I’m taking their picture, or if she’s squinting from the sun. I haven’t figured that out yet.


Okay, that is all I have for now.  Please keep coming back!!! Love and miss all y’all back home in every state!!!

Northern Japan Camp Meeting

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Hello Everyone!!!

Well, I can’t believe it, but we actually just had the Northern Japan camp meeting. It doesn’t feel like it has been a year since the last Camp meeting. It seems like it was only a few months ago. But it has been and boy, did we have fun. I’m just going to start with the first pictures and explain as I go on. I would get WAY ahead of myself if I just started telling everything. I know last year I did each individual day, but I’m not doing that this time. It will all be on one entry.

Oops! Before I say get started on that, I want to first say happy birthday to everyone that I know has a birthday this month, which would be my brother, Chris, Nathaniel Butterworth, and Lucas Glandon. So…

Happy Birthday to y’all!!

Happy Birthday to y’all!!

Happy Birthday to y’aaaall!!

Happy Birthday to y’all!!!

Okay, I’m done now! Now for the things on campmeeting.

Here we have Brother Shalm, Brother Matsui, Brother Doan and Brother Yokoyama.  Brother Shalm was one of the guest speakers that we had. And let me tell you something, Brother Shalm is hilarious and has some great stories to tell, some of which I will tell you in this entry.


And here you can see that several people were coming in and getting settled for the first service.


And then again. Beck is making a face, and I don’t know if Dennis is scratching his head or hiding his face.


And here is Brother Doan with Sister Matsui translating for him.




And here is Sister Yokoyama and Sister Igarashi.


And Dennis on the bass and Brother Perry on the drums.


And here is Yoshiki. He was  playing the electric guitar.


And here is Brother Shalm and Brother Matsui.



And Brother Shalm.


Both Brother Shalm and Brother Matsui again.




Brother Shalm again.



And more of the congregation. You can see right next to me is Brother Marsh, from Okinawa, in front of him is Seika, and on the far left is Brother Ishibashi’s oldest son.


And here is Brother Yokoyama, Brother Matsui, and my dad all looking deep in conversation.


And here we have my dad and Brother Daniel also in deep conversation.


And here is some of the worship service.




And here is my dad and Brother Yokoyama.


Brother Perry.


Lynda and Sister Igarashi.


And here is Brother Graham praying for one of the Japanese brothers.


And more of the congregation. It was packed in that church. But that’s good!!



And here is my dad praying for one of the sisters.


And here we have Sister Lourdis in the green and Brother Kamura in front of her.


And here you can really see how congested it was toward the back.


Here is Sister Buster praying for Sister Marsh.


And some more fo the congregation.




Here you can see Sister Datsomor, and behind her you see Brother Arai on the left and a guy named Brother Phil who was on his way to Okinawa with Brother Doan.


And here is the praise team. Sorry I don’t know their names. But you can see Yoshiki on the electric guitar. Sorry this picture is blurry.



And here is Brother Arai and Brother Daniel leading the song service.


Here is Dennis and Brother Perry.


Here Sister Yokoyama and Brother Daniel were leading I think “You are the Love of My Life”.


And here is Brother Daniel, Dennis, and Brother Arai. In the second picture, Brother Perry is added in there.




More of the congregation.









And here is Brother Clevenger speaking and Dennis intently watching. And then Dennis and Brother Perry.



Here is Lynda and Sister Igarashi again. And then Sister Matsui and Brother Clevenger.



Sister Matsui. And then the praise team praying before the service.



And Brother Matsui and Brother Yokoyama. And then Brother Kamura.



And here is Brother Doan with Dennis in the background.



And Brother Matsui. And then both of them.



And here is Brother Shalm and Brother Yokoyama. And then we have some of the praise team (this was on the second day if I remember right).



Here is the whole praise team for that particular day. Dennis looks like he is holding up a certificate, like we used to do at LCS on honor roll nights.


And these are all from the worship service. I won’t go through naming everyone because by now y’all should know everyone’s name, and because I don’t know everyone’s name!! Gomen!!

And as I write that, I have to admit that I don’t know this sister’s name that is on the platform. Oops!! But you can see clearly that she was feeling God.





And here are several, if not all of our Japanese ministers and their wives.



And Brother Shalm with four of the Japanese sisters.


And now, for the youth night. We had so much fun!! So first off, there were only 3 english only speaking people there: Brother Perry, Beck, and me. So they got Dennis to stay and be our translator.

So first off was the introduction game. Like last year, we put our name, age, and our favorite food. Then they mixed all the names together then we are given a name. Last year I got Hikaru. This year I was Yoshiki, Brother Arai’s son, and Yoshiki was me. And then we had to go up and introduce ourselves as the person whose name we were given. Then we had to try to pull off this super sticky tape off this balloon. And what was funny was that as Brother Arai was explaining all of this, he accidently popped the balloon. We all laughed as he said, “This is what not to do”.

So this is Enos introducing himself as his person and trying to pull the tape off. Believe it or not, but Enos is only like 14, I think.



And Hikaru.


And then the whole group. You can see, next to the water fountain is Yoshiki, then Enos, Keni (or maybe it Kenni), the Shirori (if I remember right), Ai, Megumi, then behind the sandwiches is Michelle and Seika.


Here is Shirori.



And Brother Arai with the reindeer antlers and nose on. And then Keni (or Kenni) with the get up on. Someone (probably Dennis) said that Keni was the probably the only one who looked good in the Rudolph nose and antlers.




And here is Megumi, Brother and Sister Arai’s daughter.


And I was next, going up as Yoshiki. And I have to tell you about this. So first he says something along the lines of, “Yoshiki-kun likes okonomi-yaki bread from 7 -11” but somewhere between my ears and my brain, I thought he was talking about tako-yaki. Okonomi-yaki I like, tako-yaki I have not tried (it has octopus in it). So I said no then my mom said, “You like okonomi-yaki!” Then it hit me what Brother Arai was talking about…OKONOMI-yaki, not TAKO-yaki. So I said yes (Or hai. I don’t remember exactly). Then for the joke, he pulled out a Y10,000 looking notebook. Then he opened it and pulled out a blank piece of paper. In the second picture, I’m saying, “What did Brother Shalm just preach on? Is it real or is it fake?”.



And here is Ai. Then Seika.



Then Yoshiki (going up as me). Then Lisa going as Jesse.



Christine as Lisa and then Jesse as Lisa



And my dad while we were playing the “Wink Game”. It was actually quite fun. It would be kind of hard to explain it over the internet so I’m not going to try. I had never heard of it but Brothr Perry said they used to play it all the time when he was little and Dennis said that they played it on a choir trip or something when he was in high school or something along those lines.


And here is a group picture. I’ll try to name everyone from the back row to the front row from the left to the right.

Jesse, Hikaru, Keni, Enos, Yoshiki, Lisa, Nathaniel, Beck, Christine, moi, Brother Perry. On the front row, Dennis (kneeling), Shirori, Ai, Michelle, Seika, and Megumi.


Okay, well, that is all I have for now. As you can see, camp meeting went very well and we had so much fun. In the next entry, I will post a couple of Brother Shalm’s stories that he told. They might not all be as funny because he told them in his Indian accent, but I will try my best!!!

Japanese Festival

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Hello everyone!!

Sorry it has taken so long to get these blog entries done. We’ve had a few problems but I’m trying to get all caught up and everything.

So, in this entry, I have several (okay…. a lot) of pictures from a festival thing that we went to not very far from our house. So here are some pictures from a little bit of everything that was there.

One of the first things that happened was while we were all walking down to Tokyu, where everything was, we heard a drumming sound. I had no idea what it was but figured it had at least a little something to do with the festival going on. And when we got down closer to Tokyu, we saw these drummers. It was SO cool!! I loved it. But after a while, we started getting head aches from all the pounding. But I still didn’t want to leave just because it was so neat!!

So here are all the drummer boys (well, and girl. There was a girl on the far right).



And here you can see them all getting into it.


And here is a green power ranger. I don’t remember the name of this one other the green power range.


And here is one of the CUTEST little girls ever!! She had on this cute little kimono. Awe!! Kawaii!! So cute!!


And here are some kids doing what look likes a traditional Japanese dance or something.


And some more kids doing their Japanese dance. It was SO cool!!





And here is a group of guys that was working at one of the stands. Actually, these guys weren’t working, the were just chilling. And I think they were also some of the tanabata dancers.


And a group of women that were also involved in the tanabata dancing. Except this group did their own little dance and danced with the tanabata dancers.


And I have no idea what these are but they just look so…Japanese-looking…




And here is a little band that took the stage. We couldn’t understand them, but oh well!!


And here is the one group of women that did their little dance.


And these next few pictures are just a a bunch of groups of girls doing some gymnastics type thing.



Awe. Look at these little girls. They are doing the splits. Ouch!! That would hurt if I tried to do that.


And here are the tanabata dancers!!!!



Here you can see the drummer boy (or man rather) in the black and red in the background. Look at all the people.




There were even male dancers in there.



And this group of women was from Akiruno-shi, the city where we live. Go Akiruno-shi!!!!!


Then another group that was doing the tanabata dancing.


This is all I have for the Japanese festival. I hope you enjoy this. Well, this and all the other blog entries!!! I try my very best to make this enteresting for you all, but also make it so you know what all we are are doing and having going on and/or are involved in. We love it and hope that you all, through the blog entries, will love it as well.

While Daddy’s away…and when he came home!

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Hello everyone!!!

Well, this entry is going to have several different things in it.

First of all, this is while my dad was gone, we went to Coco’s, which is a curry restaurant. My mom got this, it is a spinach and chicken curry.


And this is Beck eating her hamburger curry.


And this is me eating my pork cutlet curry (I forgot what it is called in Japanese).


And this is what we have been doing pretty much since my dad got home…(drum roll)…we have been remodeling the church. We have been trying to get all of this done before the Northern Japan camp meeting that was this last weekend. So as soon as my dad got back from the states from taking care of everything with our house. So, first of all, we had to take some mud, (or spackling) and make it into paint consistency. Then we painted that onto all the walls. And this is what that looked like.






And here is where the actually painting started. Now I have to tell you about this. We were trying to make an off-white color from a 14 L container of white paint and a little 5 L (maybe. Something like that.) container of brown paint. So my dad went to go and pour some of the brown paint into the white…1/4 teaspoon at a time. And they kept adding and mixing until 2 hours later, my dad looked at my mom and said, “Do you think we can just pour in the whole container?” My mom said, “Sure, why not?” So they did, then they mixed it, and what we saw amazed us. Why didn’t we do that at the beginning? It was like the perfect off-white color!! Oh wow!



And here I am painting. Beck insisted on getting this shot.


And here you can see our big mess. Well, part of it.


And here you can see where the trim is painted at the bottom, but the rest of the wall is not.


Okay, now we are done with the painting. Now it is the Sunday before camp meeting.

Beck and I took these pictures on the way to church, and before church started.




I like this picture best.


And this was in the bathroom….I was just finishing up doing Becks hair.


So, this is all I have for this entry. This one is sort of short. But the next entry is a little bit longer.

Thanks for coming!!!

Park Service August 8th 2010

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Hello again!!!!

Well, in this entry, I will be telling about our park service that we had with the Japanese and the Nakameguro congregations. It was such a good service. We also had two special speakers, but….. you’ll have to wait till I get to that part!!

First off, you always have to set up and get ready. So here are a couple pictures of everyone getting ready.



And this is one Sato-kyodai’s (Brother Sato’s) little girls. I think this one is Ribeka (pronounced just like my sister’s name)


And here is Kujo with two of his friends that he brought that day.


And here is Ishibashi-kyodai’s oldest son. I have no idea what his name is. But here was was holding this HUGE beetle. The type of beetle that he found was one that you can go and buy in a pet store for like a $100. Yeah and it was SO HUGE!!! Definitely not something I’d go catching. I didn’t get a picture of the beetle but I got a picture of him holding the beetle.


And here is Yoshiki practicing the guitar for the service.


And here is Michelle and Brother Kwasi playing……um…..I forgot the name of it!!! Oops!!!


And here we hav another picture of the women talking and the men, well, they were working, but you can’t see them.


And here we have Brother Thomas, Sister Victoria, my dad, and the guy in the brown shirt, I don’t know his name (although I’ve probably heard it a million times before) and I can’t see who is behind Sister Victoria. Sorry!


And here is Paul, Steven, and Zion playing before church, with Brother Arai in the background setting up the mics.


And here we have some more of the women, and I think that is Brother Sato in there, too. In the second picture, Yoshiki is in the white shirt on the left and the next guy over is Hikaru. Also in there is Seika, Sister Igarashi, Sister Yokoyama, and some other people whose names I don’t know yet (yes I know we’ve been here a year, but names take time!!)



And here is Kofi, or Kay, Lotsu, Brother Ephriam and Sister Felicia’s twin daughter. And then we have Peter.



And here are some of the kids. We have Kay, Vivi (in the blue dress), Ribeka, Makofi (or Mac) and then Brother Ishibashi’s youngest son. In the second picture, Steven is watching Jun play is DSi with Jun’s friend (Sorry. I don’t remember his name either).



And here is Brother Arai and Brother Yokoyama.


And then my mom and dad talking to Misa, who was back from England. In the foreground, you can see Kay, Mac, and Steven.


And here is Lisa talking to Kujo and his friends that he brought.


And here is the praise team, which was Sister Victoria, Brother Daniel, and Sister Yokoyama.   Brother Arai was leading the service and Kujo was translating for him.


And here is the girl that, several (quite a few) entries back, I said looked like a Cabbage Patch Kid. She is still just as cute!!


And the praise team again, with Yokshiki at the table playing the guitar.


And here is the congregation. We had Philipino, African (Ghanaian and Nigerian), Japanese, and American (the four of us and Brother Perry).



Some more of the congregation.



And in this picture, I do not know who the brother in the orange shirt is, but the guy in the green shirt is Nathaniel, from Brother Datsomor’s church in Nakameguro, and the guy in the brown shirt right behind him is Brother Gyasi.



And here is Brother Perry.


And then the whole congregation again.


And here is the praise team again. Sorry Brother Daniel is hidden.


And the congregation at the back.  Then at the front.  In the second picture, you can see Misa, my mom, Dennis, and off to the far right, Nathaniel (I think that is how you spell his name).



And here is Dennis praying. Sorry Dennis!! Actually…I’m not, but that doesn’t matter!!!


And here are some of the brothers. There is Brother Thomas on the far left in the blue shirt, Brother Kwarteng in the black shirt, Brother Ishibashi in the black pants, and Brother Michael Addai in the blue and white striped shirt.


And here is the first of our special speakers….Dennis Datsomor!!!! And Lynda was translating for him. This is where Dennis got my nickname for him, Rev. Lynda is still Talking Flamingo, but she didn’t get that because she was translating. Beck made Lynda’s nickname up.  Not me.  I just use the name!! Guess I am just as guilty…but we all have our own little nicknames so…..back to the story!!   Sorry I get distracted easily…sorta. Anyway….


And a close up of Dennis.


And here is our second special speaker…Brother Datsomor!!!!!


And a close up of Brother Datsomor.


And here is Brother Yokoyama translating for Brother Datsomor.


And both of them.



And this is SO cool!!! I absolutely LOVE how the African ladies do this.  This is so that the kids can be close to them, but the moms can still get things done. I love it!!   They all have it down so good!!



And this is the altar call. There were so many people there that day!! Wow! I’m not going to go through and name everyone. I just want you to see how God was moving, even in the park. Shu wa subarashi!!












And here is the whole congregationfrom across the sidewalk.


And this is right in the middle of the congregation.


And here is Lynda and Beck. I just had to get this picture!! Were y’all like imitating each other’s movements or something??



And here is Dixon. Isn’t he so cute?


And here is Harrison.


And here is Paul. I think he looks like Brother Daniel here.


And here is Pricilla.


And here is some more of the altar call.





And here is Dixon again.


And here is a family that I think is Japanese and I think they said they were from Michigan. I think, if I remember correctly, that there was another kid, younger than the girl that is seen standing.


And here is the food that we had. It was all SO delicious. Oishi desu!! Totemo oishi desu!!! Delicious!! Very, VERY delicious!!! I have no idea what all was there, but I do know there was some AWESOME peanut soup, Philipino curry, and….I don’t know what else.




And this is some Philipino dessert. I have not yet tried it but from what Brother Datsomor and my dad have said, which by the way LOVE sweets, it is really good. But this particular sweet has a jello consistancy and has corn and coconut milk in it, but I don’t know what else is in it. I’m thinking I want to try it next time we have a joint service.  Every time we have a joint service, my dad and Brother Datsomor always get a plate set out for them and always on the first bite and the last bite (okay, almost always) you hear from both pastors, “Ahhh!! That is SO good!!” So it must be great!!


And last of all, you see people going for the food. First we dug in on the spiritual food, and then on the physical food, both of which were quite wonderful!!!



Okay everyone. This is all I have for this entry. Please come back for more blog entries!! And don’t forget to email or comment!!  We love hearing from all y’all!!