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We Will Miss the Logan Family!!!!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Well, first of all, to start this entry off, and to tell you what all it is about (mostly) I will first say that we will greatly miss the Logan’s while they are in England. But you can probably tell that from the title!!!

So here is a picture of Brother and Sister Logan and Jeremiah.


And here is Jeremiah.



AWE!!!! KAWAII!!!!! How cute!!! Love ya’ Jeremiah!!!


And here are the cakes we got for them.


And here are just some of the church during the fellowship.



And here is Sister Jackie, her son Jun, Jeremiah, and Sister Logan.


And here you can see all the awesome food that people brought. International food is full of awesomeness!!!



And here we just have more of the church during the fellowship and hanging out.


And here are three of Brother Daniel and Sister Charity’s boy with Zion. The two boys in the front are Paul (left) and Harrison (right) with Steven in the back right and Zion in the back left.


And here is Dixon, Brother Daniel’s other son.

And here is Peter.


And more of the church members.



And here is Jun and Steven.


And here is Sister Felicia Kwarteng, her son David, and Sister Pauline.


And here is Sister Omorefe, Brother and Sister Thomas, and Brother Yokoyama.


Here are some of the youth girls. Here we have Seika, Michelle, and Grace Ofori.


And here is Sister Ofori and Sister Yokoyama.


And here is Kujo and Jeremiah. Jeremiah was wanting to take pictures on Kujo’s phone.


And here Brother Ephriam and Brother Thomas were trying to get Jeremiah’s picture while he was occupied by Kujo’s phone.


And here is Pricilla. She was so cute!! She would not look at me while I was taking her picture, but when I would show it to her afterword’s and say, “Pricilla, who is that pretty girl?” she would just laugh and laugh. It was SO cute!! I loved it!!


And here are Pricilla’s brothers, Paul and Harrison. We love Paul’s laugh! It sounds like a little chipmunk giggle! It’s SO cute!!!


And here is Sister Vastina, Brother Logan, and Brother Paul.


Here, we have little Jeremiah. I was like, “Jeremiah, you’re leaving. Can I have your picture?” He just looked and grinned! I took that as a yes.


And here is the whole Logan family. AWE!!!!


And here is Jeremiah and Kujo again. I think Michelle was the one doing the bunny ears. Actually, it might be Kujo doing it or Sister Victoria. I don’t really know for sure.


And here is a group picture. From left to right we have: Kujo, Jeremiah, Jun, Sister Jackie, and I think that it Eunice.


And here is Bernice and Sister Logan.


And last but not at all least, here we have a group picture. Man, I didn’t really realize how many people we had in the Haijima church until this night.


Well, that is all I have for now. Brother and Sister Logan and Jeremiah, we love and miss all y’all so very much. Can’t wait to see y’all again in England!!!

Our 1 Year Anniversary

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Hello everyone!

First I would like to say to my great-grandma…

“Otanjoo-bi Omedetoo Gozaimasu!!”


Love you, Grandma!!!

Ok now, I’ll get back to all about our 1 year anniversary. So I will first start off with what happened June of 2009.

My grandparents had come up for a visit and we went to Amish Country to show them around last spring. But while we were there, while in the middle of NO WHERE, my dad’s truck started sounding a little funny but we thought it would be fine. So we stopped and looked around some more. After a few more stops, the truck started acting even weirder. It would take a couple times to get started. So we stopped at a gas station and a couple guys there said it sounded like it was over heating. So we did what they told us to…we turned the heat all the way up and rolled the windows up. Now this might not have been so bad except for the fact that it was 90 degrees outside, we had the heat all the way up to like 90 degrees, and last of all, there were 6 of us in a 5 seater truck. Now my dad and my Paw Paw were fine because they each had one of the front seats so they were good. But there was 4 of us in the back where it only sat 3. So you have 90 degree weather, 90 degree heat blowing on your legs, and a lot of body heat from 6 very sweaty people!! So we finally get to the point where we stop at the top of each hill till the truck will start again and then we get going as fast as we can down the hill we were on top of so we can coast up the next hill.

The only problem….we could only get up to about 15, maybe 20 mph. We are going so slow, we are getting passed by 1 horse carriages with about 5-6 people in them. Think about this, you have a so many horse power truck, which is more than one, and you are getting passed (up hill) by a 1 horse carriage. Yeah, we laughed! What else can you do??? So finally, about 10 pm, maybe it was only 9 pm, my dad got a hold of AAA and got a tow truck sent out. Oh and to get a signal, he had to climb up on this hug rock type thing for his phone to get a signal. So back to the story: AAA sends someone with a tow truck to get us. The guy was so nice. He had been home when he got the call and he was nice enough to come and get us. Then he even worked on the truck a little that night to see if it might be a quick fix or something. But it wasn’t so he took us to a hotel in his car. So we all went to bed. The next morning my parents got up early and started calling taxi places to see if we could get a taxi (all the while, the tow truck guy worked on our truck and on a Sunday). Finally we found a cheap enough taxi place. We were in a van with a guy that looked pretty rough. Then he started taking us down all these little back roads. We were all thinking (but not telling each other), “Oh no. We have no cell phone coverage, and we are with someone that we do not know. What if something happens?” Yes, so finally we got back. Thank God!!!

So about 2 weeks later, our truck was done and my parents went to pick it up. While they were there, they had heard before from one of the Miller’s that Brother Lucas’s mom had passed away so they looked up the address to see if they could get a hold of one the Lucas’s. And they did. Sister Lucas answered and told them to come over. So they did and they stayed there a while and just talked.

Now we fast forward to the end of June and the first part of July last year.  We had gone to Eufaula, Oklahoma to help Brother and Sister Hampton sell fireworks for a church fundraiser. We were there a total of about 2 weeks and sometime around the beginning of the second week, my parents had gone to the library to check their e-mail on one of their breaks. At that particular time, Beck and I were at my grandma’s house (my mom’s mom) because she had just had back surgery and we were there helping her out. So my parents go to the library and check their e-mail. My mom is the one at the computer and all of a sudden, she calls my dad over and says, “You need to come look at this”. So he goes over and as soon as he gets done reading the email, he said his mouth dropped open and it stayed open. It was an email from Brother and Sister Lucas, the missionaries here in Japan, asking us to come over for approximately 12-15 months while they were in the States on debutation. Sister Lucas had wrote that they had been thinking about who to ask to come over and she had just felt this connection, or maybe it was a reconnection, when they had met in Amish country and then, that one night in prayer, she felt like we were the ones to ask.  Sister Lucas spoke to Brother Lucas about what she felt during prayer, and he said contact them.

And that’s exactly what they did. So my parents are reading all this and not able to believe it at all. So my dad finally comes back to, and then he forwarded the email to Pastor Smith and said, “Pastor, I don’t even know what to think. What do you think about this?” So within a few days, my dad calls Pastor Smith and starts talking to him about this. And one of the first things that Pastor Smith said was, “Well Brother Pounders, what do you think?” My dad was like, “Pastor, I don’t know. I have no idea what to think about this.” then Pastor Smith says, “Well, I had an idea that something was going to happen.” Then he basically said that he had a dream about a week before, that something big was coming up with us but he didn’t know what it was. Then my dad said that, although jokingly, he was thinking, “Did God show you anything else, Pastor?”. So after thinking and praying about it, we got back in touch with Brother and Sister Lucas and were asking questions and all this other stuff. And I don’t remember exactly when it was, but sometime around the first week or two, Pastor Smith tells my dad to buy our tickets.

But now we have some other issues. We have only about 5 more weeks till we need to be in Japan and we need to get our passports and our visa’s. Passports can take up to 6 weeks and you have to have a passport to get a visa. So we are up a creek, but we trust God and send off for our passports. We get our passports in about 4 weeks. And what is funny, we got our passports in the mail and either later that day, or maybe the next day, my mom got an email saying that “they had received our passports and were going to get them back as soon as possible” (or something along those lines). So we sent off for our visa’s. And what was not funny about that was we had about 1 week when we sent off for the visa’s. And my dad called I think on a Monday and told the guy at the Japanese Embassy that we were supposed to be leaving the next Monday. The guy said, “Sir there is no way you will leave next Monday”. My dad said, “Sir, you don’t understand, we are supposed to be on a plane next Monday.” And the guy said, ‘No sir YOU do not understand. You WILL NOT be on the plane next Monday.” So they kind of just let it go. But the next day, my dad called or something, maybe the guy called back and said he would do everything he could to help us. And he did. He even gave my dad his personal cell phone number. So on Friday, 3 days before we left, we found out that the UPS had delivered visa paperwork, all our documents from Japan, got delivered to the Canadian Embassy instead of the Japanese Embassy. The man from the Japanese Consulate was going to walk over and and find them for us, and get everything signed off (which was no easy tasks within itself) and my dad was going to have to drive to Detriot to pick everything up. So my dad and Beck got in the truck and drove down (or over) to Detriot to get our visa’s. When Beck walked in to the embassy, the guy recognized her immediately, because he had seen her face so much on all the paperwork. So now, we finally had our visa’s. Thank God!!!

Now, we get to the week we left. We leave our house about 4:30 the next morning. We rushed to the first plane and on the first flight I was awake and hyper the whole flight. When we got to Dallas, Texas, we got a quick bite to eat and then went to wait. And when we got on, we were all almost too hyped up to sleep, but we all did sleep for a bit. And then we just waited for 11 hours.

When we got to the airport in Narita, we had about 2 hours to kill. We got something to drink, and went to wait for the bus to Yokota Air Force Base. Finally we boarded the bus and when we finally got to the base, we see someone getting into a grey van. I was like, “Mom, that looks like Brother Lucas!” And it was. Then we saw Sister Lucas, and Jason and Andrew. Then we saw another guy holding a little boy. This turned out to be Brother Logan and Jeremiah. So we get to the Kanto Lodge and get off the bus and we see someone come running toward us. It was Sister Lucas. So we all gave hugs and shook hands and then went and got signed into our room.

The next day, Brother and Sister Lucas wanted to show us our house.  One of the brethren in the Japanese congregation had found a house online the Brother & Sister Lucas thought we would like it.  We didn’t have an appointment to see the inside so we were just going to look around outside.  So we all got in the van and head over to the house. But this is the cool part. Brother Lucas had said that first of all, the real estate agent said that if he would have known that the house was for gaijins (foreigners) he would have never even told the owner. And the second thing he said was that the owner spoke no Eigo (English) at least he didn’t speak any English with them. So, we get to the house and get out of the van and we see this guy working in the yard with his wife and son. Brother Lucas says, “That is the owner, Kamata-san”. So we start walking over and Kamata-san points at my dad and says, “Hey, I know you. You used to work for the 374th Airlift Squadron. You were a flight nurse.” My dad says, “Yes sir. I did.” Kamata-san says, “I worked in vehicle dispatch. I saw you quite often”. We were all like, “This is SO cool!!” I mean, after 8 years we see a guy that remembers my dad. And to add to that, of all the millions of people in Japan (127 million) and of all the people in Tokyo (30 million) we get a landlord that speaks Eigo AND knows and remembers my dad from 8 years ago! What else is there to say, but thank God!!!

So, here we are on August 11th, 2010. We have been reminiscing and remembering everything that has happened in the past year. There have been a lot of attacks from the enemy, but so much has happened that has been good as well. We have (well, I know I have) had to keep reminding ourseves that scripture in I Thessalonians that says, “In everything give thanks. For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. (I Thessalonians 5:18)”.  There has just been so much happen. When we first got here, my dad was diagnosed with asthma. Well, first they did not know what it was but it was so bad that he would wake up at 3 am wheezing and not able to breathe very well. A couple times (okay maybe only once) they thought they were going have to take him to the Urgent Care on base because it was so bad. But it is better now ( I think so at least) and we can just thank God that it was not worse than what it was.

Then I got swine flu in October. Basically the only reason that was scary was because we had heard of so many people dying. There were kids in the church that went to school with kids that had died from the H1N1 virus. Yes, very scary. And it felt worse, or the fear grew, when it got to the point that I couldn’t lift myself up off the couch. I couldn’t even roll over. My mom had to get over me and put me in a sitting position  then Beck held me up while my mom stood up so she could basically pick me up till I was standing. But thank God I didn’t have it any worse than that and thank God I’m still alive.

The next major thing that happened was that my mom had kidney stones. We had gone to prayer on a Tuesday night and my mom had stayed home because she didn’t feel real well, so the 3 of us load up in the van and head to prayer. We had just gotten there and had been there only about 15, maybe 20 minutes when my dad gets a phone call. It is my mom and she is starting to feel even worse and starting to hyper-ventilate. She said the pain was getting so much worse. So we loaded back up and headed home. In the mean time, my mom called saying her hands were tingling and my dad was trying to tell her that she needed to calm down. So we get home and we all get in the house and we run to where we hear my mom…upstairs. So after a couple minutes of trying to get my mom downstairs, my dad tells Beck to go and get Kamata-san and ask him to come over and call an ambulance. And he first tells Beck to calm down so he can understand her, then he gets in the house and has his shoes off and is up the steps in about 2.5 seconds, maybe 3 seconds tops. Then he comes and asks what is wrong and calls an ambulance for us. Then he calls one of his best friends (this guy knows everyone) that works at the base. The friend said that he’d be waiting at the gate for us to escort us to the hospital. And when we get there, they ambulance driver doesn’t even have to show the gate guard our I.D’s; the guard just waves us through and we are off to the hospital. Thankfully, it wasn’t much more than a kidney stone, although she said in the ambulance that it was worse than having kids. I was like, “Man that has to be bad if it’s worse than having kids.” I don’t know what having kids is like, but I knew it had to be bad. But what can we say other than thank God that it wasn’t worse.

The next thing was that I hurt my knee for the second time in about 3-4 months. We made an appointment because I had been using my crutches for about 2 weeks and my knee was just getting worse. So the doctor checked me out and said that he was 99% for sure that I had a torn meniscus and a hamstring pull (the pull was from playing basketball). So he said he wanted a MRI to be done and then possibly surgery to fix the meniscus but that I would have to move my leg, which I hadn’t been doing much of, or else the physical therapist would move it for me. He told my that I would much rather move my leg that the physical therapist. So when the day of the MRI came, I was able to move my leg pretty much regularly. And when my dad called to see what the results were, they said nothing was wrong and it all looked good in there and I had probably just sprained my knee. So, now I just have to be careful and wear a knee brace when I play basketball and when I do a lot of walking. Now, all I can say is thank God it wasn’t the meniscus and thank God I didn’t need surgery.

The next major, major thing was when my Pawpaw passed away. I will not be saying much about this. I really don’t know what all to say exactly. We all still really miss my Pawpaw. We also think that God gave us all the extra time last year and the year before. Yes, when we complained about all those trips that we had taken…now I am very thankful for all of those trips. One thing good that has come out is that I have gotten closer to my grandma (as close as you can over the phone). Do we still think about my Pawpaw? Absolutely! Do we still miss him? I always will. We are also very thankful for all of you that were praying when we found out about him. Most everyone in Dayton know about it before we did and it was your prayers that greatly helped. Thank God for the church and their prayers!!!

And I think pretty much the last major thing that happened was when we found out that my dad had skin cancer on his cheek. I thank God that it was not the kind of deadly skin cancer. My dad only had squamous cell cancer, which the doctor said was the best kind of skin cancer to get. And when the doctor checked my dad out, they said there were no other lumps or bumps anywhere on him and that what he did have, they caught in time before it spread anywhere. Once again, thank God!!!

Well, if anyone ever said that not much can happen in a year or that you can not learn that much in a year, I can tell them that yes, you can learn a lot in a year, and that a lot can happen. If I had to put just a certain scripture with this entry, I would have to put 3 scriptures here, the first one being I Thessalonians 5:18 which says, “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” The second scripture I see fitting to this entry is in Philippians 4:11 where Paul is saying, “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” And the third scripture is where in Romans 8:28 where it says this, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”. Although a lot has happened this past year that has not really been on the good side of things, I can remember that we are in the will of God because obviously Satan is mad and will do everything he can to stop us. But by remembering all these scriptures, and remembering who is in control, all you can say is Shu wa subarashi, O nyami ye, Yesu Nalavan, God is so good!!!!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. We love and appreciate you all very much.

The Pounders Family

Trip Home!!!

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Well, to begin this blog entry I would like to say how great it was to be back home for the two weeks that we were there. I know it flew by but at least we got to come home. We think it flew by so quick because we didn’t get to see everyone, except for those at the airport, till Sunday morning. Oh yes, and for everyone that met us at the airport. You will never know what that did for us. It was very encouraging. And what was funny (and still is) is that I was getting ready to turn around to Beck, right about the time we turned that corner, and do my little bonzai jig. Then I decided to wait about 2 seconds more and then I saw Pastor Smith. I was like, “Oh I’m SO glad I decided to wait!!!” But it was also funny because first I saw Pastor Smith, and we were only expecting the Vazquez’s and possibly Pastor Smith. Then I looked and saw this huge group of people and I was thinking, “WOW!! Someone has a lot of people waiting to see them”. Then I saw Malorie, and then Sister Smith raise her hand and wave. Then it hit me…..all these people were there to see US!!! Then we saw the Engles, and the Pratts, and everyone else. It was so AWESOME!!! Then when everyone started cheering!! It was almost enough to make us cry. I haven’t asked the rest of my family, but that’s how I felt and I’m sure that’s how they felt. Anyway, once again, thank you all so very much!!!

Now here are some pictures from our trip home. First, I’ll be showing some of some things during the flight and of everything that happened from landing to departure of the U.S. Most of these picture will be for the people here since they don’t know everyone back home, but then again, they are for everyone!!!

First here is a picture of some mountains that STILL have snow on them in JULY!!!! Wow!!!


And here we were in the middle of no-where but there were farms left and right down below us.


And here is this awesome hour-glass looking lake. I wonder if the water was clear? I couldn’t see the bottom from how far up we were, but it couldn’ve been!!


And here is a cloud that I thought looked sort of like a baby bottle. Maybe it’s just because I was too tired, but I don’t think so!



And here we just have the skyline (these are for you, Dr. Gibson!!)



And here are some of the landscape from the air.



Now, enough of the ground. Okay, I just have to add this picture in. This is me in MY room!!! I love my room!!!!


And this was at church. From left to right you have: Brother Marcus Smith, Drew Smith, Brother Phil Roudeski, Nathaniel Butterworth, Brother Jamison Caudill, Brother Justin Channell, and Sister Smith.


Here you have Brother Jimmy Danishek, Sister Kim Meyers, Savannah Channel (in the pink jacket) and Sister Missy Channell.


And here you can see Sister Lisa Caudill and Sister Virginia Meeks (both on the far right. Sister Lisa Caudill is in the white jacket and Sister Virginia is in the orange and tan). And you can barely see Brother Jeremy Caudill on the drums.


And here are some of the people in the choir.


And here you can see all the tenor’s and the alto’s that were there at that time. The second one is of the the soprano’s.



And here is the whole choir.



And here are most of our muscians. You can’t really see him, but Brother Marcus Smith is on the organ, Nathaniel is on the bongo’s, Brother Jamison Caudill is on the keyboard and Brother Jeremy Caudill is on the drums.



And here you have your’s truly, me and Beck, trying on glasses at Cato’s.


And this was on a youth trip that we were able to go on. This was while we were stopped when the guys van broke down. Oh yes let me tell you about that first. So, we are driving down the road (half and hour away from the guys) and we get a phone call (actually Brother Delven Porter gets the call) and Brother Burris is calling say that the had just busted a tire (and it was really busted. There was nothing left but a few shreds of tire and the rim). So Brother Porter was like, “Well, Brother Burris, do you want us to turn around? Do y’all have a jack and a spare tire?” Brother Burris said, “We’ll look for a tire and a jack, but y’all keep going. There is no point in y’all turning around.” (And I’m paraphrasing all this) So we go down the road about 20 more minutes, maybe a half hour, and we stop. Brother Porter calls Brother Burris again and talks for a few minutes and in the mean time, a corrections officier for Missouri (or maybe it was Illinois) told us that maybe we could use our tire for the other van even though it was a different make. So we told Brother Burris and off we headed down the road…in the opposite direction then we got to the gas station. So about 25 minutes later, we see the guys van…..and we all start laughing (sorry guys!!!)!!! But we just couldn’t help it. We saw all those guys standing out there all pitiful looking, and we kept telling outselves that it wasn’t funny and we shouldn’t laugh, but that made us laugh all the more. But then they guys told us their story. They had pulled off on the side of the road and they all got out of the van (it 90 something degrees where we were) and all these cars were driving past and no one was stopping. They were out there like 5 minutes and still no one stopped. So Brother Burris told all of them to get around in a circle and that they were going to pray. So they prayed a simple prayer “God, we need help fast. Please send someone to help us.” and they said that not even 2 minutes later, this black jeep pulled off in front of the van and this guy and his wife jumped out and asked if they needed help. The guy had a jack that they could use and everything, except for the tire which we had. But they guy had the tire changed within about 5-10 minutes, although I think it was closer to the 5 minutes. So we met our angel on that trip!! Yesu arigato gozaimasu!!! Thank you so much God!!!

So here are a few pictures that were taken at that little pit stop!

This is Lori, me, Beck, and Maleah. I’ll never forget this time!!!


And here you have Micaleah on the far left, then Krissy making the face and Daniel sitting next to her. Then behind them you have Sister Amber Porter and Esther chilling in the front seat.


And here is the group of guys that were on the van. Sorry it’s kind of blurry.


And this was on the van. This is Alina and Maleah. I have no idea what they were doing?


And these were in Oklahoma once we got there.

This is Beck and Maleah.


And this is Krissy, Katrina, and Charlesee. Then the same group, but Kierra stepped in on the far left side.



Then me and Kierra. Then Kierra and Maleah.



And this is my little buddy, Nate Berry!!


And this is Alina, Maleah and Beck. Then all four of us.



And here is Pastor Smith with his drum!! I love it!!!


And after we got back (thankfully with no more accidents or busted tires) at midnight, or so, we went home and all went to bed. When you’ve spent about 5 days with going to bed at 3 am, sometimes later, and getting up about 7 am or so, you just want sleep. So we got that until about 8 on Sunday morning, when we had to get up for church. These were taken Sunday night at the evening service.

Here you have Brother Burris, in the black jacket, leading the worship service, and behind him you can see (from left to right) Brother Jimmy Danishek, Sister Johanna Danishek nad Sister Missy Channell.



And here are just some people in the congregation. I won’t go through and name them all, but you can see that we were having an awesome service.



Here you have Sister Sanchez in the black and white blouse, Sister Amber Porter, Ciera, and Beck. Behind Beck to the right is Antonia.



And here you can see some of our guys praying for someone in the back.


And this is just more of the praise singers and musicians. From left to right (sorry you can’t really see them): Nathaniel on the bongo’s, Brother Jamison on the keyboard, Michael McIntosh on the drums, Brother Phil on the guitar, Brother Burris at the pulpit, Sister Virginia, Brother Jimmy, and Sister Johanna.


Here Sister Lisa is to the left of Sister Virginia.


And in this picture, you have Malorie, in the white and brown on the far left, with Sister Sanchez to her right, Jessica in the pink and black and then Krissy.


And here is Brother Burris!!! Love ya’ Brother Burris!!!


And here are some other close ups that I will name.

Here is Nathaniel.


And here is Brother Phil on the back left and Brother Burris again.


Sorry this is blurry but this is the brothers, Brother Jamison and Brother Jeremy Caudill.


And in this picture, you have (yes, from left to right): Nathaniel, Brother Jamison, Michael, Sister Smith, and Brother Phil.


And here is Sister Virginia.


And here you have Brother Jimmy Danishek, and his wife, Sister Johanna Danishek.


And I liked this picture just because you can see the different atmospheres. It looks so……amazing!!!


And here, I thought the water looked fake. Maybe more like a water painting, but not the real ocean.


And here y’all can see how high, how fast, and how cold it was where we were.



And here everyone is where my camera died. I’m sorry! I wish it had not, but it did. So now you know all about our trip home. Once again, it was SO SO SO good to see everyone again.

Love and miss everyone so much!!

The Pounders Family

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

First of all I would like to say to my chi-chi (father)……

Otanjoobi omedetoo!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Now for the pictures of church from church Sunday the 11th of July.

First we have Sister Victoria, then Brother Daniel.




And here is the youth group. Christine is there, but she is trying to hide from the camera.


And here are some pictures from when we went out to eat with Brother and Sister Yokoyama, Seika, Brother and Sister Datosomor, Brother and Sister Matsui, and Brother Matthew Matthews, who is here in Japan preaching from Singapore.

So in this picture, you can see (from left to right): Seika, Sister Matsui, Brother Matsui, Brother Matthews, Brother Yokoyama, and Sister Yokoyama.


And here is all the same people, only with my dad and Brother Datsomor in there.


And here is my dad with his “World’s Greatest Dad” pin.


And here is a group picture where you can better see Brother Matthews and the Matsui’s and the Yokoyama’s.


And here are several small group pictures. I got each section of each of the tables.


Here you can see Brother Datsomor and a little of Sister Datsomor, me, Beck, and Sister Yokoyama (on the front left).


And here is Seika, Sister Matsui, and Brother Mastui.


And here you can see Sister Yokoyama, a bit of Brother Yokoyama, and Brother Matthews.


Well, everyone that is all I have for this entry. Once again, in the close of this, I’d like to say to chi-chi, “O-tanjou bi omedetoo!!!” Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

Youth Outing: Bowling

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Hello Everyone!!!

Here are a bunch of pictures from Saturday, July 10th, from a youth outing that we took to the bowling alley on base, the Tomodachi Lanes. We had so much fun!!! It was a great time. And for a lot of the Japanese youth, this was their first time bowling because off base, it is like, I think they said, up to Y3,000 ($30.00) for only 2 games. Whereas on base, we played 2 games and got shoes for only $4 and something. And after the bowling, we went to the YCC, or the Yokota Community Center, to get something to eat. So here are the pictures.

First of all, here is Jeremiah. Then Sister Victoria.

100_4790 100_4792

And here is Brother Logan on the right getting ready to roll the ball and you can see Hikaru in the white t-shirt walking to the far left. And then my dad rolling the ball.

100_4793 100_4794

And here is Brother Yokoyama and Brother Logan helping Seika bowl.


And here is from the far left: Sister Victoria, Megumi, Jesse, my dad, Lisa, Enos, Yoshiki, Hikaru, Michelle, Beck, Brother Yokoyama,  Brother Logan, and Seika.


And here is Jesse. And then Jeremiah again.

 100_4797 100_4798

And here is Megumi. I think this is Yoshiki’s sister. And then Brother Logan.

100_4799 100_4800

Then another group picture. Then Sister Victoria and Michelle.

100_4801 100_4803

And another group picture. Then my dad, Brother Yokoyama, and Seika.

100_4804 100_4805

And yet another group picture. And Michelle.

100_4806  100_4807

And my dad. And then Megumi.

100_4808 100_4809

Group pictures again.

100_4810 100_4814

And Brother Yokoyama. And then Hikaru again.

100_4813 100_4811 

And Kujo and Bernice. And Bernice.

100_4815  100_4816

And Ai (I think. I could be wrong). And Jeremiah again.

100_4818 100_4819

And here is Bernice, Lisa, and Christine with Megumi in the background. Then in the second picture, there is Sister Logan, Kujo, Bernice, and Megumi.

100_4820 100_4821

And Beck and Christine with Brother Ishibashi in the background. And then Bernice, Beck, and Christine with Brother Yokoyama in the back in the blue shirt and Brother Ishibashi in the black shirt.

100_4823 100_4824

And this always happens: Brother Yokoyama and my dad always match on the youth outing days. Blue striped shirts and khaki pants. It must be their youth outing outfits.


And here we have Kujo, I think Ai, Megumi, Bernice, Christine, and Lisa.


And here is Bernice. And then we have Jeremiah again. He looks like he is flying, or trying to fly.

100_4827 100_4828

And Jeremiah again.

100_4829 100_4832

Well, that is all I have for now. Please come back and read more. I’ll have several new entries on here from our last couple weeks.