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Japanese Hens & Chickens and…Joyful Honda?

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Ohayo gozaimasu!!! Konnichi wa!!! Konban wa!!!

Good morning!!! Good afternoon!!! Good evening!!!

In this entry, I just have a few pictures from this last week. I didn’t get any from church today (today is Sunday May 16th) but I do have several other pictures.

First of all, for everyone in Dayton and where ever else you are, I would like to ask, who all knows what hens and chicks are? Well, in Oklahoma, there are two different types of chickens and hens. The first one, which everyoneshould know, is the kind of hen with feathers that clucks and that we eat. But the other kind of hen, which also has chickens, is what is pictured below. And these are huge hens and chickens. Look at them next to my mom’s hand. 




Ok, so now that that is over with, now, this is while we were out walking around our area. The mountains are a lot prettier on clear days.


And this, tomodachi, is called a dog wash, or the Washamatic-kan, and it is THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD!!! Yes let me tell you. First I saw this at Joyful Honda, a huge store that is a mix between Lowe’s, Wal-mart, Micheal’s and a flower shop, and a bicycle shop. Then like 3 weeks later, I saw it on Yahoo news. I was like, “Hey I saw that!!” But it’s pretty cool. They even have a dryer for afterwards.



And all these were taken in the food section of Joyful Honda.

First, welcoming…LIVE SHRIMP!!! And then some other type of fish, which, when some lady picked one up, it was still bleeding!! EEEEWWWWWW!!!



And some squid.




And some other type of fish. Look how big that second fish is.



And I have no clue what this is, but it does not look good. And then some more shrimp.




And here is this weird looking hana, or flower, that is absolutely real. But it looks kind of…weird. And look how big it is.



And some other type of hana, which I don’t know what they are.


And this is a fruit, I think, but it smells to high heaven. I smelled it, and when we were walking away, this girl and her mom came up and the mom told the daughter to smell it. She sniffed and turned around real quick with an, “Ahhh”. She thought it stunk too.


And here is a part of an octopus. And then a sushi bar of some types.



And here are some long crab legs.


And last but not least, here is a sushi  tray. It has a lot of different kinds of sushi on it. I only like the shrimp sushi though!!


Well, tomodachi, that is all I have for now. Please continue reading and share this with everyone you know!!!

Ja mata ne!!

Mom & Dad get away & church pictures

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Konnichi wa!!!!! Genki desu ka?

Hello!!!! How is everyone?

Well, first of all, here is a picture that my mom needed for school. She picked all the poses. She REALLY likes the mustang!!




And this was from when my parents went downtown to the New Sanno. I have to tell you about this story. My mom went online and made the reservations and didn’t tell my dad. She wasn’t going to tell my dad until they emailed. Well, she thought they were going to email, but they called instead. When they phone rang and my dad called her name, she looked at me and said, “Busted!!” But they had fun. Me and Beck stayed home while they were gone. We went to Tokyu for supper. I got one of the already made meals; some udon and some AWESOME yakitori and Beck got some McDonalds. But anyway, here are some pictures that my mom and dad took while they were downtown.

Look at ALL the people!!! People as far as the eye can see…well, other than the buildings!!



And here is this cool looking resutoran (I’ll let you figure out what that means!!), where you sit on the floor and put your feet down into the floor to eat.


And here is part of the New Sanno, I think. I’m pretty for sure that’s where the garden is.


And here are several pictures of my parents room at the New Sanno. My mom had reserved a Japanese room for them and it looked kind of cool. This is the living room. If you can see it, on the coffee table, there is a little teapot probably with some green tea in it. And the couches  were just a little shorter than American couches.


And this is part of the Japanese living room. I like their little table.  Then, you move the table and put down the futons on the tatami mats to sleep.  The futons, pillows, etc are kept in that area behind the white doors.


And this is part of the garden. You can’t go out there, because if you look at the rocks, they take a little rake and make the pebbles look pretty. But it’s still cool how they shape all of their trees and make the rocks look pretty.  The interesting thing, is that this garden is on the third floor of the building.




Now, here are some pictures from this past Sunday, May 23rd.

First, here are some of the mothers from church. I’ll name everyone for you.

From left to right: my mom, Sister Pauline, Sister Yokoyama, Sister Omorefi, and Sister Mateo.


And here are some of the kids from church. From left to right: me, Jeremiah, Haley, Beck, and Bernice. Christine didn’t want to be in the picture even though we were begging her to, but oh well. I’m sure we’ll be taking many other pictures!!


And here is Jeremiah. He must’ve felt famous or something Sunday, because we all had our camera’s out and were snapping pictures of him. Finally he said, “Enough pictures” so we stopped…for like two seconds then started taking more pictures!!! It was funny!!! So here are some random shots of him.


My mom trying to either scratch Jeremiah’s head or something. And Jeremiah trying to do something.


Haley trying to steal a kiss. Jake is standing in the background. And then Jeremiah actually giving her a kiss. AWWWWWWE!!!!



Then Jeremiah was just standing there, smiling his cute little smile!! Don’t you just want to pinch his cheeks?? I would but I don’t like it when people pinch my cheeks.


And last but not least, the last little group. Jeremiah, Beck, Christine, and Haley. Jeremiah is looking like, “Can we PLEASE stop taking pictures??” He’s so cute!!


Well, that is all I have for now. I hope you all enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it!!

Miss everyone and please continue coming back!!!!

Domo arigato gozaimasu!!

Thank you so much.

Haha no hi omedetto gozaimasu!!!!

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Hello Everyone!!!!

First of all, to all the mothers, I would like to say:

Haha no hi omedetto gozaimasu!!!!! Happy Mothers Day!!!

Now, let me start at the beginning of all the pictures that I have.

First off, this is my mom eating…SUSHI!!!  Just recently, like while the Lucas’s have been here, my mom has found that she actually does like shrimp sushi, which by the way is REALLY good. So in order for us to believe and for y’all to believe that she does actually like it, I just HAD to get a picture.


And this is one thing that you see a lot in Nihon. It is a gang. But not the type of gangs that are in the states. These types of gangs may be small or large or even somewhere in the middle. You never know till you see it. They are the bike gangs and are mostly made up of young people, like school age teens. This “gang” is small compared to some that we have seen. There were only 4 guys in this gang.


Moving on. These next few pictures were taken at the Mother’s Day/FaithPromise service, which went really good by the way. We had a combined service with the international and the Nihongo congregations.

So these first two are of Brother Yokoyama and Brother Lucas.  Brother Lucas was speaking Eigo and Brother Yokoyama was speaking in Nihongo.



And this first picture is just of the white board that Brother Lucas was using with some scriptures, but I just took a picture of it because I liked the kanji on it. And then Brother Lucas after he had just got done asking a question waiting while Brother Yokoyama translated into Nihongo. And Brother Lucas had my dad go up there to read scripture.



And this is my mom and Sister Yokoyama. My mom got up and said a few things and Sister Yokoyama translated for her.  I got a few pictures of that too because those of you who know my mom, she DOES NOT speak in front of people. But she surprised us all I guess.



And this is when we decided to honor the mothers. We had all the mothers come to the front. And man, we had a lot of moms!! I didn’t think we had that many moms but we do.




And this is the oldest mother which was  Sister Yokoyama’s mom, Sister Hashizume, who is hachi-ju-hachi, or 77.


And the youngest mom, which was Sister Blessing Apedo. She was so happy when my dad asked who was the youngest mom and she knew she was the youngest.


And then the mom with the most kids, which was Brother Daniel’s wife, Sister Charity, who has five kids.


And now, these are from the rest of the service. Since it was a combined service, we had bothInternationals and Japanese praise singers. I do not know how many of you know all the Japanese people, so I will go through and list all of the them; both Japanese and Internationals.

This is of Sister Ikeda on the far left, Sister Victoria, and Bernice. And the next two are of Brother Arai and Brother Daniel.




And this is of Brother Arai, Brother Daniel, and Brother Ishibashi. And then all the women again.



And here is Sister Ikeda, with Sister Yokoyama behind her, Sister Igarashi on the organ, and Bernice. And then Brother Arai and Brother Daniel again.



And this is Misa, on the far left, and her mom, Sister Jackie, right next to her and then the four of us. Misa left on Monday, May 10th, to go to London to study English. She will be gone for about 6 months, then will be coming back to Japan. But she wanted her picture with us before she left.


And this is my mom with Tonya, a friend of Sister Lucas’s


And here are some flowers that are growing around our house that I thought were pretty.



And these pictures were taken the day Brother and Sister Lucas left. And let me tell you, that was one crazy day, but at the same time, it was funny. So here is what happened; Brother and Sister Lucas had some last minute things to do before they left, but first we had to eat.  So we met them for breakfast and then went and did all the shopping and things that needed to be done. Well, we were supposed to be leaving to go to Tachikawa to the Palace Hotel where the bus picked them up by 11:30…but we didn’t start heading over there till 11:45. And when we got there, they had just enough tim to grab a quick picture, tell us bye, give handshakes and hugs, and jump on the bus. Then we got back in the van and realized that Brother Lucas had left his milk tea in the van and Beck didn’t want to run out there and give it to him, so real quick I got out of the van, ran the short distance to the bus (it really wasn’t that far, we were on the sidewalk where the taxi’s park and the bus was on the side of the road), and Brother Lucas met me there, took his tea, said “Arigato gozaimasu. Thank you SO much” and went and sat back down. By the time he was sitting back down, the bus was taking off. All four of us were like, “WOW!!! That was TOO close!!!!” But at least they made it!! Anyway, here are the pictures. I got one of Brother and Sister Lucas and my parents, and then a close up of Brother and Sister Lucas.



And this last picture, I don’t think I have put it on here, and I wanted all of you to see it. This was taken around late December last year. You can tell how warm it was out side even at the end of December. This is me, Beck, Kouhei, and their dog Aki. Kamata-san took this picture while we were all outside taking a break from running around, either playing tag or kicking a soccer ball around.

Japan 2009

Well, that is all I have for now. I hope you enjoy it.

Recent Events Around Haijima Church!

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Hello everyone!!

Once again, I’m sorry it has been so long, but at least it hasn’t been as long as it has been before.  Also, I am sorry to say that I don’t have that many pictures. I only have about 30 total, but some of those I won’t put on here because they didn’t turn out good.

So, first, for Sister Hampton, here is a picture of a flower that is in our “yard” if you can call it that. But anyway, the flower is real pretty.


And here are some picture from the going away party that we did for Sally Amoabeng, Joy Ahiabor, and Maame Abena Gyapong. Sally left to go to college in Canada, Joy left to go back to Ghana for college, and Maame is leaving on the 14th of May to go back to Ghana for college. But we love them and will miss them all, so we decided to give them a going away party to let them know how much we would miss them.

Here are some pictures of them speaking to the church and then their cake.



Sally speaking, then Joy, them Maame.





And these were taken at Brother and Sister Logan’s house. Jeremiah sat down in between me and Beck and just settled down and put his one arm around my arm and his other arm around Beck’s arm. It was SO cute!!! But when my mom got the camera out, he moved. But we got him to sit down for another picture.



Then Jeremiah.


And would you look at this picture. Who are these crazy gaijins (foreigners)????? Well, tomodachi, this is yours truly…the Pounders ladies!!! My mom saw these in Clair’s at the Aeon Mall and wanted to get our picture with these…CRAZY glasses on!!!


And this is from church Thursday night. Brother and Sister Lucas, it was SO good to have y’all back. For everyone else, Brother and Sister Lucas came back…but only for a little bit. They got here Tuesday night and were in church with us Thursday night. Then they left Friday for Okinawa for the Japan UPC Conference, where Brother Stoneking will be speaking. Then the Lucas’s will be back with us for service next Thursday night and then next Sunday. And for those of y’all that have never met the Lucas’s, well…you are missing out. They are an awesome couple. And super funny!!!

But anyway, I got a couple pictures of Brother Lucas preaching Thursday night, but I didn’t get any of Sister Lucas. Hopefully I will be able to before they leave!!!





And these are from church today, May 2nd, 2010. It was a really good service.

I’m not going to tell you what most of these pictures are, because well, after 9 months, y’all know who is who now. So I just show the pictures.











So, as you can see from all these pictures, we did have a very good church service.   Actually, we have had a wonderful time in Japan.

Now, for a…kind of funny picture. We took this picture on the way home from this new place down the road from the house. They make almost anything you can thing of…out of tofu. The have vanilla flavored tofu ice cream, green tea flavored tofu ice cream, a raspberry or blueberry flavored ice cream, donuts (probably made from tofu), and a ton of other thing; like udon (big fat noodles, which are awesome), ramen, fried tofu, regular tofu, tofu burgers, and tofu with different things in it. But the aisu-kurimu (ice cream) was REALLY awesome!! I would’ve never guessed that it was made from tofu.

Anyway, back to the subject, this next picture was taken on the way back to the house from this tofu place.  This is a two lane road.


Yes, I did say a two lane road. Do you see how the van is kind of PAST the white line on our side? Well, if another car comes, that is the way it has to be. There a quite a few roads like this in Japan. But back home in the states, this is just a driveway. But not here. This is a common site.

Okay, well that is all I have for now. Hope you enjoy reading the blog entries.

Also, we would like to ask that you continue praying for us. That would be very much appreciated.

Love and miss everyone!!!