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New Sanno

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Konnichi wa tomodachi!!!!

In this entry, I have like a ton of pictures from when we went to this military hotel that is run by the Navy called the New Sanno. My parents took my sister and I there for our birthday like 8-9 years ago. They brought us out some cheesecake with a sparkler in each one and they were singing Happy Birthday to us. We loved it!!! So as soon as we found out that we were coming over here, we told my parents, “We have to go to the New Sanno for our birthday’s”. We absolutely have to!!  So that’s what we did. We went down on Monday night, and after having a little detour, we finally got to the New Sanno. When we got there, we were walking around looking at all the changes that have taken place over the past 8 years. It has changed a lot!!  So here are some of the pictures from then and from all the things we have done.

First, here is what will greet you right outside the main doors. There are many different colors but I didn’t want to get a picture of every color, for my sake and y’alls!!!



Once you get inside, there will be this to see too, pointing the direction to the main desk. Also, you have this beautiful painting.



And this is in the foyer. Notice that beautiful chandelier.



And this is a bridal kimono. Actually, it’s a cover that goes over the top of the kimono. Beck and I were just staring at it, even when my parents walked away. It’s downright beautiful.


And this is the outside of the New Sanno.



And, although we did a lot in between the time I took this picture and what I’m going to show you next, I thought it would be better to go a head and show you this first. This is what brought back memories from 8 years ago even though it had changed, moving to a different floor and even changing some of the decor, it still brought back memories. So let me tell you about it. It’s called Kikuya and the food is AWESOME!!! You order what you want off the menu and then, if you order of a certain part of the menu, and if you sit at the grill, you can see the chef cook your food. The chef at our grill was Chef Kato. So you order what you want and they bring you everything out one at a time and while you’re eating, you can watch the chef cook other peoples food too. I’ll have a picture later of the chef.



So here is the first picture. I took this one of my parents and Beck. Then my dad took the next one of Beck and I.



Then our waitress took this of us. And this is the sushi that was brought out to us. I tried the sushi roll with shrimp on it (that is a new discovery too. I found out last week at Yokosuka that I like shrimp and scallops. It’s really good), and the middle sushi roll. That one had an egg type thing on it that was sweet.  The one on the left had salmon on it, but my dad said that he didn’t like that one, because it had a tart taste to it. Our waitress said she didn’t like raw salmon either, because of the tart taste. But the other two were really good. Oh and the sauce is soy sauce. And the green stuff is wasabi, which for those of you who don’t know, is a spicy horseradish and is used as a condiment for sashimi (raw seafood) and sushi, but is also used for many other Japanese dishes. I don’t like it so much but my dad does. And I don’t know what the other pink thing is but I didn’t try it. I think it might be some other type of fish or something like that.



And this is Chef Kato. In the first one, he is cooking our onions, mushrooms, and peppers. In the second one, he is peppering our vegetables. And then he’s cutting our meat.




And this is my dad eating his egg sushi. And this is right after they brought out our cheesecake and sang Happy birthday to us.



And this is the waterfall that was to our left. And this is at the back of the resutoran where this huge grill is. There are about 10 seats or so back there but I loved the background.



And here are they pictures that they took of us when they brought out our cheesecake. The glasses have, under the candles, it says Happy on the left side, and Birthday on the right. I wasn’t going to wear it at first, but when Beck put them on, the lady said, Okay your turn. you both get one!



And here is the paper that they put the picture in. Isn’t it pretty?


Well, in the next entry, I’ll be showing everyone pictures from all the sights that we saw while we were down at the New Sanno. Be prepared for some beautiful and maybe some different sights!!!


Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Hello Everyone!!!!

Before I go any further, I would like to say…

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Hapyp Birthday to you!!!

Happy Birthday dear Alina, Beck, Bernice, Seika, Micaleah, Coutney, moi, and whoever else!!!

Happy birthday to you!!!!!

Okay, now that that is over, here are some pictures of Bernice’s 19th birthday party, which they also included Beck in, since Bernice and Beck have the same birthday, January 24th. So here are some pics of all the fun.

This is Lisa, Bernice, and Bernice’friend, Na-na acting crazy. Then in the next picture, it’s a group picture. In the back row, is Brother James, Bernice’s, Jesse’s, and Christine’s Uncle James. The young guy in the white shirt on the back, his name is Uyi (prounounced you-ee). Then in the next row, from left to right, Jesse, Sister Pauline, Sally, Christine, Na-na, Lisa. Then in the next row, in the red shirt, Zion, Bernice, and Beck. Then in the front, is Steven, Brother Daniel’s son. I’ll get a better picture of him though since you can’t really see him.



In this picture, Bernice and Lisa are acting goofy. Lisa is acting like she was kissing Beck’s head and Bernice is holding Steven’s head. In the next picture, everyone is posing!! Sister Vastina Asante is in the blue dress and everyone else is posing. Steven is looking at me and he could almost be saying or thinking “Really?? do we need all the drama?”



And here everyone is acting crazy around the cake!! And here is Beck cutting half of the cake.



And here is Bernice cutting the other half of the cake. And Beck is standing with her piece of cake and Christine (left) and Michelle (right) are standing right beside. Beck is laughing because everyone was waiting for her and Bernice to take the first bites.



And Bernice wanted a picture of the other birthday girl and her sister.



And I wanted my picture with both of the birthday girls. Then Christine joined in.



Then Sally joined in with all four of us. And the next picture Christine and Beck are making a goofy face at the camera.



And Bernice, with her new jacket the Sally got her, and Na-na posing for the camera. In the next picture, Bernice posing with Lisa and Na-na.




And here is Steven. Isn’t he ADORABLE?!?!?!?!



Bernice posing. And then Beck posing for the mic and the camera.



And Bernice with her Uncle James.



And Bernice with Zion. And then with Uyi.



Bernice with Na-na. Then another group picture, except this time, it’s only girls.



Then Steven singing into the Xbox 360 microphone. Then Beck and Steven.



Beck and Steven. Then Steven, Beck, and Christine watching Jesse play a video game.



Well, this is all I have from the birthday party. I hope y’all enjoyed this entry and all the pictures. It was a total blast being there!!! But the last thing I have to say is going to all the ones with birthday’s in January and February…


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yokosuka-SAT Test and Church

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Hello Everyone!!!!  I hope all is going well from wherever you are around the world.

Here are some pictures that I’d like to share from when we went to Yokosuka for my SAT Test, which I would like to say thanks to everyone who prayed for me. I definitely felt it, especially when it came to those math problems!!! But first I have to tell you about what happened after we drove over an hour to get to Yokosuka.

We pull up to the gate and the guy said we could go in. Then my dad asked if we needed to get a vehicle pass and he said, “Yes sir you do. Although this is a pass that enable you to get on at Yokota, we don’t except the same type of passes as Yokota”. So we parked the van and went into the guest building place to where we had to get the pass and when we asked and finally after talking to this guy, we found out that we couldn’t use the van on base, but he did tell us about a church, Yokosuka Baptist Church, where we could probably park the van. So after finding the church and calling the pastor and getting permission to park there, we grabbed all of our luggage and carried it to the base, walking.  Then we had to call a taxi to get to the hotel. First we went to the wrong hotel and had to go to the other side of the base. So after we finally got to the right hotel, and got settled down, we grabbed a bite to eat and went back to the room and beck started playing wii while I was trying to remember everything I had read about in a book, “SAT words” or something like that. So instead of cramming, I was just trying to remember everything. Finally, after brain storming for a while. I finally fell asleep.

All during the night, I was dreaming stupid things. Like the taxi driver stopped at McDonald’s to get something to eat and made me late for the test; and I walked in and forgot everything about Algebra I and II, and I couldn’t remember the meaning to any of the words on the test; and there was another one, but I forgot what it was. Then we got the wake up call at 6:30 the next morning. I was so exhausted but I got up and started getting dressed and eating breakfast. Then we called the taxi. The taxi was outside so we hurried up and ran outside. It only took us 5 minutes to get over to the other side of the base. Once we got to the school and up to the library, my dad and I walked upstairs to the library and at first there wasn’t a lot of kids up there. After my dad left, I went and sat down at one of the back tables. After about 10 minutes, this guy came over and sat down and started talking to some kids at another table. then this other guy and this girl walked up and sat down too. They were talking about the test they were taking, the SAT II, the subject test. The first guy was taking the regular SAT test and he was saying that he took the SAT I last year and scored a 2010!!!! I was like, “Can I ask you a question? Why are you taking the SAT again?” He said, “I only missed 3-5 (I don’t remember) math question. I want a better grade”. So finally the test started at 9:30 and after testing till about 1:00 or 1:30. I was walking over to the NEX, or the base exchange, and I was almost falling asleep walking!!! I was so exhausted!!! Then I started eating and was almost falling asleep eating too!!!

Anyway, here are some pictures from when we went sightseeing Friday night. It was all kind of cool. So here they are. Here are some pictures for you Brother Caudill!!!











And these are from Sunday, January 24th. This is Brother Daniel preaching Sunday morning.




And here are some pictures of a girl named Mami that got the Holy Ghost Sunday.





And this is Haley singing. And the second picture is one that my mom snapped. Haley was showing me that she could play “I have touched the hem of His garment”. Sister Yokoyama had never heard it before, so I was singing the words to it.



This is all i have from church and Yokosuka. I hope you enjoy reading this entry and all the next entries!!!!

Bungee jumping, church, and dogs!!!

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Hello everyone!!!! Konnichia wa!!!! How is everyone doing? We are all doing fine over here in the land of the rising sun!!!! It is finally getting cold. We get about 50 degrees during the day and about 40 or so at night on warm days. on our cold days, it’s only about 45 or 40 during the day and one night it actually got down to about 35 degrees. But, since there is no central heat/air, we all stand in front of a kerosene heater. But then my mom  says, “Stop hogging all the heat. We’re all cold here”. So we (my dad, Beck, and I) all move over so some heat actually gets around us. 

Also, sorry I haven’t done another entry. I haven’t really had that many pictures but I finally did get a few. So here they are.

First, here is a picture from when we had a joint service with Brother Datsomor and his church from Nakameguro. The church was PACKED!!!!! Sorry I didn’t get more pictures, but since I was on crutches, I couldn’t get around real good, and not being able to get around real good, I wasn’t able to get as many pictures as I wanted to.


Also we had another guy get baptized. His name is Jerome Hodge.  He knows one of our military families from the church.  I saw my dad talking to him and he told my dad that he wanted to get baptized. So they took him back and got him in the baptismal robe and after he came up out of the water from being baptized in Jesus Name, he was filled Holy Ghost!!!!! But I didn’t get any pictures of that but I did get some pictures of my dad giving him his baptismal certificate. Look how happy he looks!!




These last few pictures were taken on a Thursday. This past Sunday, January 10th, was an awesome service too. Brother Daniel was back from Ghana, which for those of you that don’t know, is a place in Ghana. I will show you a map later. Anyway, Brother Daniel was back from Ghana with his oldest son, Steven, who is 8 years old, and his wife will be coming to Japan here in the next few weeks or so, as soon as they get their little newborn baby a passport, and there are a couple other people that are gone back home to Ghana that should be coming back soon. But service was really awesome Sunday. The power of God was so strong in there that my dad didn’t even get to preach!!

Also here are some pictures that we took at Aeon Mall. First you will see some kids bungee jumping. Someone had brought in a bungee jumping thing and they had set it up in the mall. And the first girl we saw was very brave. She was jumping so high, she was eye to eye with the people on the second floor and then she started doing flips. You could hear, “Ahhhhh!!!” and “Su goi!!!!”. And she didn’t even looked scared!!! The first three are of one girl and then the last one is of this little boy that looked SO scared!! But he wanted to keep going.






And her are some of the cutest puppies ever (well except for a few…including our Gracie!!!)!!! there is this absolutely HUGE pet store at Aeon. It has like three stores in one. And they have some of the cutest dog clothes ever too!!! And even strollers!!! Can you believe it?!?!?! It’s almost like a baby store like Babies R Us or something like that. They should’ve named it Dogs R Us!! So here are the ko-inu.




And here is Brother Kwasi while he was preaching Sunday morning.



Also I have to tell you something really cool that happened. We went to the Gyamfi’s house because they needed my dad to help them do something with their computers and one of their Japanese friends came over after we had been there a while and when we were getting close to leaving, he came in and was talking to Sister Pauline and my dad said, “Hey Sister Pauline, tell him he needs to come to church.” So Sister Pauline told him and he told Sister Pauline that he might come. And then he spoke to my dad and said (in Japanese), “I have a very lonely and sad heart”. So after that, we spent probably 30-45 minutes talking to him and telling him about Jesus and how that when you give your life to God, He’ll take away the sadness and make you happy. And he had said before, then that he liked the Gyamfi’s because they we’re so nice, and my dad told him that they were so nice because Jesus lived inside of them. He kind of smiled and just shook his head. So afterwards, he said that he would go to church Sunday, the 17th with Gyamfi’s and Brother Barima said that maybe  Brother Yamamoto, one of the Japanese guys in the church that speaks English, could translate, but Brother Yamamoto won’t be there this Sunday, so he is going to go the the Japanese service with Bernice. But please pray for him that he will have his eye’s opened to what he needs to do. He is very hungry, but he also told Brother Barima that he doesn’t really understand what he needs to do. So please pray for him. I think his name is Tako or it might be Toka. I don’t remember but God knows and that’s all that matters. So please keep this man in your prayers.

Also, for those of you that haven’t seen a picture of our Gracie girl, or if you’ve never seen her before, here is a picture of her first Christmas. Isn’t she cute?!?!?!?!?!? These are just a few of the pictures that my grandpa has sent us. We love receiving pictures from him and seeing our baby girl.

Gracie's first Christmas

Gracie 003

Gracie 001

Gracie looking at the flowers

Gracie 005

Also here is that picture of the map that I told you that I would put on here. Also, just to let you know, Ghana is located on the West Coast of Africa, about 750 Km north of the equator on the Gulf of Guinea. We also have some people in our church from Nigeria and several other places in Ghana. 


Well, that is all I have for now. I’ll have another entry done as soon as I can.

Hope everyone has a wonderful January!!!!