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Sunday November 15th, 2009

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Hello Everyone!!

I just wanted to share with you how God was working around the world, or rather across the world. I don’t know how to word that for sure!!!

Okay most of these are from church but then a few of them toward the end are some that I took after church when we went to Sis. Pauline’s house for lunch with Brother and Sister Logan and Jeremiah.

The first one is of Brother Kwasi during the worship service. Then Brother Jesse on the drums.

11-15-09 009 11-15-09 010

Then the praise singers; Sister Victoria and Bernice “Beni”.

11-15-09 011 11-15-09 012

11-15-09 015

And Brother Daniel and Brother Pounders “Daddy” during a new Caribbean song of which I will share with you later.

11-15-09 013 11-15-09 014

And this is Sister Pauline with her niece, Zion (10 months old). Sister Pauline said that this is the way the Ghanians put the babies. It keeps them close to them yet they are able to gets things done. And I LOVE Sister Pauline’s dress. It’s SO pretty!!

11-15-09 016

And here are several pictures of Brother Pounders “otosan/papa (Daddy)” during preaching.

11-15-09 017 11-15-09 018

11-15-09 019 11-15-09 020

Then some from our alter call after the worship serivce.

11-15-09 021 11-15-09 022

11-15-09 023 11-15-09 024

11-15-09 025 11-15-09 027

11-15-09 028 11-15-09 029

In this first picture, Sister Pauline is with her nephew, Israel.

11-15-09 030 11-15-09 031

And here is Brother Daniel.

11-15-09 032

Brother Logan.

11-15-09 033 11-15-09 034

Sister Yokoyama on the piano.

11-15-09 035 11-15-09 036

My dad praying for Sister Victoria.

11-15-09 037 11-15-09 038

And Bernice praying and then my dad praying for her.

11-15-09 039 11-15-09 040

And the rest of this is after church when we went to Sister Pauline’s house for lunch. It was SO good!!! We had some Nigerian/Ghanian jollof rice; it had I think chicken and beef in it, but it was AWESOME!!!

Anyway, this is Sister Paulines neice Zion who is 10 months old. She is so cute!!

11-15-09 050 11-15-09 052

11-15-09 054

And here is Sister Logan sleeping. You can See Brother Logan’s with a controller in his hands and Jesse on the left.

11-15-09 055 11-15-09 056

And these were taken after the Logans left. We were playing a card game called Swap (we got it at Walmart). Well, Beni decided to make the game more fun and said that the penalty for hitting the slap card last was drinking a glass of ice cold water as fast a you could. Well, she got to fall into her own trap…twice!!! And the second time she had a huge cup. In  the second picture, Beni got too much water in her much water in her mouth and was trying not to let any water get out of her mouth. And in the third picture was the second she hit the slap card last. And in the fourth picture, Christine “Kuri” pushed Beni’s cup up a little bit and…well you can see what happened!!!!!

11-15-09 058 11-15-09 059

11-15-09 061 11-15-09 062

We had a blast over there!! It was so much fun!!!

Well, that’s all I have for now but will be sure to do more next week.

But until then, Adios!!! Opps wrong language!!!

Scenes from Ito Yokado and Tachikawa

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Konnichi wa tomodachi!!!

Here are just some random pictures that we took one day when we went to lunch at a little shopping place near the church called Ito Yokado and when we went about a 20 minute drive from our house or three stops when going by train to a place called Tachikawa. And just to tell you, the train station there is absolutely HUGE!! It’s almost like a mini mall in there. They have a couple floors in there that have restaurants and shopping places in there. It’s AWESOME!!! So first from Ito Yokado.

Here is a picture of my mom and I eating udon, or the big thick noodles, and of course, we’re eating them with hashi, or chopsticks. The noodles are so good. They keep the noodles over ice and when they are getting ready to serve the noodles, they but them in a fryer thing and hold it in hot water while the bowl is heating, which they do by putting hot water in the bowl. Then when both are heated, they pour the water out and put the noodles in it. Then they pour some I think chicken broth over it. It’s awesome!! Although only my mom and I like it and my dad and Beck don’t.

Beck 11-14-09 079 Beck 11-14-09 080

And here is something that I thought might be some kind of meat or something but assuming from the curved shape of the thing, my dad thinks it might have been squid or octopus. And then Linda, Brother and Sister Datsomor’s daughter, said that that is probably what it was. She is leaning more to the squid part. But actually, and honestly, it was quite good. It was kind of sweet and didn’t really taste like fish. When my dad told me that he thought is was squid or octopus, I told him he should have waited until I ate it all to tell me but hey, I liked it so what else can you do when you say you like something THEN figure out what it is. Oh well!!! But this is what it looked like.

Beck 11-14-09 082 Beck 11-14-09 085

And this is on the way to Tachikawa on the train. This is what the bicycle riders call a parking lot.

Beck 11-14-09 086

And here are just some different things within about 5-10 minutes walking from the Tachikawa station. Some of them I have no clue what they are for except just for looks.
The first one, the first thing that comes to mind is an African tribe or tribe leaders or something. And the second picture is of a huge flower pot. You can see the guy next to it and he looks really small. That’s how big it was. And actually, he was closer to us than he was to the flower pot. WOW!!!

Beck 11-14-09 088 Beck 11-14-09 089

I have no clue what this is.

Beck 11-14-09 090 Beck 11-14-09 104

Beck 11-14-09 108

And here are just a couple other shots of some of the shops outside the Tachikawa eki (station), and you can see a little how busy it is but if you think this is busy, wait till you seem some of the pictures from downtown Tokyo on the way to Nakameguro. Will tell you more about that later on.

Beck 11-14-09 110 Beck 11-14-09 112

And here watashi wa tomodachi (my friends), is one of the biggest yards that I have seen in the area’s where we’ve been so far, and get this… the owners have a “U.S. Mail” mailbox. We were wondering if there was an American family living there, but then we decided that that was highly doubtful. To most of you in the States, you might be saying, “Wow, that yard is small!” But over here, some people would like that. I know I would!!

Beck 11-14-09 115

And this is from a place called The Palace Hotel, which truly looks like a palace if I’ve ever seen one. They had several of these beautiful chandeliers here. And they looked like they were made totally of glass and either gold or gold plated or covered something. I don’t know but it was absolutely gorgeous. Plus there was that huge mirror that went from the floor to the ceiling. You can see how high up the second floor was by how small the people and tables are.

Beck 11-14-09 091 Beck 11-14-09 094

Beck 11-14-09 095 Beck 11-14-09 097

Beck 11-14-09 099

And here is the best part. But I need to start at the beginning. Okay, so we walk into the palace hotel and we see this lady in a kimono and Beck goes, “Ohhh that’s so pretty!! I want my picture with her. Her kimono is so pretty!!!” So my parents said that we could go ask if we could get a picture with her. Well, we didn’t know how to ask, so we pulled out this paper that we have that has a bunch of different “important” question on it for different things and “May I take a photograph” was on there with it in English, Ramaji Japanese (Japanese in letters), and Kanji. So I tried to memorize how to say it in just a couple seconds (which I finally learned later; “Shashin o tottemo iidesuka?”) but Beck just said she was going to point at the Kanji. So we walk up to the lady and Beck point at “Shashin o tottemo iidesuka” in Kanji and the lady goes, “Ah hai hai.” Then we give the camera to my mom and then it hits the lady that WE want OUR picture with HER. She thought that we wanted her to take out picture. So we did get our picture and then when we walk away, I said, “Arigato gozimasu” which is thank you and she said, “You’re welcome” the best she could in English. It was SO cool!!! And her kimono was so pretty!!! I loved it!!

Beck 11-14-09 092 Beck 11-14-09 093

Okay, for now I think this is good.  And sorry about being so far behind, but with going to Nakameguro and with other things going on, I just didn’t have the time to get it done. Gomen nasai!!!!! Sorry!!!!!

Tonikaku, ja mata ne!!!!!

Bible Study in Nakameguro

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Hey Everyone!!

I just wanted to share with you a few pictures from when we went to downtown Tokyo to Nakameguro to Brother and Sister Datsomor’s church. They have people from the Philippines and Africa in their church. But the service went really well. So here are the pictures that I wanted to share with you of Wednesday, November 11th Bible Study at Nakameguro-shi.  Some of these I will add captions on, but most of them I won’t.  I’ve only just met some of the people that go here, and the ones that I do remember, I remember their faces but not their names!!! Opps!! Also Brother and Sister Datsomor are from Ghana.

Here is Brother Datsomor at the beginning when he started to teach.

11-14-09 001 Beck 11-14-09 125

Beck 11-14-09 126 Beck 11-14-09 127

Beck 11-14-09 129 Beck 11-14-09 130

The woman kneeling in the picture above and these next two pictures is Sister Datsomor.

Beck 11-14-09 131 Beck 11-14-09 132

Beck 11-14-09 133 Beck 11-14-09 134

Beck 11-14-09 135 Beck 11-14-09 136

And this is Nathaniel. He is 24 and I’ve heard that he can sing real good, play the drums and a couple other different instruments.

Beck 11-14-09 137 Beck 11-14-09 139

Beck 11-14-09 140 Beck 11-14-09 141

Beck 11-14-09 142 Beck 11-14-09 144

Beck 11-14-09 146 Beck 11-14-09 149

Beck 11-14-09 151 Beck 11-14-09 153

Beck 11-14-09 154

As you can see from all the pictures, Bible Study was totally AWESOME!!!! I loved it!! And as a matter of fact, we are going back to Nakameguro Sunday, November 22nd, for my dad to preach. Please keep him in your prayers!!! Thanks so much and ja mata ne!!!!

Sunday, November 8th

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Konnichi wa daredemo!! Or in English Hello Everybody!!!! I hope all is going well wherever you are in the states. Everything is going great here. We have been having some awesome services and just to show you, here are some pictures from last Sunday’s service.

Here is Sister Felicia (L) and Sis. Victoria (R). Sister Felicia is the one who used to be my Sunday School teacher. I remember having SO much fun in her class!! And now she has a 7 year old girl named Vinyo  “Vivi”, and a set of twins, one boy and one girl. And then some of the praise singers, Sister Felicia and Bernice “Beni”.

11-8-09 001 11-8-09 003

11-8-09 004 11-8-09 005

And this is Brother Ephriam (L) and Brother Logan (R). It is kind of a low picture but I was sitting on the pew and they were standing up of course.

11-8-09 002

And here is Brother Pounders, watashi wa otochan (my dad), during one of the messages, probably the first one, but I’m not for sure.

11-8-09 008 11-8-09 009

11-8-09 010 11-8-09 011

11-8-09 012 11-8-09 013

And here is from after the service. My dad said it was one of the hardest that he’s had to preach since we’ve been here. He preached on “It’s time for the fire” talking about Elijah with the prophets of Baal. And one of the questions he asked was, “Where is the fire?” Let me tell you something, there was an awesome alter call after that. It was great!!

11-8-09 015 11-8-09 016

11-8-09 017 11-8-09 018

And this is Jeremiah and Sister Jackie’s son Jun (they’re from Chugoku, or China).

11-8-09 024 11-8-09 020

11-8-09 022 11-8-09 023

11-8-09 026 11-8-09 027

This is Sister Blessing. She is 9 months pregnant and was supposed to have her baby this past week I think. And the doctors said that the baby (I think they said it’s a boy) is about 3,800 g or so and is huge in Japanese standards but that is only about 7 pounds or so in American standards.

11-8-09 028 11-8-09 029

11-8-09 030 11-8-09 032

11-8-09 036 11-8-09 037

11-8-09 038 11-8-09 040

11-8-09 041 11-8-09 042

Well these are all the pictures that I got from Sunday, November 8 2009’s service. But I know I told you already but I will tell you again that the service was totally AWESOME!!!!!

Ja mata!!!!

Scenes from November

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Konnichi wa!!!!

Here are some different pictures from places around Akiruno-shi, the city where we live.

First, I want you to look at this car price and leave comments on how much you think this car is. that says Y 4,593,230. And then a group of school kids. They are SO cute!!!

11-7-09 002 11-7-09 003

And this is one huge building. I don’t know if it is a house or apartment or something. I don’t know but it pretty and huge!!

11-7-09 006 11-7-09 007

And I want everyone to see how the Japanese shape their trees. This first tree is being shaped to go across a walk way. I think it is so cool how they do it. Then in the second picture, they put one tree on each side and then let them grow till they got to the height of the roof of the building then trained the trees, using a lattice or something, to go all the way across till they met.

11-7-09 008 11-7-09 042

And this is all the greenery around…IN NOVEMBER!!! Fresh vegetables are STILL being taken in!!! And there are some more flowers for you Sis. Hampton!!!

11-7-09 010 11-7-09 011

11-7-09 012 11-7-09 014

11-7-09 072 11-7-09 111

And you have seriously got to look at this. Take a look at all the bamboo trees around this particular area. There are SO many!! And they are HUGE!!!

11-7-09 020 11-7-09 021

11-7-09 022 11-7-09 023

And her my dad wanted to get out picture. In the second picture, you can see that big mirror. This is what they use over here to see going around corners.

11-7-09 024 11-7-09 025

And more bamboo. And then this vicious looking cat. The cat jumped out when we were going to walk up to feel some bamboo. And in the fourth picture you can see how the bamboo trees are bending under the weight of the leaves.

11-7-09 027 11-7-09 029

11-7-09 030 11-7-09 031

And my mom and dad in front of the bamboo.

11-7-09 032 11-7-09 033

And these were after we got back from the river.

11-7-09 106 11-7-09 107

And in here you can see how big some of the bamboo is. Although my foot isn’t that big, the bamboo is still big.

11-7-09 108

And I thought this was kind of neat how these people did this. They took a pine tree of some kind and put it in this pole of something. One has ivy covering the pole to hide it but it’s still neat!!

11-7-09 035 11-7-09 036

And here is a little shrine thing.

11-7-09 037 11-7-09 038

And here you can see a man and woman working in their garden. And in the second picture you can see rice drying, which they do since it’s been sitting in water the whole time it was growing. Then once it is dry, they just shake it to get all the rice off.

11-7-09 039 11-7-09 040

And here is something else I want everyone to comment on, and tell me what they think this is.  Don’t scroll down any further until you take a guess on what this is!! I took a couple different shots so maybe you’ll be able to guess!!!!

11-7-09 043 11-7-09 044

11-7-09 045

And here are the ends!! It is an inside water park!!

11-7-09 083 11-7-09 086

11-7-09 094

And here is Summer Land. And guess what?!?!? It was still open on November 7. I feel bad for everyone back home where it’s all cold and probably snowing and here, it was almost 70 that day!!!!

11-7-09 046 11-7-09 047

And my mom and dad.

11-7-09 053

And I have to show everyone this. Well, and tell you the “rest of the story”.  Anyway, when we left the house that day, me and Beck had no idea where we were going. My parents wouldn’t tell us. So we were just walking and taking pictures. Then when we finally got to the river, me and Beck were so excited. So then we tried to find the place where Kamata-san took us a couple months ago, and after walking a little bit, we finally found it. We got to the edge of the water and Beck said, ” What are you waiting for Rachel. Take you shoes and socks off.” I said, “I’m not waiting for anything!!!” We had our shoes and socks of in like 3 seconds flat and were in the water. My parents said they didn’t think we would want to get in there like we did, but we did. And the water was cold at first but after a few minutes it felt really good. The water so SO clear, we were wondering if it was Fuji water or something. And the rocks were a little slippery but the sand felt good!!! And I tried to catch a few minnows but I couldn’t. And as you could see, Beck was a little  nervous or scared or maybe cold

11-7-09 054 11-7-09 055

11-7-09 057 11-7-09 058

11-7-09 059 11-7-09 061

11-7-09 063 11-7-09 064

11-7-09 065 11-7-09 067

11-7-09 069 11-7-09 071

And we weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the nice day!!

11-7-09 078 11-7-09 079

11-7-09 084 11-7-09 087

11-7-09 098

Well that is it my wonderful tomodachi!!!! I will try harder to keep up with the blogging. We’ve have been quite busy this past week but I will go more into detail in the next blog!!!

Ja mata!!!!

(P.S. Is this long enough, Pawpaw? )

Pictures From Around Here

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Hello Everyone!!

Here are some pictures that I found on the computer that I had forgotten about but that I did want to share with you.

Here are a couple pictures of Beck standing next to a samurai statue.

Rachel's pictures II 001 Rachel's pictures II 002

And here I am sitting (sort of) on the lap of a samurai. And then my dad standing next to one.

Rachel's pictures II 003 Rachel's pictures II 004

And here are several pictures of some little miniature statues in cases. I think that they are so cute. I don’t know what all of them are, I just thought they were neat so I took a picture of it!!

Rachel's pictures II 005 Rachel's pictures II 006

Rachel's pictures II 007 Rachel's pictures II 008

Rachel's pictures II 018 Rachel's pictures II 019

Rachel's pictures II 020 Rachel's pictures II 021

Rachel's pictures II 022 Rachel's pictures II 023

Rachel's pictures II 024 Rachel's pictures II 026

Rachel's pictures II 027

Here are some different types of tea set things (I think that’s what they’re for). And if you’ll notice, there seems to be 5 of everything. As most of you know, in the states, most of the time, it is either 4 or 8 in a set. Well, here in Japan, 5 is a set. I don’t know for sure the reason why, I just know they do it!! But I also think decor of the set a really pretty.

Rachel's pictures II 010 Rachel's pictures II 011

Rachel's pictures II 012

And this is a sake set. And I have found out while doing our Japanese lessons that in the States, we pronounce sake wrong. Most of the time we says it as “e” but it it supposed to have a “eh” sound at the end. Sorry there is no easier way to explain that over the internet!! That’s the best I can do!!! Then the second picture are just some of the regular bowls that they use with the chopsticks and one of the spoons, possibly supu or shiru (the first is western style soup and the second is Japanese style soup).

Rachel's pictures II 013 Rachel's pictures II 009

Rachel's pictures II 014 Rachel's pictures II 015

Rachel's pictures II 016

And here are some VW bugs that might possibly be Japanese. I think they are.

Rachel's pictures II 029 Rachel's pictures II 030

Rachel's pictures II 031

And, to show you how devoted some Japanese are to Hello Kitty, here is a store TOTALLY devoted to Hello Kitty and the Kitty Family (is that right?).

Rachel's pictures II 032 Rachel's pictures II 033

Rachel's pictures II 034 Rachel's pictures II 035

Rachel's pictures II 036 Rachel's pictures II 037

Rachel's pictures II 038 Rachel's pictures II 040

Rachel's pictures II 041

That’s called obsession with Hello Kitty. WOW!! I’ve never seen anything like this before, but there was a lot of girls in there; girls of all ages.

Here are some other pictures that I got.

This one is of the transportation of a food delivery service. I know that Americans would never get out on a mo-ped and do that. And then there are two school kids walking home. Aren’t they SO cute? Most of the younger ones have either yellow or red backpacks and yellow hats and when it rains, they all have their little yellow umbrella’s. They are so cute!!!

11-4-09 001 11-4-09 004

This I just had to put on here. But it’s kind of funny how I got it; me and my mom and maybe Beck were going into the YCC (Yokota Community Center; it’s where the BX and the Commissary are) and my mom wants to take the steps down. So we start walking down and we get between the first and second floors and we see these feet on the bench so my mom looks back at us and we all start giggling. It never even made them move. It was SO funny!! So once we get past, my mom looks at me and says, “Rachel, you need to get a picture of that. Just make sure your flash is off!!” So I turned that flash off my camera and went up five or so steps and took a couple pictures of them. They were making their break count!!

11-4-09 002 11-4-09 003

And here is Mt Fuji. We got a couple pictures during the day while it was still cloudy and then some when the sun was setting. It was beautiful with the orenji ( I’ll let you take a wild guess what that color is!!!) nichibotsu (sunset) behind it. Sorry you can’t see the first one’s that good. I’ll hopefully be getting some better ones when fuyu (winter) fully sets in.

This one is a little hard to see but if you look straight above the second tree from the left, you will see the faint outline of Fuji-san. In the second picture, it is right above the middle tree.

11-4-09 005 11-4-09 006

These couple is a little more close up than the others are.

11-4-09 007 11-4-09 012

And here are the ones from the nichibotsu. This one is kind of far away.

11-4-09 008 11-4-09 009

11-4-09 010 11-4-09 011

Well that tomodachi (my friends) is all I have for now (is this long enough Paw-paw?!?!)

I will be posting more as soon as possible.

Ja’ Mata!!!

Scenes From Everyday Living!

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Konnichiwa tomodachi!!!

I just wanted to share a few pictures that I have taken this past week.

In these two, if you look just to the left of the light pole, you’ll see a white something. To some it may look like a cloud, others may think it’s smog, but it is the snow covered cap of the famous Mt. Fuji. Sorry they’re fuzzy and not that good. The first one is a little better. But hopefully sometime everyone will be able to see a better view with us standing on the top of it!!! That will be AWESOME!!!!!

11-01-09 001 11-01-09 002

And here would be a Japanese police officer writing a ticket, probably speeding ticket. We were driving so I wasn’t able to get a very good shot of it, but it’s better than what I thought I was going to get, that’s for sure.

11-01-09 003

And this is outside the restaurant, Route 16, on base. For those back in the states, it sort of reminds me of a Steak ‘n Shake, with the same 60’s style decor, but with better fries!!! And bigger burgers!!! Oh yeah, and totally awesome shakes!!! Anyway, I thought the car was different on the outside. It’d be nice if it was a real car!!! Isn’t it nice?

11-01-09 004 11-01-09 005

11-01-09 006 11-01-09 007

And I have to explain this. You know how most things, especially in the States, say, “Made in China”. Well, these people didn’t want ANYONE to think that. But it is true, they are made here in Japan, and they’re beautiful.  And I thought it was neat that they spelled China they way the say it. And I got this little bit of info off the website because I didn’t know what washi was, but now I do and so do you!!!

‘Washi’, also known as ‘Wagami’ is a wonderfully versatile long-lasting paper made in Japan made from uses fibers from shrubs common to the Japanese countryside, even bamboo, hemp, rice or wheat as a basic material resulting in superior quality, durability and longevity, in fact up to an amazing 1,000 years of continuous use using long-established techniques. ‘Wa’ (Japanese) combined with ‘shi'(paper) is deeply rooted in the cultural landscape; ‘washi’ is the paper of choice for artisans, artists, architects, calligraphers and for the creation of paper screens and ‘shoji’ (folding screen) found in every Japanese home.

11-01-09 008

And here is  a picture of several different things written in Kanji, one the the main systems of writing in Japan. They had some cards in that particular store that had one of these Kanji characters on it. I thought the last one was funny! I think the first character is “otoko” or “man” or “guy” and I’m not for sure what the second one is, but it it must translate to nice looking. Maybe “kawai” or “cute”. I don’t know.

11-01-09 011

And here are some different kinds of cards that look like, and I think they are, made out of rice paper.

11-01-09 013 11-01-09 014

And I don’t know if you can read this or not, but it tells why the kokeshi dolls were first made. But here are a couple different shots of the paper. But in case you can’t see it very clearly, it says, “Kokeshi was first made in the northern provinces of Japan about 150 years ago. Kokeshi was originally made as a toy for children of farmers. It developed into a modern craft from a simple toy as the countryside developed culturally. Having outgrown the statues of  being a toy for children. Kokeshi is now recognized as one of the traditional folk arts in Japan. Kokeshi is handmade by skilled craftsmen entirely from woodcutting to painting. We hope you appreciate the Japanese tradition and art”.

11-01-09 015 11-01-09 016

And here are some other pictures of two of our neighbors flowers. The first two are some from one of the neighbors that we met but I don’t know. And the next two are Kamata-san’s flowers ( I took these for you Sis. Hampton!!!).

11-01-09 021 11-01-09 022

11-01-09 023 11-01-09 024

And also for those in the states, here is a (drum roll please)…..DENNY”S!!!!! I’ll try and get a better picture if we go again but someone was coming and then my camera died on me. But I also got some shots of some other things. I think everyone can figure them out though, without me telling you!!!

11-01-09 031 11-01-09 029

11-01-09 030

And here is a picture of Jeremiah that I took Thursday night.

11-01-09 032 11-01-09 033

And here he is “reading” my book. And what was funny, he was actually holding the book right side up!!! WOW!! That kid is really smart!!

11-01-09 034

And last but absolutely not least, are some pictures from the praise singers and my dad during Sunday’s worship service. And let me tell you, church was really awesome!! Bro. Daniel is on the second picture and Bro. Jesse is on the drums, but I couldn’t get him.

11-01-09 035 11-01-09 036

And here is Sis. Yokoyama on the piano and Sis. Victoria.

11-01-09 037

Well that’s all that I have for now. I’ll try to get some more up as soon as possible. Love and miss everyone bunches!!!