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Food, Fun & Flu

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Hello everyone!!!

Here are some pictures from when we went to eat at this restaurant called Bamiyan’s. It’s a really good restaurant. But I got some pictures of us trying some…not American food. But it was actually really good!! So here they are.

Here’s Beck’s rice and curry. And although I didn’t try some then, I have tried some.  The one I tried was some that Bernice had made and that was AWESOME!!!

Beck's camers (festival, church, ect.) 086

And here is my dad eating with hashi (chopsticks). In the first one, he is taking a bite of gohan (rice) and in the second one he is taking a bite of a gyoza.

Beck's camers (festival, church, ect.) 087 Beck's camers (festival, church, ect.) 088

And here is Beck taking her first bite or curry and gohan (she wasn’t sure if she would like the curry or not).

Beck's camers (festival, church, ect.) 089

And then they got me taking my first bite EVER of some seaweed. And actually, it was good. I really liked it!! And then Beck is ACTING like she is going to take a bite but she didn’t want to.

Beck's camers (festival, church, ect.) 090 Beck's camers (festival, church, ect.) 093

And here are the two sisters. AWWWE!!!

Beck's camers (festival, church, ect.) 094 Beck's camers (festival, church, ect.) 095

And I would also like to thank everyone back home at the Lighthouse and here in Japan and everywhere else, that prayed for me while I had the swine flu. It didn’t get as bad as it could’ve, and for that I am very thankful. I’m now pretty much back to my normal self…I think!!! But Beck wanted me to put a couple pictures while I had the mask on (which she thought was very funny!!) So here are those!

This picture was taken Friday morning. First, I got up right before my mom and was going dowstairs and then my mom came out. She pointed and acted like she was laughing. But it was, and is, kind of funny. I never thought I would get swine flu, but I did!!!

Beck's pics 10-25-09 066

And this one, I was so tired from everything that I was falling asleep while I was eating and drinking. My mom and Beck would call my name whenever I would close my eyes and when my head would start to fall. I had to smile at that then and later even though I was falling asleep. And sorry my hair was so wild but that was the last thing I was worried about!!! I just wanted to get back to sleep.

Beck's pics 10-25-09 067 Beck's pics 10-25-09 068

And this was after supper. I went straight from the table to the couch and was pretty much out by the the time I put my head back. I was exhausted!! And the mask wasn’t really the coolest thing to wear. Actually it got kinda hot under there. Every once in a while, (maybe once every half hour) I would raise the bottom of the mask up and take a couple breaths of fresh air. Then I would have to put it back down. But I’m glad I only had to wear it all day Friday and only Saturday morning!!

Beck's pics 10-25-09 069

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the prayers. They are very much appreciated!! And I guess now, Ja, mata tomodachi!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009: Church

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Konnichiwa everyone!! I know I just mixed Nihongo (Japanese) and Ego (English) but I don’t know the word for “everyone” in Nihongo!!!

Anyway, here are some pictures from church.

I took these right before church started of Jeremiah. He’s so funny and cute!!!

Here he’s getting my mom’s money pouch out and when I called his name, he looked up like “oh man, I just got busted”. Of course he probably doesn’t know that yet but….  Then he was forgetting the Y 500 and going after the dollar bills and the Y1000 (which are the equivalent to $5.00 and $10.00). When he pulled those out, he said, “ohhh!!!” like “yeah now I’m rich”!!!

10-20-09 043 10-20-09 044

And here are some pictures from the first service. My dad had three different men get up and talk. And the awesome thing is they all ran into the same thing sort of.

This is Brother Ephriam. Him and his wife, Sister Felicia,  are very nice. She was my Sunday School teacher when we were here before.  Brother Ephraim talked about making your choice; whether you choose God or not.

10-20-09 047 10-20-09 048

And this is Brother Daniel. He preached on, “Do you know my Jesus”.

10-20-09 049 10-20-09 050

And this is Brother Kwasi. He preached on, “Come follow Jesus” or something along those lines.

10-20-09 051 10-20-09 053

So as you can see, God gave these men their messages and they all fit together like the pieces of a puzzel. Another one of God’s ways to work!!! Isn’t that wonderful!!!

And this is of the worship service. Right there in front, you see Brother Logan on the right and the some of Brother Ephriam on the left.

10-20-09 054

And this is Brother Jesse on the drums. He did really good!!!!

10-20-09 055

And here is Sister Victoria and Beni praising and worshiping God. And then Sister Victoria.

10-20-09 056 10-20-09 057

And Beni.

10-20-09 058

And here are a few pictures of a guy that was baptized a while ago at our church and he came back Sunday and wanted to get the Holy Ghost. He walked up to the front with one of the guys walking next to him and within just a few minutes, he was speaking in a heavenly language!!! Praise God!!!

10-20-09 059 10-20-09 060

10-20-09 061 10-20-09 062

10-20-09 063 015

And are a couple pictures of Sister Yokoyama. I’m wanting to get a real good picture of her and her family, Brother Yokoyama and Seika. They have helped us a lot since we’ve been here and we’re VERY thankful for that.

10-20-09 064 10-20-09 065

And I just have to add these in. Here are two group pictures  that my dad took Sunday after church. I will try to name all the kids in it.

From left to right; Lisa’s little brother (I don;t know his name), Lisa with Jeremiah on her lap, Sally, Bernice, Beck, me, Haley, and Christine, then Jesse. He didn’t want to be in the first picture but we finally persuaded him to join.

10-20-09 066 10-20-09 067

And then Lisa’s little brother wanted his picture taken so Beck took it. He’s also hilarious.

10-20-09 068

And I know this is totally off the subject, but the picture here is a flower that was in our neighbors “yard”. I thought it was really pretty. She has several that are just BEAUTIFUL!!!! But these are the prettiest!!!

007 011

But as they say in Nihon, Ja mata tomodachi!!!!  Hopefully I’ll talk to everyone later!!!

Hanging out

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

I also wanted to share some pictures from when we went to go hang out with some of the girls at church; Bernice (a.k.a Beni), Lisa (a.k.a Leese), Christine (a.k.a Kuri), Beck (a.k.a Beck, or Becka), and me (a.k.a Rachel or Rach).  We’re all pretty much just acting crazy the whole time!! But I had a blast!!! So here’s the pics!!!

This is Beni acting like she’s going to smack Leese; and then Kuri and Beck trying to look bored.

10-20-09 010 10-20-09 011

And here is Leese playing with her camera;  and here we just got done with some ice cream and we’re um…letting it settle before we went and did some window shopping. Does that sound logical???

10-20-09 012 10-20-09 013

Kuri and Beck messing around; and Leese, so engrossed in her pictures.

10-20-09 015 10-20-09 014

Here is Leese, posing for someone else’s camera, probably Kuri’s; and then Beni acting like she’s going to fall over on Leese. I wish I could see more of Leese’s face though!!!

10-20-09 016 10-20-09 017

In this first one, I was trying to get me and Kuri, but ended up getting more of Kuri and Leese. So I tried again and ended up getting Kuri making a face. Then I sort of got a good picture!!! Oh well!!!

10-20-09 019 10-20-09 020 10-20-09 021

Here is this little bunny that was standing outside the game center. We were all trying to get each other to go give it a hug, but no one wanted to. But it was really cute though!!

10-20-09 022 10-20-09 023

And here is a group picture minus one of the group..ME!!! Someone had to get the picture!!! Then me and Beck.

10-20-09 026 10-20-09 028

Then Leese and Beni laughing over some goofy picture.

10-20-09 029

Then Beck. And Kuri; smiling for me, looking at someone else, probably Beck. Then both of them making faces at the camera.

10-20-09 031 10-20-09 030 10-20-09 032

And here is Beni singing Amazing Grace. But believe me, this is not the way she really sings!!! And I have to tell you something. Most of the time in Japan on the buses and trains, you don’t talk OR sing,  or anything else. You are just quite till your stop and then you get off. Well, on the bus and the train, we were just singing away and everyone just kept looking at us. And then, once we got off the train, we were going down the escalator and we were right behind this girl. And Beni, Kuri, Beck and I are just talking away about church and all that other good stuff. Then this girl turns around and says, “You all look so happy”. IN ENGLISH!!! We were all surprised but Beni says, “Yes we are. We are very happy.” Then she says, ” Do you go to church somewhere” and the girl said, ” No I don’t”. So Beni starts telling here about what we believe in and tells her where the church is. Then she told us the she is a university student and had taken some english lessons some time ago and she has to travel an hour to school one way everyday. Then after talking to her a couple minutes, we said bye and walked off to go wait for Beni and Kuri’s mom. And as we were walking over there, Beni said, “I should’ve told here we are so happy because we have Jesus living in us!!! Man, why didn’t I tell her. I should’ve compelled her like Bro. Pounders said (that was a messege he preached two days before). Why didn’t I compell her?”  But we did sow the seed that will hopefully spring up one day and produce wonderful fruits!!!

10-20-09 034 10-20-09 035

And here Beni caught me trying to take her picture. Opps!!! I guess I need to be a little more slick next time!! Here she was a little more prepared.

10-20-09 036 10-20-09 038

And here it looks like they’re having a meeting.  Then Lisa is talking to one of them (I forgot which one). I love the look on her face!!!!

10-20-09 041 10-20-09 042

October 20, 2009

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Hey Everybody!!

Here are some pictures from the Nihongo (Japanese) Purpose Institute (a.k.a P.I.). They were having a prayer meeting going on there. Brother Matsui was playing the guitar and singing. I didn’t know he could sing or play the guitar, but he did both REALLY good. But here are some pictures from then.

10-20-09 002

Sister Matsui is in the back left. Both her and Brother Matsui speak Ego (English) very good.

10-20-09 003 10-20-09 004

10-20-09 005 10-20-09 006

10-20-09 007

And here is Brother Matsui.

10-20-09 008

That’s all the pictures that I have so far of the Nihongo P.I. I’m also going to see if maybe I can get some of the International P.I. next time we go. I’ve only been to one of those and then Beck and I left early to come home. But I will try to get those as soon as I can.

Ja’ mata tomodachi!!! See you later, friends!!!

Japan Camp Meeting Day 3

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Hello Everyone!!!

Here are some pictures from the third and last day of the Japan Camp Meeting. We only had one service  that day so there’s not as many pictures in this one.

This picture is of Brother Arai leading service and Brother Ishibashi to the right with Yoshiki right behind him, and I don’t know if you can see him or not, but Kenni on the drums.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 123

And this is Brother Arai.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 124

And this is the praise singers; Sister Yokoyama on the piano and Sister Igarashi on the organ, and then, from left to right, Sister Victoria, Beni, and Sister Ikeda.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 122

Brother Arai at the pulpit, and his son, Yoshiki on the guitar.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 126

In this picture, you can see Kenni on the drums, and then Brother Ishibashi (back) and Brother Daniel (front) praising God!!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 127

Here are some of the people at church. You can see everyone worshipping and praising God.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 128

The praise singers and musicians worshipping and praising.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 129 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 130

Brother Yokoyama praising God!!! And if you look closely at the floor, you’ll see that both of his feet are off the floor. But he’s worshipping God with everything in him.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 131

This has Brother Sato on the far right, then Brother Ishibashi in the middle, and Brother Daniel on the left. Yoshiki on the guitar and Kenni on the drums.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 132

This is the praise singers.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 133

More of the people in the church.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 134

Sister Ikeda and Brother Yokoyama worshipping.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 135

Here you can see Brother Arai, Brother Ishibashi, and Brother Ephraim on the far right in front.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 136

Everyone feeling God on them.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 137

This is Brother Doan (right) and Brother Yokoyama (left) during Monday morning’s lesson.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 138 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 139

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 140 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 141

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 144

Well, that’s all the pictures that I have from the camp meeting. It went very well. Everyone got touched by God and left feeling different than when they came.

Japan Camp Meeting Youth Fellowship October 2009

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 121

And here are the pictures from the youth fellowship. There were kids there from, Japan (of course), the kids whose parents are from Ghana and Nigeria and other places in Africa, and then us, the Americans. But we had a blast! That was the most I’d laughed. It was SO fun!!! So here they are.

I will try and name the people from the back left to the front right.  Kenni, Enos, Hikaru, Yoshiki, Jesse, Lisa, Bernice (a.k.a Beni), Sally, Joseph, Ai, Shiori, Megumi (these three I’m not for sure of. I might have them mixed up), Michelle, Haley, Beck, me, and last but not least, Jake.

This is Haley. And I have to explain the air pump and chair and balloon. Each person that went up there and they had to say their name, where they were from, their age and their favorite thing to eat. Then they had to pump the balloon up three times, and if it popped, it popped. It was just something fun to do.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 106

My mom and Sis. Mateo, Haley’s mom, acting goofy!!!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 108

Then here are a bunch of pictures of us youth acting normal…CRAZY!!!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 109 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 110

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 111

And this next one is of Bernice, a.k.a  Beni, just being crazy!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 112

And in this one, Beni, Enos, Yoshiki, and Sally, posing for the camera.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 113

Lisa and Hikaru playing telephone charades, with Kenni watching. You have to only show the person that is in front of you. And the person at the end has to guess what it is. Whoever got done first or guessed right, won. It was easy, but fun. We all got a lot of laughs out of it!!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 114

Enos showing Beni what the charade is (it’s supposed to be a gorilla)!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 115

Sis. Mateo acting goofy!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 116

Haley trying to figure out what the charade is by looking at her mom and Kenny. And Lisa is posing for the camera.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 117

Hikaru showing Sis. Mateo what the charade is.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 118

Ai showing Beck the charade with, I think, Megumi, watching.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 119

And here are two group pictures. You should’ve seen Sis. Mateo and my mom trying to take 15-20 pictures. That’s how many cameras and phone’s there were. It was FUNNY!!! One of these is also at the beginning of this entry.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 120

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 121

This was the youth fun night. It was great and we all had a blast laughing. Although some of us couldn’t understand each other, we would point and sort of show them. But it was still fun. During one of the games, I think it was Hikaru that was dressing up. He had on a hat, a big trench coat, and like two baseball caps and some other hat. Then I gave him the broom and made the motions of sweeping the floor, he said, “ahh” and started laughing and doing the same things. It was funny! We all had a blast!! And everyone was telling everyone else that we ought to do it more often. And then that next day, Monday, at church, all the parents were coming up either to my parents or Bro. Arai, and telling them that their kids had a wonderful time and talked about it all night. So at least everyone had a great time and enjoyed their selves. I know I did!!!

Japan Camp Meeting October 2009, Day 2

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Here are Sunday’s pictures. This was an awesome service, too!!  Brother  Matsui is teaching in both Japanese and English.  I have not heard one person do both before, normally another person is interpreting, but I have to say that Brother Matsui did an awesome job!  He preached on Restoration and it was a powerful and annointed message!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 042 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 043

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 044

And here are some pictures from altar call that morning.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 045 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 046

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 047 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 049

Left Picture; Sister Yokoyama (left) and Sister Igarashi (right)

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 051 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 052

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 053 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 054

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 055 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 056

Brother Ishibashi (left), Brother Jesse (middle). And Brother Sato (right).

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 063 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 064

Rachel was one of the Praise Singers during the camp meeting!  (Daddy put this one in)  🙂

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 061 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 067

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 065 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 066

No, this isn’t Brother Granger. It’s Brother Doan, from Okinawa!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 068

Brother Yokoyama translating for Brother Doan.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 069

Brother Yokoyama translating for David (18 yrs old) telling about a missions trip to Vietnam that changed his life.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 073 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 074

This girl on the right received the Holy Ghost!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 080 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 084

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 082 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 083

This man also received the Holy Ghost today!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 085 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 087

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 089 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 086

Joseph is 14 years old. He was Baptized in Jesus Name!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 093 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 094

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 096 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 100

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 098 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 105

Well my tomodachi’s (friends), this it all for Sunday. As you can see very well, lives were touched and people were changed. Things were and still are awesome!!! And we’re thanking God all the time!!

The last thing I want to put on this entry, is a picture of Mt. Fuji.  We have not had too many sightings of this beautiful mountain since we have been here.  It has to be a clear day for us to see it well and we got just a glimps of it today.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 057 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 058

Camp Meeting October 2009

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Hello Everybody!!! Here are a bunch of pictures from our Japan camp meeting. In this entry, I have only Saturday’s pictures, but I’ll be doing an entry for everyday of camp meeting and one for the youth fellowship/fun night. And these are from Saturday morning and evening. I just thought everyone might like to know how that went, which was great.  As you can tell from the church building, we are in a building program here at the Haijima Church.  We are still working on the walls and ceiling, among other things.  We are hoping to help finish a lot of this while we are here.  We can always use help if anyone would want to come over and help!  🙂  It would be a great missions trip!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 011 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 014

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 013 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 018

Brother  Doan (left) and Brother Matsui (right) and then Sister Buster speaking on her trip to Vietnam.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 018 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 019

Brother Yokoyama speaking at the Japanese Service Saturday night.  It was a powerful service!

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 021 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 022

Here is Brother Ishibashi, Brother Arai, and one of the other Japanese brothers I don’t know yet, in an example Brother Yokoyama was using.  The rest of the pictures are from the altar service.  The Saturday night service was all in Japanese (no English interpretation), but you could feel the presence of the Lord during this service.

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 030 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 034

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 036 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 035

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 038 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 039

JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 040 JCM, youth fellowship (RPP's pics) 041

These all the pictures from Saturday night, but as you can see, it was totally awesome!!! Everyone got a touch from God.

Scenery Around The City!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Here are some pictures that I took when we were just driving and some from when we went walking down some of the streets that we take when we go to church. Some of them look very oriental but I guess that’s normal for where we are!!!!

Here are a couple pictures of an outdoor garage-type thing. Doesn’t look very sturdy to me!!! But there are quite a few cars up there!  Also, the third picture is an example of using any and all space available.  Very impressive!
Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 029 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 030 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 050

And here is a Japanese police car. And if you look very carefully, you will see that the lights go up. Most of them that I have seen always have their lights on, and just speed up when they’re after someone (Just kidding, I don’t know for sure, that’s just what it looks like!!)

Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 031

And this picture is of a rainbow having to do with something, but I’m not for sure what. I just thought it was pretty!

Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 032 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 033

And here is a Japanese Italian restaurant. Sounds odd doesn’t it?!?!
Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 034

And here are the pictures of the very oriental looking streets.

Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 035 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 036
I thought this was pretty!! And different looking sign, but normal for here!!

Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 037 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 038 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 039

And here are some pretty streetlights. I wish they would do this in the States!

Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 046Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 047
And here are the famous wooden shoes that are worn with the kimonos.

Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 048

In these next few pictures, you will see a building with some grass around it, then you’ll notice that there is a building underneath the grass!! Different, but pretty! The top building is the city building. Actually there are two of them. They are both huge!!

Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 060 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 059 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 054 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 057

Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 058 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 055 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 065 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 064

Well, that’s it for this one. I hope there is enough here to keep you busy for a while!!! But there will be more coming!!!!

Church Services

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Hey Everybody!!!!!

I wanted to let everyone know how things are going here with church. The services have been totally AWESOME!!!! We have been having some of the best services. It’s been awesome!!! I’m loving it!!!

So here are some pictures of the services. There’s not really that many, but I’m hoping to get a lot more as soon as I can. But here they are. The pictures pretty much tell about themselves; people are getting touched!!!

Rachel's pics; Japan 262 Rachel's pics; Japan 272 Rachel's pics; Japan 249 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 011

Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 010 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 014 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 009 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 019

Rachel's pics; Japan 275 Rachel's pics; Japan 273 Rachel's pics; Japan 274 Rachel's pics; Japan 280

Well there you have some pictures from our services. And the guy that got baptized was the first we’ve had since we’ve been here. It was really awesome!!!

Rachel's pics; Japan 287 Rachel's pics; Japan 293 Rachel's pics; Japan 295 Rachel's pics; Japan 296

But there are a few I have to tell you about. You see the pictures with my dad standing next to the little mini cooler and the cups and the cola (Japanese for coke) can. Well, there’s a story behind that. Actually, we got a science lesson at church.

Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 001 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 003 Rachel's camera (church, ect.) 007

And here are some pictures of the kids/youth at the church.

Rachel's pics; Japan 298 Rachel's pics; Japan 237

In the second picture there is (from left to right): Christine, Beck, Haley, and me.

And Kouhei isn’t from church, but I want to put him on here too. He is the son of our neighbor and the owner of our house. Beck and I have been going out side to play with him quite a bit. We all love it!! And then the picture on the right is of a little boy at church, Jeremiah.
Rachel's pics; Japan 316
Well now everyone has seen just about everything. You’ve seen the house, and the church, and some of the services. That’s pretty much it.
And as the Japanese would say, ja mata, or good-bye until we see again!!!!