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Church in 中目黒 (Nakameguro)

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Hello again everyone!

I hope you all are doing well.

I just wanted to share some pictures from our last thanksgiving service at TWT (Tokyo Worship Tabernacle). I hope you all enjoy it.

Here is Nat on the drums. He was just playing around a bit and all I said was, “Hey Nat!”.

We had an awesome service that day!

Sister Arlene.

Here is little Rens playing after service. Let me tell you, that boy has a LOT of energy! I told Dennis and Rebecca Lyons that I wish I had even 1/16 of his energy.

Dennis was trying to get Joshua from playing with the pamphlets and the stroller.

We had a great service and then a great time afterwards with all of the fellowship.

I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of pictures from this service. We had a really good altar service after the message so there wasn’t a lot of time to get pictures. Sorry!

Y’all have a great weekend and God bless you all!


Roatan, Honduras Part I

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Konnichi wa!!

FINALLY I am getting to the Roatan pictures!! Y’all don’t know just how EXCITED I am to be finally getting to this part.

So how I’m going to be doing this is I’m going to take several small sections (or if it’s a larger section I’ll do just one) in one blog entry. That way I can knock out several birds with one stone.

Houston to Roatan

So, on my way out from OKC, we took a small plane. I’m not too fond of smaller planes only because they are so small. Larger planes in my opinion can take just about anything. Smaller planes…ehhh…not so much.

When I got back to my seat, I was in the row where there was only one seat. I initially trying to figure out why I had SO much leg room. I had like 8-10 extra inches of leg room.

Then I saw this…

One of the things I love about flying is looking at the sky and the sunsets. There is just something spectacular about the sunsets. Shows just a small portion of God’s creativity.

That night, a classmate/friend, Jenna Peterson (from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada) and I stayed in Houston, Texas in a room not too far from the airport. The next morning, as we walked up to the line to check-in, we met 3 other fellow Hope Corps travelers. Oh yeah, the last 3 lines furthest from us were headed for Narita.

When we got back to our gate, we saw about 20+ other people back there that were all headed to Roatan.

I think this picture is amazing of the clouds and the atmospheres. Once again, everywhere you look you can see the greatness of God! I love it!

I don’t know it y’all can tell, but you can see some of the reef barriers here.

I was sitting next to one of the girls from Hope Corps and as we were approaching this island, we said, “Maybe this is it…”

Uhhh….nope! Not that island!

The water is GORGEOUS!!!

As we were landing, it looked like we were going to land in the trees. You could hear the voices of the Hope Corps students, especially the girls, saying, “Oh Lord Jesus! Please help us!”

When we landed, we were literally right next to the ocean. It was awesome!

Yokoso Aeropuerto De Roatan!

The customs and immigrations hallway was packed.

Our bus was I think we counted a 24 seat-er…..we fit 44 on at one point.

First Night at Hope Center

This was on the way to the Hope Center.

Here’s our bus. This was taken right after we arrived at the Hope Center.

And here is Hope Center!

Before I go any further, I just want to say a great big thank you to Pastor Malone, Pastor Jones, Pastor Ponce, and all of the men that helped with building the Hope Center, who helped build all of the bunks, and who helped with everything else that went into getting the Hope Center prepared for us Hope Corps students. It was  very much appreciated! Thank you all so very much!

The men there made all of our bunks by hand.

For our football fans, this is John Elway’s house back in the distance. I’ll show more on that later.

This is the common room/dining room/chill out room.

If I understood correctly, all of these branches were cut down by the locals to make this. It’s pretty much like a gazebo. They told us the actual name for it, but I can’t remember what it was. That was almost a month ago.

Once again, everything was built by hand.

Our bunks were built 3 high. I didn’t chose a top bunk because 1). I’m scared of heights. Getting up there wouldn’t be the problem…getting down would be and 2). My knees aren’t the best in the world. Those were my excuses…*cough cough* I mean, reasons. Those were my reasons. 😀

Mine is there in the very center with the small black suitcase on it.

That afternoon before orientation, everyone sat in the cool air conditioned building just getting to know everyone else.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, the ladies (well, the other ladies) were cooking us supper. We had homemade tortillas every day and they were oishii!! Sorry if the picture is a little fuzzy. My camera lens fogged up when I went into the kitchen.

Brookelyn and Dariela.

The bugs in Roatan are HUGE!! This is a moth.

Just to show you how big it is, look in the top right corner right above the window…

I would have gone insane had I met up with one of the larger spiders or other very larger insects!

We also came across a hermit crab on our first night. These things are so cool!

Then we had orientation.

Here is Brother Johnny King.

We had 31 female students and 17 male students there in Roatan.

Brother Myles Young.

Pastor Malone, Sister Malone, and their youngest daughter Chloe.

There is just something refreshing about being part of a group of young people that will worship God no matter where they are at.

Sister Rachel Jones, Pastor Steven Jones, Pastor Malone, and Sister Malone with Chloe. Ellie (their other daughter) was there as well, but she was playing with Dariela, Pastor Ponce’s daughter.

Here is my bed all made up and ready to climb into.

After orientation, we had our first meal there at Hope Center. The ladies had made enchiladas and fresh tortillas for us. Talk about good food!

Back at the room, the girls that had chosen the top bunks were discussing how NOT to sit up in the mornings so there wouldn’t be a trip to the urgent care.

If I remember correctly, that evening we took a walk to a little inlet close to the Center. Pastor Jones took a good sized group down there. We found out once we got there that the dock we were sitting on is normally the resting place of a large alligator that lives in those waters. Thank God it wasn’t out that day!

It’s hard to believe that just down the road from this house is a guy that lives in a box…..

I may have tried to climb this IF: it had had been over dry land OR if I could swim….neither of which were possible.

Max Otazu said “Hmm….so you think I can climb this?”

Well, that’s all I’m going to be putting on this entry. Continue reading for more about Roatan!

God bless!


Roatan, Honduras Part II

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Hola! Como estas?

I had to use a little Spanish since I’m talking about a Spanish speaking country. 😀

Christian Concert in Coxen Hole

Continuing from where I left off: On Friday, we loaded up in the bus on our way to Coxen Hole. Not everyone had their shirts yet so we had to stop by the airport on our way in town. The bus was very full! We had 6 people on a row of four seats and people sitting on other peoples laps. It was crazy full!

After we stopped at the airport, we went down to meet Pastor Ponce and everyone from the churches.

This is the area we stopped at in Coxen Hole.

Pastor Ponce has a van that he recorded a short chorus and a message telling where and when the concert would be.

I understand “refrigeradoras y mucho mas”…that’s about it. Well, I also understand the “Su Mejor Alternativa”….but not much else.

Once everyone got there, the van started going and we started through Coxen Hole.

This is Pierre and Kimberly.

I’m so sorry if I forget your names, Hope Corps. I’m trying to remember everyone’s name that was there.

Pierre was excited to be getting attention from so many girls at once. 🙂

Pierre and I.

Charity and Pierre.

Pierre didn’t know how to do the fish-lips so Jenna taught him. 🙂

We were told that 9 out of 10 children in Roatan are sexually abused….You walk through the streets and see a hundred kids and you can know that statistically 90 of those kids are being or have been sexually abused at one point or another.

Group pictures were being taken left and right that night.

I don’t know the names of the two boys on the left but I know Daniel (the taller one on the right) and Moses.

Jenna, Charity, and Carlee.

Aaron was playing with the kids the whole time. It was so cute to see the kids playing with Aaron.

Dariela and Carlee. Dariela was SO cute! I love that girl!

The sunsets/sunrises were absolutely gorgeous!

If I remember correctly, from back left to front right is: Logan, Nick, Aaron H, Alayna, Whitney, and Brookelyn.

We had some amazing musicians that night.

Here’s that Ellie girl! Isn’t she a cutie? Both her and Chloe are adorable!

Cody Chestnut…or otherwise known by Carlee as Mayor Chestnut.

Brother Myles Young and Pierre.

Charity and Pierre.

Pastor Malone.

Our musicians, who are part of the group Covenant, during the actual concert.

The kids were a little uncertain at first if they wanted to get up but once we told them they could get up and motioned for them to come up to the front, they all (well, the majority of them) came up with us.

Pastor Young and his wife.

Every single seat was occupied.

The kids and women from the churches got up and sang a few songs for us. It was the sweetest thing to watch those kids up there singing.

Who says you can’t have an altar call at the end of a concert?

Friday night was amazing! But, as it is with God, the best is yet to come! Yes, keep reading!

God bless!

Roatan, Honduras Part III

Sunday, August 12th, 2012


Since the concert night took up one whole entry, this entry will be starting from Saturday morning. We took a walk to a water silo not too far from the Hope Center. First of all, I’d just like to say that Roatan is GORGEOUS!! The colors seems so much deeper and brighter. I just LOVE it!

Out for a Stroll

That little building down there at the bottom is the Hope Center.

And we were so close to the ocean. I know, we’re pretty close in Japan too but being that close and in the country at the same time just made it perfect!

Some of the people that were brave enough to climb the ladder. Why? Oh, I’ll show you that in a bit. 🙂

Shane had asked whose house that was in the distance and one of the locals told him that it was John Elway’s house.

This is why I wouldn’t climb the ladder. I know the view had to be awesome up there but there was almost no way I was going to climb that ladder.

Group picture!!

After we got back as several of us were just chilling outside (is that even possible in Roatan?), someone found a hermit crab.

Max let it crawl around on his arm for a minute or two.

Here are the musicians practicing that early afternoon.

And in the back, some of us (myself included) were just watching and enjoying the music and singing.

Church in Coxen Hole

A little while later, we all loaded up in the bus/van/truck and headed back to Coxen Hole for church.

A few of the guys had to ride with the chairs in the truck.

The watchie was looking out for us as we were leaving.

This is the view looking out from the Coxen Hole church.

Everyone coming up the walkway coming up to where the church and Pastor Ponce’s house are both located.

We had to carry the instruments, equipment, and everything else up to where the church is at.

These people can hustle putting all that equipment together!

Carlee and Ellie.

The rest of Pastor Ponce’s family (his brothers I think) lives in these houses.

“And everywhere that Hope Corps went, the crowd was sure to go.”

The sunset was beautiful that night. Well….it was beautiful every night, actually.

Okay…I know, I know..I’m a sucker for kids. I just love them to pieces!!!

Sorry this one’s blurry.

I think they told us that there was standing room only at this service.

Don and Richie checking the instruments out.

This is Pastor Ponce’s home. This family absolutely amazes me! There are 6 people living in this house.

Pastor Ponce, it was such an honor to be able to meet you and your family. God bless you and your family!

I asked Max if he would ask Pastor Ponce if I could get a picture with him. Pastor Ponce said yes and then turned to me and said something in Espanol….I looked from Pastor Ponce to Max and back to Pastor Ponce and said, “um…no habla espanol…” with a huge grin on my face. Pastor Ponce said, “But that was good!”

This is one of the kids that I was praying for during altar call. Isn’t he cute?

And this is Fernando. He is fluent in 5 language: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian. By the time I left, Fernando could say a couple things in Japanese and he said that he knows that within about 3-6 months time, he can be fluent in Japanese.

When we got back to PetroSun, Max was giving a Bible Study to one of the guys. That was cool to watch!

We took over that gas station!

On the way back to the Hope Center, we saw these two guys pushing a large van off of the road. Our guys asked if they could stop and help them. Our driver, Juan Carlos (who I got my picture with much later), said yes so we stopped. When all of the guys got out, one of the men who had been pushing the van ran into the bushes and stayed there until after we left. The other guy was drunk. And when our guys asked if he had a key, he said that he had lost the key. There was something else a little off that happened. Well, our guys helped get it off the road and then they all got back in the van. We finally came to the conclusion that our guys had just assisted in stealing a vehicle. Well…what do you say? 🙂 At least they were willing to help!

Just a little while later, we arrived at the Hope Center and we were all so exhausted that, if I remember right, we all went straight to bed. Well, I know we all went into our dorms and we might have stayed up for a bit chatting but we were all laying in our bunks. We were tired!

Well, y’all know what’s coming next. I’m going to be like Adventures in Odyssey at this point. Instead of saying “You’ll just have to keep listening”, I’m going to say, “If you want to find out what happens next, you’ll just have to keep reading!”

Love y’all and God bless!

Roatan, Honduras Part IV

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Moving right along:

Sunday morning, we had an amazing breakfast (who am I kidding? Every meal was amazing!). Thank you to all of our wonderful cooks!

Sister Hylen and Cherry were making pancakes as Brother Hylen was making scrambled eggs.

Here are several of our cooks.

That morning we had a class before we headed out. We had an awesome move of God in that class.

Service in La Colonia!

That afternoon, we all loaded everything up (including ourselves) and headed out to La Colonia.

We were all praying that Max wouldn’t slide off the top of the truck. That would NOT be funny!

The blue cloud of Hope Corps students stuck out wherever we went.

The hike going up to where the church in La Colonia is was a good workout. I told someone “My calves are never going to forgive me for this. Oh well. It’s all worth it!”

The guys were kind enough to carry everything and not make (or ask) us girls to carry anything.

We were so close to the ocean. It was so beautiful!!

Aaron saw these two little ones walking up the mountain. Although they were probably used to walking like that, Aaron went over and picked them up and carried them up to the top.

From the bottom looking up….

…from the top looking down.

Poor Kyle! 😀

The last part of the hill was the worst part.

These two boys gave me this little mischievous grin and when I smiled back and held the camera up, this is what I got:

Pastor Malone and Brother Baumeister.

Pastor Urskin and Brother Baumeister.

Pastor Buxton and Brother Baumeister. Brother Baumeister is fluent in Spanish so he was up there translating for several speakers.

This little girl is adorable!

So was this kid.

Max Otazu and Brother Buxton.

By the time we left, we were all like family. When you spend so much time in such close quarters together, you become VERY used to those people.

Pastor Steven Jones.

Pastor King and Pastor Young.

Pastor Young and Brother Baumeister.

These little girls were cuties!

Here is Reba and Kinley (I think that’s how you spell the baby’s name. I’m not 100% sure)

Ocean Baptism!

After service that afternoon, we all loaded back up into our vehicles and headed to the beach. First of all, I’ve never seen an ocean baptism. Second of all, it was amazing to be a part of it!

First, we had to wait for everyone to get there so we were just getting group pictures.

The scenery was gorgeous! I especially love the sunsets and sunrises! There is just something special and spectacular about it.

We had to walk a little bit down the road from where the bus stopped to where we had the baptism.

Seeing the vast ocean and the sky that seems like it has no limits and to think that God is so much bigger than even that really puts everything (even your mountainous problems) into perspective.

And when you see the storm clouds AND you can see past them as well…that can have a spiritual implication as well.

Pastor Young had a chance to relax before we started the baptizing.

It’s amazing the colors that God has made.

Another thing I thought was interesting: what happens when blood is mixed with water? The water turns a pinkish-reddish color. As we started baptizing people, I realized that the water was about the color of bloody water. We are washed by the blood of Jesus and buried into His name. It’s not coming out like I’m thinking about it in my head. Sorry.

This is Fernando and a friend of his from childhood. Fernando saw me with my camera and said, “I know you’re a photographer so will you get pictures of my best friend getting baptized.” I said “Sure…ummm…which guy is your friend?”.  😀 Once I made note of which guy was his friend and told him that absolutely I would get pictures of his friend getting baptized. God is doing great things in Roatan!

Everyone was getting pictures after  the baptism that night.

We went to the Hope Center that night and stayed up for a bit talking and snacking and I think that night about 11 pm, or maybe midnight, we finally went to bed. But needless to say, we had an amazing day! There is nothing better than to see people be filled with the Holy Ghost and to be baptized in the Name of Jesus!

That’s all for this entry. Keep reading for more on Roatan!

Much love and God bless!


Roatan, Honduras V

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

I hope all of you are doing well. I’m sorry it’s taking so long for me to get these done, but I’ll get them all posted here soon!

Continuing from where I left off:

Monday we went to Gumbalimba Park. We had a blast there!

The first thing we did was the majority of us went zip-lining. That was SO much fun! I thought I was going to be terrified because it was so high up there but once I got up there and saw how beautiful it was up there, I wasn’t scared anymore. I loved it!

This was just telling us some of the major rules for zip-lining and the guy is showing how you’re supposed to sit.

This guy, when we asked him if he’d ever zip-lined before, he said, “Oh no. This is my first day on the job. I’ve never even hooked anyone up before.” We nervously laughed but later we found out that all the guides were saying that. That made us feel better…a little.

Go Hope Corps!

Reba and I.

Me, Reba, and Brittney.

Even little Chloe wanted to zip-line. She zipped with a guide and enjoyed every minute of it.

Group picture!!

I didn’t get any pictures during the ride (it would actually be rides since there were 12 stops), because I was afraid that I would drop the camera. I really wanted to video several of the rides but thought it would be best to not do that. But anyway, when we landed, we weren’t very far from the ocean. Can you say GORGEOUS!!

There is a little insectarium there. We saw some HUGE creatures in there. Some of them aren’t the prettiest of things but it’s still interesting.

Wow!! That is crazy!

See what I mean by huge? So I know that my hands aren’t THAT big, but still, when an insect is that size, it’s still pretty disturbing. I’m not scared of bugs but that doesn’t mean that I’m a snuggle bunny with them either. 🙂

I’d hate to wake up to one of these looking me in the face.

These little fellows are butterflies that glow…or reflect…or something like that. Aren’t they pretty?

This is pretty interesting, too. “All the 26 letters on the English alphabet and the numbers 0 to 9 are found in the wings of the butterflies. It took Kjell Sandved 24 years to take pictures of the letters and numbers on live butterflies. He visited over 30 countries.”

Isn’t that pretty? I liked it a lot.

Then we went into Coxen’s Cave. From what we were told, Roatan used to be the place where pirates would stop and hide their treasures or something like that. It was pretty interesting information.

Here is a replica of Roatan.

And here is Coxen Hole.

Right outside of the Cave, there was a bridge that you could cross. It said “Max Capacity 5 People”. The guide said, “Well, it says 5 people but that’s just on the cautious side. 8 people is the maximum capacity.”

“And if you’re too scared to take the pirate bridge, you can take the chicken walk”. Yeah, we all had a good laugh about that one.

I think all of us were brave and took the Pirate’s Bridge.

As we got out of that section of the park, we headed to the Bird Zone. This dude wasn’t too happy with me.

We all were able to have a parakeet (or whatever type of bird this is) sit on our shoulder. A couple of us got pooped on, a couple people got some buttons taken, but for the most part, everyone walked away clean and with all of their belongings.

I was scared I was going to get pooped on. Thankfully, I walked away clean!

Carlee, Ellie, and Chloe.

Here is our guide.

Yay!!! Monkey Town!

This little stinker took someones Gatorade bottle and took up in the tree and drank it. Then it squirted some onto someone’s head before finishing the Gatorade. Then the little fellow dropped the bottle back down for us to pick up. We (all of Hope Corps) and the guides were all laughing.

This monkey was trying to get into Max’s backpack. We were able to finally deter him (the monkey) and got him focused on something else.

For some reason, this monkey was quite intrigued by Richie’s hair.

Richie was saying, “Hey! Leave my hair alone! Do you know how long it took me to do this??”

I was covering up my glasses with my arms and whistling hoping to get the monkey’s attention.

Don’t they look like little old men? Especially this one:

The way this one turned out, it looks as if the monkey has a bun on top of it’s head. I promise, it’s a person’s hair! 😀

Awww! How cute, Josiah!

Just some interesting information:

This was my supper that night. Yes, it was very good. I think the smoothie was a papaya and banana smoothie.

What I’m going to tell you next is even more amazing that the scenery and everything else that we saw that day. So that morning, on the way to Gumbalimba park, we stopped at a little coffee shop. While we were there, this guy came up to us wondering why we were all dressed similar. His name is Tony. He came with us that day as Shane was giving him a Bible Study. He came to Gumbalimba park with us and everything. That night, as we stopped by the coffee shop again to eat, he wanted us to pray for him. He was SO close to getting the Holy Ghost that night. But the amazing thing: he was telling me and a couple other people that he is 26 years old and that he used to be an alcoholic. His mom has been praying for years that his life would be turned around. Look where we were praying for him….just read the sign in the back:

“Pirate’s Grog: Roatan’s #1 Rum” My response: “Guess what, Satan? We had a prayer meeting RIGHT OUTSIDE your snare! What do you think about that”? When I first saw that, the only thing I could think was, “Take that, Satan!”

Tony went on to say later that he wanted to help us Tuesday and Wednesday on our work days (more on those following this entry). Pastor Jones told him, “We’ll be here at such-and-such place tomorrow morning at 7:30 to pick you up.” Tony responded with, “Okay, I’ll be waiting by 7”. He helped us both days and was there before any of the Hope Corps students were and stayed until after we left.

God is doing wonderful things in Roatan! Please keep that island in your prayers.

God bless!

Roatan, Honduras VI

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Buenos noches!

I’m almost done! Just a couple more entries and all of these will be done!

Coxen Hole Work Day

Every morning, there were a few of us who woke up pretty early (like 5:45 or 6:00 am) so normally we were outside after getting ready. This morning was like every other. We were sitting outside just talking and reading our Bible’s and discussing different things that had been happening throughout the week. On this particular morning, though, after our talks, Max and Logan decided to take a little nap before breakfast. O

We had 48 young people that were eager to work. We did everything from passing cinder blocks down a mountain, shoveling/mixing cement, carrying buckets of water up a hill to use to mix the cement, and the guys carried sand down the mountain in large sand bags.

Yes, that man is carrying 3 cinder blocks! I know one was a little on the heavy side so I know 3 blocks were heavy.

The guy in the middle in the next picture is Tony, the guy that I mentioned about in the previous entry.

At first we were just having the guys carry the blocks down. Then someone suggested to get in a line and sort of get an assembly line going. We could pass the blocks down the mountain. Instead of having 10 blocks going down at once, we could have about 30 or more going down. And besides that, no one fell by passing the blocks down.

Kevin (right behind me) is Filipino and was born at Yokosuka Naval Base here in Japan. Right behind him is Tony.

While we were passing the blocks down the mountain, we started singing a song that Pastor Ponce had taught us. I’m not sure how to spell it, but the basic English meaning is “Praise, praise, praise, praise the Lord”.  After a couple minutes we stopped because it’s quite difficult to sing a song as you’re running out of breath while passing the blocks down. So we stopped. But these kids kept singing it for us. It was so cute!

This is how we made the concrete. We would mix the sand and concrete together with a shovel and then make a hole in the center for the water. After doing that, we would go around the outside of our little mini-volcano and take the sand/concrete mixture and slowly (and carefully) put it into the water. It’ve never seen it done that way but it was SO cool to be able to be a part of that.

It took them a while but the guys finally let me help a bit. It didn’t last long, though. Shortly after this picture was taken, one of the guys came over and told me, “I will not let a woman do this type of work in my presence.”  I said, “Even if I want to?” He said, “No.” He had a tight grip on my shovel so I had to let him have it. But at least I got to work some.

All of the men that were there were such hard workers. They hardly ever took breaks.

The lady sitting down is Nancy. Nancy WAS a voodoo witch doctor. We were told that she had the power to levitate herself and to kill people, even those who she was not with. Nancy saw some of our people carrying cinder blocks down the mountain and wanted to help. Once we got done carrying the blocks down, she went over and talked to Pastor Malone and asked what we were doing there. So Pastor Malone started telling her that we were building a church and all that. She then started asking questions about the church. In the end, she wanted to be prayed for/with to receive the Holy Ghost. Within about 5 minutes or less of us praying, Nancy was speaking in tongues. Isn’t that amazing!! In the midst of a concrete floor being laid, someone was filled with the Holy Ghost.

Here is Nancy with Carlee.

And here is Nancy again with Lisa.

Tony, the guy that we had met the morning before, said, “If she can get the Holy Ghost, so can I!”

Pastor and Sister Ponce with both physical and spiritual work going on behind them.

We even had a devotional after praying with Nancy and Tony even with work going on around us. It was awesome!

At one point, Pastor Ponce took several of us girls down to get some water in some large containers to use for the cement. Down by where we got the water, we saw this. Pastor Ponce told us that it is where someone sleeps each night.

Here are two of our girls acting goofy with the water container. I wish I would have gotten that on video! 😀

That afternoon after lunch, we went to see Moses Ponce who was in the hospital. Moses’s appendix either had ruptured or was getting ready to rupture and he was put in the hospital on Saturday night. Sunday he had the operation and on Tuesday we went to go see him. This was on the way to the hospital.

It is amazing to see this hospital. It’s a miracle anyone gets out of there alive.

Pastor Ponce told us Saturday night at church with tears rolling down his face that Moses told him one day that his dream was to become the pastor of the church there in Coxen Hole.

Not only did we pray for Moses while we were there, but we also prayed for/with two others that were in the same room as Moses.

Here is Moses (L) and Daniel (R). These boys are so cute!

This guy was right across the room from Moses and was in the hospital from a stab wound. Pastor Jones prayed for him as well.

On the way back to the church, we passed by this little shop that had some huge plantains sitting outside.

Cherry, Jenna, and I finally got to do some work! Towards the end of the day, we walked up to the top of the hill and started shoveling sand into the bags for the men.

That evening, after a much needed shower and rest, we ate supper then we had an evening service. Here is Pastor Malone.

That was the end of Tuesday. Only 2 more entries for go!

God bless you all and thank you all for your continual prayers.

Love all y’all!

Roatan, Honduras: VII

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Hello again to all! 🙂

I should only have two more entries left. I’m sorry there is so many pictures/entries but there is just SO much to talk about! I can’t help but to show you what all happened.

So y’all already know about our hike up to the La Colonia church from church on Sunday. On Wednesday we had a work day up there. The hike wasn’t so bad that day since we had already done it before. Anyway, the view that morning was gorgeous, just as it was everywhere on the island.

Here Fernando was (carefully) acting like a ninja with the machete.

The guy here in the middle is the guy that donated the property for the church there in La Colonia. On the left is Pastor Malone and on the right is Pastor Young.

Fernando knows Pastor Malone so well that he can tell by Pastor Malone’s actions if he (Fernando) is needed. And he doesn’t even have to be near him. Fernando keeps an eye out to see when Pastor Malone starts looking around and normally it’s when Fernando is needed.

I thought this picture turned out pretty cool. This is Daniella that I’m holding. When we got up to the church property up there, I was walking around taking pictures and this little girl walked up to me. She reached her hand out for me to hold her hand. At one point, I had let go of Daniella’s hand so I could get pictures and when I turned back around, she had both hands reached out for me to pick her up. Once I picked her up, she wouldn’t let go. It was the sweetest thing! As much as I wanted to help with the shovels and picks, holding sweet little Daniella was priceless!

Ground breaking! Pastor Malone, Pastor Young, the guy who donated the land, and Pastor Ponce.

Look at them go!

Isn’t she a cutie? And I’m talking about Daniella, not me.

Fernando was showing the girls how to use the pick.

Get it, Pastor King!

Go, Kevin!

Blue Shirt Boys! Oh…I’m sorry, Blue Shirt Men 🙂

These dogs were following us around once we got back down the mountain.

After we left the church property, Fernando took us to a place called Rusty Fish. This place was SO cool!

What the Rusty Fish does is they take aluminum trash and they take the trash and use it to make cute little trinkets. It’s so creative!

After working and going to the Rusty Fish, we went to the Blue Bahia and to the beach. The food at the Blue Bahia was awesome! We had hamburgers that day (it was the 4th of July) and it was very good.

Pastor Buxton, Pastor King, and Pastor Urskin.

Sister Denise Leppo, Sister Rebecca Holmes, and Fernando.

Here was our lunch for that day. I did the ketchup and mustard 🙂

The water was gorgeous!

Here I am with Jenna. She’s the one that I stayed with in Houston.

Shane and Jenna. Shane is actually going to be coming to Japan here within about two and a half weeks on his way to the Philippines.

From left to right is: Jenna, Fernando, and moi. Jenna was doing the bunny ears, not me. 🙂

Max (back) and Cody.

I took a picture of the boards on the dock. These boards  were so far apart. Well, it just felt far apart. It was easy to walk across it when you made sure the back of your foot and your toes were on the boards and the middle of your foot across the gap.

This looks like a picture that I’ve seen before, but I’m not entirely sure.

And this one, too, actually…

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen one of these things!

Here we all are on the bus. We actually had this bus and a small 12 passanger van with several people in there as well.

Fernando had the bus driver take us to a couple different places that afternoon. Fernando said that this is where sometimes vendors will set up when a cruise ship comes in.

Isn’t it so pretty!

Cherry, Charity, and Carlee.

When we got back that afternoon, Pastor Jones found a crab in the kitchen.

I have no idea what Jenna was saying but I remember laughing.

I remember saying, “Umm…Kyle, is this thing going to snap at me or something?”

Get it, Brother Hylen!

I remember thinking, “I hope crabs aren’t double jointed…he’ll get my nose with the quickness!”

Here you can really see the sunburn that I got at the beach that day. I look very patriotic: red face, white line around my hair line, and my blue shirt. See, it was all in the plan. 🙂

“Leave me alone or I’ll go ninja on you!”

Kyle, Jermaine, and Richie.

Jenna and Max.

Max and I.

Max and Brother Hylen.

Since that was July 4th, they had a barbaque that night. We had potato salad, baked beans, grilled chicken, and several other things. It was GOOD!

They even built a bon fire for us! They had marshmellows we could roast and ice cream and cones.

I thought the fire looked kind of cool in these two.

Fernando and Aaron.

After the bon fire that night, we had a group of people that was singing and then a group of people that was star-gazing, cloud watching, and fire watching.

Okay y’all, one more post and I’m DONE!

God bless each and every single one of you!

Roatan, Honduras: Part VIII

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Okay! This is my last post from Honduras.

Where did I leave off? Oh yes. So on July 4th, we had a barbecue and a bonfire with roasted marshmallows and ice cream (the almost best icing to any cake figuratively speaking).

The next morning I woke up and when I went into the common room, I saw this cute little grasshopper sitting in the window. Actually, it wasn’t very little. No insect in Roatan is little except for sand fleas, which, by the way, cause a lot of itching.

I had told Juan Carlos, our bus driver, that I wanted to get my picture with him several days before. So finally on the last day, I said, “I can finally get my picture with you!” He just smiled and laughed.

Here is the first bus getting ready to leave with the first group of people flying out.

The guys were cleaning the other van for Pastor Malone and all of them to take later that night.

The only way I know how to know what this says is to look it up…other than that..any Spanish speakers out there?

Good bye all of my dear friends!!

Fernando was making himself a bagel with some cream cheese on it. Let me tell you something. That guy LOVES cream cheese. He just kept putting that stuff on there. Finally I said, “Umm, Fernando…would you like some bagel with that cream cheese?” He looked up and said, “I have a bagel….oh!” The last word he said with a smile.

Go, Jen!

Isn’t this just pretty! You can see God’s creativity EVERYWHERE!

This is quite pretty as well. I love it with the Hope Camp in the background.

Fernando and Shane.

That night we ate hot dogs for supper. When the shopping group got back from their shopping (and with the hot dogs) someone said, “Okay, lets go get the water boiling.” Someone else said, “Why boil them when we have a grill?” The first person said, “Does anyone know how to work a grill?” I said, “Oh! I do, I do!” Later, once we actually started the cooking, I looked at Fernando and Carlee, who were both back there with me, and I said with a huge grin on my face, “My daddy would be so proud!”

After we got done eating and while I was cleaning up the grill, I heard something over to the left of the grill. Fernando came out and went to look to see what it was. It ended up being only a couple of blue crabs. This dude is one unhappy camper, wouldn’t you say so? And he kept snapping that claw just a little too close to my face. Well, he probably wasn’t THAT close, it was just a little too close for comfort.

The next morning we stopped on the way to the airport so a couple other people could shop. I wasn’t feeling well (a result of taking my anti-malaria pill too soon after eating and after not eating near enough) so I stayed in the van. I looked up at one point and this caught my eye:

“Japan Technology”. My first thought: “Yay! Something from Japan!”

This was at the airport (in case if you can’t tell tell from the Delta, Regional, and TACA signs in the back 🙂 )

Yes, to leave Honduras, you must pay a $38.90 (USD) fee.

Well, that’s all I have from Roatan, Honduras. I hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the trip. The only way to describe the trip, as I told my mom while in Roatan, is indescribable. There are no words, at least not enough words, to describe what happened during that week. It was so amazing! To all of my new friends that I met while down there, whether you are from Roatan, US, or Canada, I love you all and you all hold a very special place in my heart. Roatan holds a special place in my heart. I will be back and I have a deep gut feeling that it will be more than once 🙂

Much love to you all,

God bless!


Bricktown, OKC

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Hello again! 

This will be my last entry before I start with my Roatan entries. I’m excited about all of that because I want y’all to see what amazing things happened while we were.

Anyway, one of the days that I spent with my Aunt Darlyne, she took me downtown to Bricktown. That was pretty cool, too! It was very vintage in some parts and more modern in other parts.

Aunt Darlyne took me to Toby Keith’s “I Love This” Restaurant.

You talk about tasty food! I got the fish fry sandwich.

After lunch, we went on a riverboat ride down what possibly may be the Canadian River. That was cool too! There is so much history in OKC. I love it!!

I love the mosaics!

 Down one particular street, there is a brick  wall that is painted. It’s so pretty!

These are what some of the old postcards looked like that were made in I think 1955 or somewhere around that time.

Sonic HQ?!?!? I told Aunt Darlyne, “I need to go drop a note off inside the door asking them to go worldwide….more specifically to Japan.”

This is down by the Oklahoma Centennial Land Run Monument. You can learn more about that here: ,




 I tried to remove the pole in the background but I wasn’t making enough progress in the short amount of time that I wanted to make progress in so I stopped for the time being. I will work on it more later.


We went into a little shop right there along the river walk and when we saw this, I told Aunt Darlyne, “Rebekah would probably LOVE this!!”

Down one of the streets in Bricktown, there is a wall that is painted down the entire street (I think I might have mentioned it previously). Here are some more shots of that.

Bricktown is full of old(er) buildings throughout the entire area.

The entire Thunder team. GO THUNDER!!

In case if y’all haven’t noticed, Oklahoma is very dedicated to it’s sports teams.




I like this picture. I think maybe it’s the coloring. I took it through a tinted window.

I had a lot of fun with Aunt Darlyne those few days we went out. To Aunt Darlyne, thank you so much for allowing me to stay with you those couple days and for taking me shopping and down to Bricktown and to the Zoo. I had a blast with you! Love you so much!!

To everyone else, come back to look at what all happened in Roatan!

God bless you all!!